Nele De Schryver

Dr. Nele De Schryver

  • Small Animal Veterinarian


  • Graduated From: Ghent University
  • Graduation Year: 2013
  • Professional Experience: 9 years

About Dr. Nele De Schryver

Hi, I´m Vet Nele and with my YouTube Channel I help Cat and Dog owners avoid sudden sickness and high medical bills, without the long waiting times and stress, so Dr. Google doesn’t give you a heart attack.

I also have my own practice in Belgium (Aalst) which I manage and work in.

I have a great colleague, who takes over from me on Fridays and Saturdays, and an amazing assistant who supports my workload but also works in the trimming salon for all kinds of furry babies that I installed for her in my practice.

Our practice has a Cat-Friendly Clinic Label, meaning cats will have less stress in our practice than those who aren’t putting in extra effort for them.

I wrote a book: Choose Your Pet Like a Vet, for Dogs”, which is available on Amazon.

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