Yes, a neutered male cat can be capable enough to bite a female cat’s neck before it mates. 

The male cat might be sexually aggressive even after spaying, as spay only reduces the sexual hormones.

There are ways by which this behavior can be curbed.

Let us read the article further to know more.

Can A Neutered Male Cat Bite A Female Spayed Cat Is It Sexually Aggressive

Why Is My Neutered Male Cat Biting The Female Cat’s Neck?

Neutered or unneutered cats both spring on a receptive female and bite them on the neck. The male neutered cat would pin the female cat down as they intromit.

The bite on the neck is not soft but a sharp and dominant one. The male cat puts enough tenacity before the mating process takes place.

This is so that there is no chance of your female cat turning on the male cat and running away.

Hence the bite indicates a forceful mating that protects your cat from reciprocal hostility.

It is important to neuter your cat during the first six months of birth. This is because if your cat will never have experienced the mating and pinning the female cat down process then it is not likely to do so even later.

It will also reduce many unwanted behaviors like roaming, scrapping, etc. with rival male cats.

If your cat is not neutered then it will mount on female cats and bite their necks more consistently than after neuter.

Your male cat is performing these activities even after neutering because the surgery only reduces your cat’s sexual hormones and does not destroy them.

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Why Does A Male Cat Attack A Female Spayed Cat?

As we know that if the male cat goes outside it would knock down any female cat, and if the cat is not spayed it will add to the population.

Your cat might get adventurous behind the female cat and will go through dangerous scenarios behind the female cat but if the male cat would have been neutered he would not do so.

Your cat might try to mate even with a spayed female cat and this would build up disgust and sadness in the female cat towards the male cat even though she won’t be able to get pregnant.

If you have a male and female cat in the same house then your male cat might try mating with your female cat and attacking her. Biting the scruff from the neck and then might end up fighting.

Your female cat might feel stressed and scared. She might climb on high places or stay with you cuddling so that you can protect her from the male cat.

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Stress Is An Important Cause Of Sexual Behavior In Your Spayed Cat

The level of testosterone hormone which is a sex hormone does not vanish completely after the neutering of your male cat. The sex hormone levels are only reduced.

Stress Is An Important Cause Of Sexual Behavior In Your Spayed Cat

This reduction is done up to the limit that it cannot trigger sexual behavior in your cat.

Sexual behavior like humping is easily triggered when a large amount of hormones and territorial stress develops in the cat.

This is a part of your cat’s reproductive process.

A lot of stress is present in your cat and even the slightest bit of hormone can highly trigger sexual behavior in your neutered cat.

This is more common when a male and female cat share the same space.

Several combinations of mounting can take place in such a situation where the male cat or a female cat can mount any male cat to show their dominance.

Another way would be when a neutered male cat mounts on an estrous female cat. The female cats release chemicals when they want to mate.

And even if your male cat is neutered it can easily smell the female cat in heat.

As your male cat has a little amount of testosterone in the body it could give its normal response to such scenarios by pouncing on the male cat to mate.

Even a neutered cat might not stop these behaviors immediately. It could take a few months until your male cat is not interested in mating.

Not getting your cat neutered soon could lead to the ill health of your male cat.

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The Problem Of Sexual Aggression In Male-Neutered Cats

There are many cases when neutered cats show sexual aggression toward spayed female cats.

The Problem Of Sexual Aggression In Male Neutered Cats

When the male neutered cat takes charge of a female spayed cat then she would scream when he would jump on her and bite her neck.

This act may not involve intromission.

The male neutered cat gets sexually aggressive because of the smell.

The cat can pick up smells/odors very easily of the opposite sex. Especially if the female cat in a distance is in heat.

Though a spayed female cat does not get so attracted by the smell of a male cat.

Hence even a neutered male cat would be attracted to mate with the female cat in heat.

There was a study where the female cat was made to smell like a male cat and it was checked if the same reaction took place.

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How To Stop The Male Cat From Attacking The Female Cat?

You cannot jump in between them and stop the two cats from fighting or during sexual aggression.

You should try to separate your cats gently and not harm yourself or them.

How To Stop The Male Cat From Attacking The Female Cat?

1. Distract The Cats

Your cats might be intensely into their fight and so you should distract them with their favorite toy, and food, and make noises.

Your cat will then give attention to the toy or food than to the fight.

