1. My cat has this ugly groth on his back every week it gets biger and more painful. Hes 23 years old.i want to put him down at home what would i get over the conter drugs what kind i want him to go fast and painless.

    1. It is $325 or more for home euthanasia here, no cremation etc, that is an additional $200 , and a gas surcharge. That is the minimum. Restricted income has made this already heart crushing event unbearable. Beloved kitty continues to suffer.

  2. My cat Cheeto is 24 years old. He has stopped eating and drinking almost a week ago. He has lost the ability to walk but still tries. I know it’s time to put him down. It’s so hard to see him like this. I don’t have the money to take him to a vet or have someone come to my home. What can I give him to end his suffering. I have phenobarbital 32.4mg for myself and benadryl but I don’t know what dosage. Also since he isn’t drinking water will it help him pass peacefully? Please help me help him.

    1. Cats with no medical condition sometimes show signs of loss of appetite due to their picky eating habits.
      Antibiotics can be prescribed if an infection is diagnosed.
      If your cat has seizures or is anxious, the medicines you mentioned can be used to keep them under control.

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