1. I founded a baby kitten infront of my house two days
    ago(29/10/2021)…but it died yesterday morning(30/10/2021)
    i reqllt tooked a great care of it…but i couldn’t save it’s life…a big attack camed into my house and killed that kitten infront of my eyes…i firstly thought that it was his mother/father…but Alas!it wasn’t….it killed by friend….i am totally brokened now….
    30 october will remembered by me as a dark day of my life….
    i need a help….
    my question is how longer time may it take to decompose a kitten body?my kitten was very tiny…he was so tiny that he couldn’t open his eyes also…
    if someone experienced can help me…please give answer…
    My facebook profile name-Akmar Anjum Haque….
    you can also text me there

    1. Hello akmar,
      First of all sorry to hear about your loss.

      Coming to your question, as its mentioned earlier in article that decomposing period varies on various parameters and it is hard to tell any specific time-frame.


  2. My cat, Baby May, dyed in my arms tonight it was so sad I just broke my heart I had over 15 years and she was 15 years old I could talk to her she acted like she knew exactly what I said she was just me and her I’m just going to miss her so much I am Richard and your pink little belly again my husband made a little tiny box and painted it white and I put her little tiny bed in it and put a little silk pink and blanket over it and had her wrapped and her pink blanket and put it across on her and a little flower and I’m going to decorate the little box a little bit in the morning and write her name on it and her birthday and then she passed I’m taking you to my daughter’s because she’ll be living there for a long time so I just really I’m hurting so bad

  3. Hie my cat was missing from saturday night 27.11.2021 she was my small world she was my bestfriend i miss her so much and i found her on 2.12.2021 thursday she was dead it was 5th days i found her and when i saw her body her eyes lips was missing and she has a hole in her thigh so wanted to know that when did she died after how many days these sign occur. And on thursday she was not smelling but on friday when we buried her she was smelling so after how many these sign occur plz help me to know.

    1. Hello Guncha,

      First ok all sorry to hear about your loss and hope you are doing well.
      Regarding your question, its hard to predict exact time but from what you described, your cat is already decaying and decaying starts usually 2-5 days after death.

      Thank you

  4. Hello, I lost my cat a couple of days ago and buried her in my front yard. I would like to keep her skull but i don’t have the heart to remove it myself right now so i thought I’d let nature help me out. I’m planning on checking on her body every few months or so, but if you could help me determine a timeframe for when you think a skull could be retrieved that would be helpful.

    The soil is a bit damp and I’m in a warm place, it’s winter right now and our lowest temperatures don’t go below 10° C. In the summer we get to ~40°C. I’m guessing this will help decompose her body faster, but i wouldn’t want to wait too long and have the bones potentially damaged. Any wild guess is helpful, thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hello,

      First of all sorry for your loss.

      Regarding your query, as mentioned in the article, decomposition depends on a broad number of factors but still, I have to take any wild guess then I would suggest you check every 6 months.

      Thank You

    2. Thank you for asking that question. I’ve lost several of my outdoor cats that I looked after, they were feral, but over the years they act like any house cat would. They depend on me for their needs and I love everyone of them. I lost Toni this morning and I’m almost 100 % certain my neighbor poisoned him and 3 others have not shown up in a few days, so I am assuming he killed them too. All because some cat killed a wild bird, so the neighbor is pissed and all the sudden my cats are missing and one dead…I wanted some of his bones..I am Native American and his bones will be with me forever as a necklace, or even just placed in a small box. But I don’t want to dig him up to check on him, I would rather just do it once. I live in texas and of course it is hot down here….I will check on him in 6 months. I hope my cat killing neighbor has bad luck come his way. People shouldn’t mess with mother nature and her animals, that is just twisted….he will get

  5. I just lost my Chester he was 14 yrs old, male cat. He had what they called Aortic Thromboembolism (blood clot) it paralyzed his hind legs he was in terriable pain, I never heard him cry like he did. It sounded like someone was killing him, I miss my baby boy so much. He passed Jan. 18,2022…

  6. (sorry for my english)
    Hi, thanks for this useful post, I was searching on Google and directed to your good site.
    Honestly, I have a serious big problem!!!
    our cat went to very closed space of our attic with the poison of its neighbors and died there!
    We do not have access to the cat’s body and it is not clear exactly where its body is!
    The first days smelled too bad, but now a week has passed since the cat died,
    But now we face a bigger problem! Pouring and coming fly larvae through the seams of the ceiling into the room!
    Question (Given the humid and dark environment of the attic in a rainy city) :
    1- How long (several days – several weeks) does the cat’s corpse decompose and How long fly larvae come?
    2- brath in air of cat’s corpse decompose and living with larva Is it dangerous for health?
    Please guide me and reply as soon as possible
    Thanks & Regards

    1. The answer to your first question would be – If your cat died in a humid spot, it’ll not take more than a week or two for it to decompose and start getting covered in larvae.

      Secondly, you will not be able to bear the stench of the cat’s corpse. Once it starts forming larvae, it’ll become more unhygienic and will give birth to various harmful viruses and bacteria. Once you find the body, make sure to get rid of it before it starts decomposing.

  7. It was really hard to see his little grave outside but I go outside and see him and tell him how much I miss his little face. my cat I grew up with a ginger cat called peanut had to be put to sleep due to a disease on the 27th of December 2021. It was either give him a few more months with medication or let him go free. I was a complete emotional mess knowing that it came to the point were he was in pain but it was too late to do anything.

    I cry a lot over how much I miss him but I hope he’s resting easy now….
    I can’t wait to get his proper memorial stone…. 🙁

    Peanut I miss you so much 🙁
    The house isn’t the same without you

  8. Hi Abigail. My dearest cat Tigresa died 3/22/22. It was a car 🙁

    She was a Tortoise Shell cat. She was very affectionate and loving. I made her a wooden box and buried her in my backyard in NYC. She weighed about 14lbs. How long do you think until she decomposes? What if I remove her from the box and put her in a wrapped blanket an bury her? Please advise.


    1. Sorry to hear this. But yes it is better to bury your cat before she starts decomposing. Decomposing starts taking place in few days or after few weeks, depending on the weather.

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for the informative article and resources.
    I adopted 2 fur brothers almost 20 years ago and they have been wonderful additions to my life. They bless me in ways I cannot even imagine 🙂

    Unfortunately one of them had to be put down about 8 years ago due to kidney failure and I buried him in my backyard. Now I’d like to respectfully work in that area of the yard and I don’t know where to begin. If you have any advice or tips on how to do this (both physically and emotionally) please let me know.

    Thank you!

    1. I can understand that this situation is emotionally draining you out. However, your cat’s body does not exist anymore. All you’ll see is its leftover bones and nails.
      Gently remove them from the ground if you are very much emotionally surcharged and then continue with your work.

  10. hello,
    my childhood cat passed early april of 2016. we buried her in a shoebox in the back yard the next morning. we live in WI, and sadly we are moving. i just want to know if you think she would be decomposed enough to safely dig up and move with us… i just cant think about leaving her here without breaking down.

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