No, it is not safe for your cat to play after being spayed.

If your cat wants to play after it has had abdominal surgery, you should prevent it from doing so.

It is a stressful situation for your cat and it is known that some kittens are still active after the surgery.

How long you should keep your cat confined is up to you and the vet, but make sure you give your cat enough room to recover well.

You have to make sure that any decision you take should not cause harm to your cat.

To know more about your cat’s safety and activeness let’s read the article further.

Cat Wants To Play After Being Spayed

Should Cats Play After Being Spayed?

No, cats should not play after being spayed.

You should make sure your cat does not climb stairs, walk around, jump and play around until it is completely healed.

If you let your spayed cat move around a lot it could slow down the healing process of the cut.

You should try keeping your cat indoors, inside a small room, in a crate, etc. post-operation.

Keeping your cat inside will allow you to keep an eye on it and see if your cat is performing any activity it shouldn’t be doing as it would strain your cat’s wound. 

Why Should Your Cat Not Play After Being Spayed?

For the post-operation recovery period, you will have to keep your cat inside.

Why Should Your Cat Not Play After Being Spayed

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it should avoid running or jumping so that it has a quick, better, and trouble-free recovery.

The reasons why you should not give your cat places to play are-

  • Due to anesthesia, your cat may be in a disoriented state and so may hit something or fall.
  • The stitches and sutures on your cat’s skin may loosen up and cause a delay in the healing of the skin.
  • The loosening or failure of internal sutures or stitches can lead to bleeding or leakage of bacteria or urine into the abdomen.
  • Slipping of bandages or pulling off bandages could take place while playing, which would cause more damage and pain to your cat.
  • Your cat’s bone plate, pin, screws, etc. could move or not heal correctly.

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Why Is My Cat So Active After Being Spayed, Should I let it Outside?

Your cat should not feel active after spay, even if your cat is active, it will only last for a while because your cat will have imbalances in her body and even pain.

It may feel weak, keep sleeping, not eat much, and drink less water too.

No, you should not let your cat outside, keep it indoors until your cat recovers.

You should make sure your cat does not perform any strenuous activity as it could affect your cat’s well-being.

Keep your cat inside until the sutures are removed.

Steps To Take If My Cat Feels Active After Surgery

If your cat feels active after the surgery, it should be kept in a small room without items of furniture or anything your cat can jump on.

Steps To Take If My Cat Feels Active After Surgery

1. Keep Your Cat Calm

After the spay, your cat should feel very calm. It should not play around, jump, run, etc. Though as for kittens they are hard to stop. 

So once your kitten is home it may just want to get back to its usual self. Your cat should be kept quiet.

2. Keep Your Cat In A Crate

The crate should be your option only if your cat is active and playful.

The crate will help you isolate your cat after spay and it is also easier to keep an eye on your cat when you have to go out.

You can remove your cat from the crate if you feel it is sleepy and calm.

3. Stay Vigilant

Do not let your cat get out of your sight even for a while after spay else it might face some problems or cause some damage to itself.

Your cat will be on anesthesia after spay and so will be sleepy and groggy. It will walk like a toddler just learned how to walk.

You should continuously pay attention to your cat’s actions and it would be easier to do so if kept in a small room without furniture.

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4. Keep Your Cat Indoor

You should keep your cat indoors post-operation.

Your cat has had abdominal surgery and so keeping it indoors prevents your cat from jumping over walls and fences.

Hence reducing the risk of damaging the areas of the incision and disturbing the recovery routine. You can observe the healing process if you keep your cat indoors.

5. Remove Cat Trees

Seeing a cat tree your cat may want to take huge leaps. It may unsee its pain and just take a leap hence harming its incision.

You could keep your cat tree outside until your cat recovers fully. Or maybe just hide it somewhere.

6. Keep Your Cat Isolated

Keep your cat in a cat-proof room.

This is the best way to keep your cat quiet after the spay surgery. This would isolate your cat from other animals who could harass or play around with your cat during the recovery period.

Make sure the cat-proof room does not have high-lying furniture.

7. Monitor Your Cat’s Surgery Sight

Make sure you regularly check your cat’s surgery site. 

If it is red, swollen, bleeding, or licked by your cat then you should immediately consult your vet.

8. Get A Cone For Your Cat

Usually, after the surgery, the vet will provide your cat with a cone if not make sure you immediately buy one from the store.

This cone will prevent your cat from licking, biting, or scratching the incision.

Some cones would prevent your cat from jumping or running too. Your cat will then have a safe recovery if it has access to the cone.

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9. Follow All Instructions

Make sure to follow all aftercare instructions given to you by your veterinarian regarding the surgery site of your cat.

Follow instructions on how to keep it clean, how to keep it coated with the recommended ointment, administer the antibiotics, etc.

10. Extra Attention

It is necessary to give your cat some extra attention and love. Your cat may feel insecure and less comfortable so reassure it that its life will be back to normal.

Take this time to increase your bond with your cat.

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How Many Days Until Your Cat Can Play Again And Why?

How Many Days Until Your Cat Can Play Again And Why?

Your cat may become normal after one to two days but it cannot play for at least seven days post-operation.

You need to keep your cat indoors until its wound recovers completely. 

Your kept should be kept as quiet as possible for those days for a good recovery.

You should make sure your cat does not go out when wearing an E-collar or cone as it could be dangerous and can get caught on things they encounter while playing.

If your cat plays and does too much activity at a sooner stage it will disturb the healing process leading to loosening of stitches, swelling, and formation of a fluid pocket near or under the incision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cat Seem So Hyper After Spay?

Surgery and trips to the vet could get scary and stressful for your cat.
This could be the reason for your cat to be hyper. Though if your cat is hyper even after, it could be because it has been in an enclosed space for a long without any activity.

How To Stop A Kitten From Playing After Spay?

The only way to keep your kitten from playing after spay is by keeping it indoors. Specifically in a cat-proof room but if your cat is still active then you might consider keeping your kitten in a crate for a while.

Should I Let My Cat Jump After Spay?

A spay surgery is a serious surgery and your cat requires adequate rest. S plan wisely where you would place your cat after spay so that it does not jump and will stay safe not having access to the house.

Can My Cat Walk Around After Spay?

Your cat would likely be weak after spay and anesthetic so it wouldn’t be able to walk. But if your cat can walk then you should surely prevent it from doing so as it would loosen up your cat’s stitches. 

Final Words

It is necessary to keep all these tips and suggestions in mind before you get your cat spayed.

Make sure to follow all suggestions recommended by your vet for a full and speedy recovery of your cat after spay.

Keep giving the medicines to your cat as instructed by your vet unless specifically asked to stop.

Keep your cat indoors post-operation. 

Both Indoor and outdoor cats should avoid playing during their recovery time.

For more questions, let us know in the comment section.

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