Yes, your cat may get nicer after the spay.

Your cat has been through a lot after the spay. You are its only comfort as she trusts you the most. 

Make sure you give your cat this comfort as your cat can get a lot worse if it does not feel safe and comfortable.

Generally, spaying your cat will bring a change in its behavior. Though the side effects could be positive or negative.

To know why your cats become nicer and how you can make them calmer, let’s read the article further.

Do Cats Get Nicer After Being Spayed

Why Is My Cat So Clingy After Spay?

Your cat might be clingy because it would be feeling scared and disoriented after the operation. The pain medicines you might be giving your cat on the advice of your vet could be an add-on to your cat’s confusion.

Why Is My Cat So Clingy After Spay?

It is okay if your cat so clingy after spay.

You are your cat’s comfort and hence your cat could want you to pet it, love it, be near it, etc. After the operation your cat might want to feel safe and secure, so be sure you make it feel so.

In case you have a kitten who is spayed, it is still small of course and so your kitten might need you even more.

Do not leave their side of the room until the kitten or cat is sleeping or dozing off. Just like a small kid would need attention and care when they are in pain even your little cat would want you to love it, cuddle with it.

You should reassure your cat that you are with it and include your cat whenever you are with it. 

Always keep talking to your cat even from the other room when you leave by its side.

How Does The Spray Help Your Cat To Feel Calmer After Spay?

You could try the spray. There are specific sprays that should be sprayed in her environment. This is because whenever your cat is anxious it will feel calmer after spray.

The spray is helpful even when your cat is not feeling anxious as it could help take the edge off and make your cat feel relaxed and calm.

The spay mimics the happy pheromones which your cat would rub on objects when they feel relaxed, loved, happy and content. 

Hence it is helpful for new cat introductions, when cats are anxious, and for inside cat carriers.

The spray would not be harmful. If your cat might not be anxious then nothing would happen and there will be no side effects too. Your cat might just become more friendly.

What Does The Clinginess Of Your Cat Indicate?

1. Loss Of Confidence

When your cat is being clingy it is an indication that your cat has lost its confidence. You need to make sure you spend enough time with your cat so that it can restore its confidence.

You are your cat’s protector and not an inflictor of pain so you should be there for your cat during the tough phases it is facing.

2. Surgical Trauma

The surgical trauma your cat has been through is not understood by it.

It is having hormonal imbalances and your cat’s hormones are going in many different directions bringing in mood swings.

Your cat is scared, needs your cuddles, it is confused, and needs reassurance that she is still going to live and will be okay. 

3. Unpleasant Experience

Keep reassuring your cat until it gets over her experience. This experience was unpleasant for your cat or after being spayed it could have been through some unpleasant phase.

4. Sensitive

Your cat might not have had a loss of confidence, surgical trauma, and unpleasant experience rather might just be really sensitive.

Just be very sensitive at all times. 

Will My Cat Be More Affectionate After Spay?

Will My Cat Be More Affectionate After Spay?

That strictly depends on your cat. As your cat may or may not be so affectionate after spay.

When cats are spayed they no more have their heat cycles and during heat cycles, cats are extremely affectionate and vocal. 

Hence after getting spayed your cat might be a bit calmer and reserved as it no more has heat cycles after getting spayed.

Your cat would not have the drive to mate and so might be quieter and won’t be prone to catcalls. Having no need to seek out mates a spayed cat would no longer attract males.

Though spaying can reduce or eliminate a range of your cat’s negative behaviors.

So spaying would reduce unwanted behaviors.

Contrary if see your cat will only trust you after it is spayed and will feel secure and comfortable around you so will be affectionate towards you.

Spayed cats would be easier to get along with as they are more gentle and affectionate.

Factors That Affect The Affection Of Your Cat After Spay?

Some factors that would affect the level of affection of your cat are-

  • Breed 
  • Environment
  • If they are spayed or not

Are Female Cats More Affectionate After Spaying?

The female spayed cat would not attract male cats anymore and no more perform their annoying advances and serenades.

They become easier to get along with. She will be more affectionate and tender towards you.

Sometimes after being spayed also your cat may go into heat and so it would be more affectionate towards you. The surgery might not prevent the heat.

Your cat may go around rubbing against the furniture and would be very affectionate and clingy. 

For female cats, there is mainly not much change at all.

Are Male Cats More Affectionate After Spaying?

Your cat will be more gentle and affectionate towards you after it is spayed.

They would roam less and will not get involved in many fights with other animals.

He will feel healthier.  

Will My Cats Personality And Behaviour Change After It Is Spayed?

Though the answer to this may vary at a higher chance the only thing that would change much is your cat’s behavior and not personality.

Will My Cats Personality And Behaviour Change After It Is Spayed?

Your cat’s personality does not fully develop until it turns one year old at least.

So if your cat is spayed at such an early age itself then you should know its personality would have changed regardless of the spay.

Though as we know the behavior of your cat might change, the reason for the spay was that only,

Though you should consider if the spay surgery will affect your cat’s mental or physical well-being.

This because spayed cats are usually prone to depression. 

Your cat’s behavior will surely be affected after spay more due to the surgery itself.

Your cat might experience some tenderness and be less active. It might have some physical weakness and loss of appetite for a few days and then your cat should come back to normal.

Your cat will remain more tender and reserved after the surgery and her behavior will be calm as your cat must be having hormone fluctuations.

Are Female Cats Less Aggressive After Spaying?

Your cat’s behavior might have changed after spaying and it will take about a month after the surgery before your cat exhibits normal behavior again.

So if your cat is spayed after the age of one to two years then it is likely to continue being aggressive.

Do Male Cats Become Less Aggressive After Being Spayed?

Yes, your male cat is likely to become less aggressive for quite a while after being spayed.

It will be calmer and will be less likely to get into a fight.

Though a cat’s temperament completely depends on its upbringing and most of the time it is generally unaffected by the presence or absence of male hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your male cat still have urges after being spayed?

Your male cat’s sexual urges will be highly reduced but they may show sexual interest in females.

What Does The Level Of Affection Of Your Cat Depend On?

The level of affection of your cat depends on the personality of the cat and not its gender.

Will My Cat Become Fatter After Spay?

After spay, if your cat lives a sedentary lifestyle and has unlimited access to food it is likely to gain weight.

Is It Necessary To Keep Control Over My Cats Eating Habits After Spay?

It is very necessary for your cat to maintain its health and for you to control your cats eating habits.
You should feed your cat high-quality food with a balanced diet and keeping her active by playing around with her, use puzzle feeders, etc.

Do Cats Act Weird After Being Spayed?

After your cat’s spay surgery it is sure to behave a little weird for a few days.
Your cat can have reduced appetite and will be highly affected by sedatives, anesthesia, and pain relievers.

Final Words

You should make sure that your cat feels safe and secure after the spay.

Going to the vet and after the surgery, your cat might feel more insecure. You should keep calm and let your cat regain its confidence back.

There are times when each of us would need love and extra care and attention. So does your cat. Hence you should be patient and use this time to bond with your cat.

For more questions, you could always ask us.

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