1. What makes a 15 yrs old cat we pretty sure is dying keep picking different spots to lay down like every 10 – 15 mins ! She ( Cookie ) does have liver failure. Please help

    1. When a cat is old, she might have imbalanced blood sugar levels as well as abnormal glucose levels. That makes her lose her appetite, interests and such other things. This can a reason for your cat’s weird behavior.

      Consult a vet for a better explanation.

  2. My 19 year old cat just died. I chose to let her die a natural death. Right up to the final day she was without pain but had stopped eating and barely drinking. I gave her water, she took a few sips and yowled as if in pain, tossing her head side to side, finally laying it down and grunting with each breath. Her body around the shoulder area twitched for quite a while then she died. What happened? I feel so bad.

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