1. Hi there all the information about cats has been very helpful I got my kitten few weeks a go she is know 10 weeks old
    has settled very well is healthy and happy very playfully, I have set up her a room under the stairs she seems comfortable and happy but I don’t know if I should leave the door open or close it at nightime.

    1. Hello,
      Good to know that information provided by us is helpful to you.
      Coming to your query, in initial days keep the door open for some days just to confirm that she is comfortable in her premises.
      Although personally I prefer to keep room door open, but in-case if you want to close a door make sure your cat is 100% comfortable in her premises and you have arranged all the necessary things for your cat.

      Happy cat parenting

  2. Hi there! The reason I searched whether it be ok to keep a kitten/cat in a room overnight is because I have 4 children who are very young- one still a baby in a crib. I’ve been a cat owner all my life so I know how much they love crawling all over our faces or pouncing about on the bed at night. So I have wondered at the possibility of giving the kitty it’s own room at night. I have a den that I was planning to use as space for the litter box, etc and have it like a cats play room. But what I closed this door just for the night? Think it’s ok? Think it’ll work?

    1. Cats have no problem staying confined inside a single room as long as he/she has all the basic necessities it needs.
      So it is okay if you keep him inside a room for a night.

  3. I just moved back to my parents after seperating from my husband, & brought my kitty of course.
    (He’s lived here before for almost a year when our apartment was being renovated.)
    I’ve kept him in my room at night when I go to sleep to make sure he’s safe & doesn’t accidentally get outside.
    I always kept him in my room with me at night last time I lived here, because I’m so worried he could possibly get out on accident during the night or early morning if my brother opens an outside door and he possibly runs out.
    It’s pretty unlikely (I think atleast) because my brother doesn’t like cats too much and avoids them mostly, plus my cat is still not used to him so he runs quickly back downstairs or into my room when my bro walks up stairs or comes out of his room if he’s near him. But my cat loves everyone else in the house and is treated well either way!
    My main question is: should it be most likely ok & safe to keep my bedroom door open at night so he can come & go? He hates closed doors of course & I just want him to be safe & happy. He meows/begs and seems to be sad & hold a bit of a grudge towards me when I keep him in my room at night.
    Thanks in advance, great article. 👍

    1. Hey there! It’s great that you’re concerned about your cat’s safety and happiness.
      I know it can be tough when we have to keep our beloved pets confined, but it’s usually a good idea to keep doors closed at night to prevent any accidental escapes or dangerous situations.
      However, if you feel comfortable leaving the door open and your cat is well-behaved, it might be okay to let him come and go as he pleases. Just make sure to keep an eye on him and intervene if necessary to keep him safe.
      And if you do decide to let him have free reign of the house at night, it might be a good idea to invest in a collar with a bell to alert you to his movements and help prevent him from sneaking up on you or anyone else in the household.

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