1. My cat escaped lastnight at 9:30 at night he’s used to being out side and it isn’t uncommon for him to be out all night but we have just had a cold snap of average -8° and he never showed up in the morning which is very un common it’s closing on 24hrs now and still haven’t seen him I’ve been outside all day calling and left food and water. What else can I expect?

    1. Hello Jeff,

      Usually -8 is too low to survive for indoor cats. But at the same time, cats have very strong survival instincts and usually find warm places for survival.

      Hope you will find your cat soon.

      Happy cat parenting

  2. 3 outdoor cats showed up and they have been staying on my back patio. I bought a heated house for them with the cat heating pad. Will this be good enough to keep them warm at 20 degrees. They are feral and will not come near me and I do feed and chat water for them twice a day.

  3. We have been feeding two feral male cats who generally tolerate each other but sometimes swipe at each other. We have them each heated and insulated cathouses (K & H) outside. Since it has gotten cold, I have been feeding them in our garage. We also bought heated beds for the garage which is insulated and heated to 60 degrees by a mini split. I closed the garage door when they came in tonight but usually leave it cracked and turn off the heat when we go to bed and they can go in and out. But, it is unusually cold here in NC (wind chill of 13 degrees tonight and snow) so plan to leave the garage door closed so they have to stay in the garage tonight. They both let us pet them but they are definitely not lap cats. One of them keeps looking at the back door like he would like to get out. Should I let them out even though it is unusually cold? Also, one of the cats disappeared the first night it snowed and was gone three days before returning. Thank you for any advice. We have never had cats.

  4. I brought my outdoor cat inside because of the snow and temperature in the teens. He is comfortable in a large dog cage and has been inside for about 10 days now. I have 5 dogs and they don’t get along. Is it Okay to put him outside since the snow has gone and the day temp is in the 40-50F? It does drop below freezing at night but I have a cat shelter with a heating pad.

    1. Once your outdoor cat has felt the comfort of staying inside the house, it is highly unlikely that he would want to go out in the wilderness. However, if he is not neutered, he would want to roam around outside the house.

      Yes, he can start living outside if there’s a cat shelter available with a heating pad.

  5. My indoor cat disappeared in the middle of the day and we couldn´t find him tonight. Normally he would have come to our back porch by now if he was scared, cold, or hurt, but he hasn´t shown up so we are worried. We left a dog door open that was for our old dog so if he comes back, he´ll be able to get inside if he gets home. Most of my family thinks he´s gone. Is there anything else we should do?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that your cat is missing. It can be very stressful when a beloved pet goes missing, and it’s natural to feel worried and concerned. Here are a few things you can do to try to locate your cat:

      Check your yard and the surrounding area thoroughly, including any sheds, garages, or other structures where your cat may have taken refuge. Look under bushes and in tall grass, as cats can often hide in these places when they are scared or injured.

      Put out food, water, and a litter box on your back porch or in a spot where your cat is likely to find them. This may encourage your cat to come home if he is able to do so.

      Ask your neighbors if they have seen your cat, and check with local animal shelters and vet clinics to see if anyone has brought in a stray cat fitting your cat’s description.

      Consider creating flyers with a photo of your cat and your contact information, and distributing them to neighbors, local businesses, and other places in your community.

      Use social media to help spread the word about your missing cat. Post a photo and a description on local Facebook groups and other social media platforms, and ask your friends and family to share the post.

      I hope these suggestions are helpful, and I hope you are able to find your cat soon. It’s always a good idea to have your cat microchipped and to ensure that he is wearing a collar with your contact information, as this can help to reunite you with your pet if he does go missing.

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