1. My female cat was spayed over a year ago as soon as I got her at 4 months old. I never originally let her out in the garden but she cried for weeks to go in the garden with my 2 pups and now goes out every day until 2 says ago. I heard a scream and raced to thwe door and a massive Ragdoll cat was a couple of feet away but ran off when I opened the door. Never seen it before but my poor little girl was so scared she stayed in for a couple of days, hardly ate and then I saw the bite on the back of her neck ans I notice she wants to just stay besides me like she did when she was a kitten. I’d rather her stay in anyway biut worry that the male cat may have “raped her”. How can I deter male cats from doing this to her. Is there something that I could safely spray her with. I thought as she was spayed that this would not happen.



    1. Outdoor cats are generally not neutered so they can still go into heat.
      If your cat was spayed then she will not become pregnant. The only way you can prevent it from happening again would be by keeping your feline inside the house or by placing her in a traveling box, whenever outside.

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