Hi, I’m Abigail –

Writer and Mommy of 3 furry babies:

Simba, Snowball and Oreo

My 3 musKITTYeers!

When I’m not writing or thinking about what to write, most my time goes into getting Oreo back home from the neighbour’s garden, or refereeing the intense knockout matches between Simba and Snowball.

My 3 kittens are adopted – they were born in my driveway on a rainy evening, and were left as 3 orphans when their mother got electrocuted.

About Us Pic

When I took them in, I had no experience on dealing with or taking care of any fully grown animals, let alone 3 infant furry babies.

It was difficult and confusing to figure out what to do – because at 3 days old, the infants were very fragile.

But now, after nearly 8 years of being their foster mother, I’ve come to feel like this was the best journey I’ve undertaken – despite its pits and falls, confusions and fears.

However, I wish that no other cat-parent goes through the confusions at the risk of the very lives of their fur-balls.

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To aid both new and experienced cat-parents in dealing with the various quirks and situations that arise with kittens and cats, I started this blog askmycats.com – here, I try to answer any and every query pertaining to the lifestyles, health, nutrition and overall care of cats and kittens.

So, join me and my 3 musKITTYeers on our very soft and a little scratchy-bitey journey.
Happy reading, and happy cat-parenting!