1. My male cat got neuterized yesterday. He is one year and one month.

    He must have jumped from the bathroom window as I have not seen him after 1am when I felt a sleep in the sofa…. He was restless trying to go outside but I was to keep him inside… so I didn’t open the door for him.

    When I lay down in the sofa he seamed to calm down and I eventually felt a sleep.

    I thought I saw him as soon as I woke up but no….I searched everywhere

    Only the bathroom window is kept open… it’s about 2,5-3 meters high
    I’m so worried that he jumped and that he got injured because he just had come from being neutered…. 😱😭

    It’s almost night again and no sight of him :😔😢

    1. Hello lis,
      search around in your neighborhood. In most of the scenario your fur baby will come back to you.

      I wish he will come back to you soon and recover at earliest

  2. My furbaby is a male and he was neutered today. We have tried to keep him calm after the surgery but he is anything but! He peed In his crate on the way home so his whole back area and tail were soaked. Now he stinks but I know I can’t bathe him. He has tried to bath himself though. He is really hungry and thirsty, as if he hasn’t eaten in days. We fed him some and he didn’t get sick or anything so that’s good. Tried to put him in his crate in a quiet area and he thrashed around the cage literally doing flips, rolling around, and crying. I was afraid he would tear his incision with all the activity. I brought him out and let him walk around while I followed, but then he tried to play with the other cats, tried to jump up on things, and attempted to go up the stairs. I tried putting the “cone” on him and he had a fit. Throwing himself around, running backwards, using his back feet to try to kick it off…I am so afraid he is going to have to go back to the vet. I have tried holding him and loving on him, but he doesn’t want it. He is back in his crate and is now sleep after thrashing around again. It’s like he got worn out and drifted off to sleep. It is going to be a long 10-14 days ☹️

    1. We have a black cat that came running into our home looking for love and food, he slept in our bed for the first 4 nights, and after that stays out on the couch! I placed ads all over looking for his owner on November 3rd, reported him to the Humane shelter, the owner as 30 days to claim him,…I’m sure because he was not neutered and is over a year old the chances of finding the owner are null! He goes from window to window scratching to get out… He was very thin when we took him in, and I asked neighbors if it was theirs, or they knew where it came from? One neighbor said they feed it 2 times, the first time on Halloween night, and the 2 days later.
      It’s only been 2 weeks that he as been with us, we took him for feline leukemia test, and shots. We just brought him home from being neutered as I want him to well taken care of even if it doesn’t work out to be with us. We just brought him home from being neutered, and OMGosh 🙀 it is the worst it as ever been in going window tip window! He has not calmed down all night and it is 8 am now! When he finally does take a nap it should be a long one! At this point we don’t know what to do😢 I do not want to let him out as I know there are two huge hawks in this neighborhood that killed a dog larger than this cat!😢 It has become a stressful situation for my husband and I…..we are going to give him plenty of time to see if he calms down to accept his new home (we have purchased everything to entertain him) pet condo, mice, you name it! He is really one lucky cat if he accepts it! We have only taken in 2 other black cats, one that was placed in a grocery bag as a kitten and placed on the shoulder of the highway, my husband worked for INDOT and one of the guys stopped in there truck to see what they disposed of! It was a black kitten less that 6 weeks old that my husband brought home and we raised him until he passed away at 19 years old. The second black cat (Ferrell) my husband worked with fur a year ( we built a home as winter was coming and he wouldn’t come in the house) it took s year to get him in the house only to lose him to feline leukemia….so sad😢
      So lost at what/how to make this male cat
      A happy boy😢

  3. My 5.5 month male kitten got neutered 4 days ago.

    His recovery has been good overall, and got prescribed robenacoxib the first three days.
    But ever since neutering he has become aggressive and will bite and scratch hard enough to break the skin. He does not eat as much anymore and has thrown up

    I know the throw up is most likely due to the robenacoxib. But aggression is not listed as a sideeffect for the medicine?

    Should i be worried something is wrong? Or is it really just his hormones kicking in, due to his age?

    1. Hello Annie,
      Cats usually acts slightly hyper after neuter for sometimes due to hormonal changes and its completely normal in most of the scenario.
      But just to make sure, I would suggest you to consult your vet once.

      Happy Cat Parenting.

  4. My son’s 7 mo. cat was neutered yesterday and despite what the vet says, it is very hard to keep him from running etc. He is a very active animal! Even when he is in his carrier he bonks around with his cone lol. What is the worst case scenario and should we call the vet?

  5. Just brought my 3 month old cat home from his neuter surgery and he has been acting very strange. Playing with the water, almost fixated on it. Running in circles around the water fountain so much so I had to remove it and put a small bowl of water down, which he was still sticking his paws in. He has been non-stop hyper since I let him out of the carrier that he was violently trying to get out of all the way home. I have tried putting him back in the carrier hoping he would calm down and rest but he won’t and it’s been 4 and a half hours. I just don’t know what to do.

    1. Hello Mishan,
      Hyperactivity after neuter is quite normal for few days.
      Wait for 3 to 5 days or else you can consult your vet for some guidelines.

      Happy Cat Parenting

  6. I had my kitten spayed about two weeks ago. She is still hyper. Climbing window sills, walls, running through our home like something is chasing her. She is very vocal when looking out the window. When can I expect her to calm down

    1. Hello Deidre,

      Hyperactivity after neuter is quite common as there are many hormonal changes going on through your cat.
      Now every cat is different and takes various time to calm down.

      I would prefer you to consult with you vet once.

      Happy cat parenting

  7. My 8 month old boy got neutered and he’s been as wild as he was before that. Howls quite often and has scraped his nose escaping his carrier while I was trying to get some sleep from him! It’s been 3 days since he got his balls removed and I think it’s a little better now but I’d say like 5% still waiting on the other 95% because I really just want to get some quality sleep. He is my roommate so if he’s awake I’m awake.

    1. Hello Lucifer.

      Hyperactivity after neuter is quite normal and he will be calm down soon.

      But still, on the safer side, you can consult your vet once.

      Happy cat parenting

    2. Hi just wondering if you ever got your sleep back? Lol please tell me your cat calmed down later. I’m so tired, my cat is driving me nuts. After being spayed for 3 days she was super tired. The 4th day shes literally bouncing off walls and doors running around like nascar and attacking me.. so did your cat calm down?

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