1. I have a female cat that gave birth to two male kittens 8 weeks ago. She’s been in heat since December 20th so today makes 20 days of her acting weird, yowling, and just not being the sweet girl I know she is.
    If I put her in a separate room from the kittens, for 5 days, will this end her heat cycle so she can be successfully spayed? Ive been waiting to spay her until it ended but it isn’t ending.
    I’m starting to think even though the kittens are to young to mate because they are males the smell keeps her in heat?
    I need help cause she’s driving us all crazy and we can’t take much more of this.

    1. Although your queen will hate being inside the room when she is in heat, it’ll nevertheless suppress her urge.
      The only way to stop your cat from going into heat is if she can breed.

      You can spay your cat after she has given birth.

      For a better understanding of her behavior and the process of spaying, consult the vet.

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