Do not get your cats or yourself hurt in the process and gently separate them.

2. Try To Reduce Tension Between The Two Cats

If your cat is sexually active even after the neither then there must be social stress between the two cats in your house.

Make sure to control your cats’ behaviors in the house do not punish them for mounting.

Because this is your cat’s innate nature and cannot help it and your cat may feel insecure and punished it will make your cat feel less comfortable beside you too.

Let your cats be together and don’t keep them apart unless they fight, give your cats their space and let them ignore each other or get physical.

Though to reduce such behaviors make sure your cat has enough distractions around the house.

If your cats are sexually aggressive and show their dominance over each other then you should put up a vertical territory for them.

A vertical territory will have perches of varying heights. It helps to relieve your cat from social stress.

Your cats will fight over being at a height on the vertical perches than in mating.

Amongst the two cats, the one who is of the greater height is a dominant one and the one on the lower shelf is the submissive one.

This is a good way of keeping both your cats away from each other and giving them more space.

You should add more resources like food and water and reduce competition between your two cats. This will also prevent your cats from fighting with each other.

You should increase both your cats’ activities.

To reduce drama and sexual aggression from your cats you should make your cats play together for a few minutes and have a few such sessions daily.

The social conflicts between your cat can be reduced through the intake of medicines too.

These medicines work differently on different cats. 

The dominant cats would become calm and the shier cats would become confident.

These drugs should be taken only at the veterinarian’s suggestion.

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3. Reduce The Stress Your Cat Faces

Give your cat more attention and love when he seems under stress.

Give your cat time to play, exercise, and mental peace. You should give some time to your cat every day and play with it. Try to observe the causes of stress in your cat’s life and find a solution to them.

4. Provide Your Cat With Deterrents 

Whenever you notice that your cat is ready to hump you should show a sign it is not supposed to.

You could give a loud clap or make a noise.

You could give your cat its favorite toys or a soft toy so that if it still wants to hump it will hump on the soft toy and not on your female cat.

Giving your cat different toys or some food can keep your cat distracted and away from humping.

5. Reward The Cat For Good Behavior

Whenever your male cat shows good behavior reward it with toys or treats.

You should give your male neutered cat extra attention and treat it when they are interacting nicely with any sexual aggression with the female cat.

This would help your cat develop discipline and make sure you never harm or hit your cat in this process.

6. Expand Your Cat’s Territory

Your cat should get enough space to increase its territories. You should provide your cat with cat trees and window perches.

You should provide your cat with the basic needs and its own space. You should place water and food bowls in different places of the house to feed both your cats separately.

This will prevent your cats from fighting over food and water. You have to try to keep a distance between your male and female cat and give them their privacy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If A Male Cat Is Trying To Mate?

The male gives a soft mating call which is an imitation of the female’s call of heat.
Some male cats tend to circle the female cat before mating.

Why Does A Neutered Cat Mount On A Spayed Female Cat?

A neutered cat tends to mount on a female spayed cat due to its scent.

Can The Process Of Neutering A Cat Fail?

The process does not exactly fail, but it leads to a 10 percent failure in suppressing sexual behaviors.

Final Words

It is a part of sexual activity for the neutered male or an unneutered male cat to bite the neck of a female spayed cat before mating.

Though it is not good behavior and should be curbed.

You should neuter or spay all your cats.

It not only controls the population but also reduces sexual aggression in your cat.

Always consult your vet and for more queries, ask in the comment section.

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  1. My female cat was spayed over a year ago as soon as I got her at 4 months old. I never originally let her out in the garden but she cried for weeks to go in the garden with my 2 pups and now goes out every day until 2 says ago. I heard a scream and raced to thwe door and a massive Ragdoll cat was a couple of feet away but ran off when I opened the door. Never seen it before but my poor little girl was so scared she stayed in for a couple of days, hardly ate and then I saw the bite on the back of her neck ans I notice she wants to just stay besides me like she did when she was a kitten. I’d rather her stay in anyway biut worry that the male cat may have “raped her”. How can I deter male cats from doing this to her. Is there something that I could safely spray her with. I thought as she was spayed that this would not happen.



    1. Outdoor cats are generally not neutered so they can still go into heat.
      If your cat was spayed then she will not become pregnant. The only way you can prevent it from happening again would be by keeping your feline inside the house or by placing her in a traveling box, whenever outside.

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