I can understand why you are asking this question. Neutering a cat basically means removing its reproductive organs so that it can’t reproduce.

However, many cases have been heard where even a neutered cat has impregnated many felines. This raises a doubt in our minds if the surgical procedure is even worth it or not.

In this article, we’ll discuss this problem and other doubts concerning it.

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Can A Male Cat Still Impregnate After Being Neutered?

Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Mate?

Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Mate?

Male cats tend to mate under the influence of their sex hormone, testosterone.
As a result, neutering a tom removes the testicles from his body.
This results in less sexual drive and, in 90% of the cases, they would not want to mate.

Castration is not likely to reduce a cat’s hostility toward humans or calm down a hyperactive cat. It will reduce some, but not all, of the sexually dimorphic male behaviors since the male brain has already been masculinized by the time the kitten is born.

Castration can help to stop the development of secondary sexual traits such as penile barbs, protruding jowls, and glands in the dorsal region of the cat’s tail if done before sexual maturity.

Other advantages of neutering include a sharp decrease in the smell of cat pee and a decreased risk of feline asthma and gum inflammation.

An outdoor male cat’s risk of FIV infection, bite wounds and associated abscesses, automobile-related trauma, and other outdoor lifestyle conditions that arise as a result of leaving home is decreased by the decrease in fighting and wandering.

Do Neutered Male Cats Still Have The Urge To Mate?

In most cases, neutered male cats do not have the urge to mate.

During neutering, a cat’s reproductive organs are removed. After surgery, there can still be hormones present if the cat has achieved reproductive maturity.

The cat may briefly maintain some sexual actions as a result of these hormones. The cat’s sex desire should progressively disappear over the weeks following surgery as sex hormone levels decline.

Compared to females and neutered males, intact males have substantially larger territories and travel farther. During mating season, the desire to roam may be extremely strong.

Although neutering significantly decreases sexual attraction, some seasoned males may still find females to be attractive and continue to mate with them.

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Do Neutered Male Cats Still Respond To Females In Heat?

A male cat will typically stop being drawn to female cats in the heat after being fixed and after some time has passed.

The results of neutering take time to develop. A male cat’s mating actions might not stop for a few weeks or even up to a few months.

As a result, you may notice that your male cat does continue to seem attracted to female cats who are in heat during this brief period. Do your best to keep your recently neutered fluff ball indoors and away from any possibly distracting cats of the fairer sex if you observe this.

A male cat will typically stop being drawn to female cats in the heat after being fixed and after some time has passed.

A female cat will let everyone know when she is in the season by making a noise. Fortunately, even if your male cat comes into contact with a queen who is in heat, he won’t be able to impregnate her, which will help prevent cat overpopulation.

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Why Does My Neutered Male Cat Try To Mate?

Why Does My Neutered Male Cat Try To Mate?

Sometimes, a neutered cat would try to mount a queen.

However, the behavior might not end right after castration surgery. It can take a few weeks, or maybe even months, or even years.

Although testosterone levels drop dramatically after neutering a cat, the hormone is still present, just as a cat that has undergone progesterone reduction would still have some progesterone in her system.

He may continue adopting these behaviors out of habit even after the hormones in your beloved pet have subsided, especially if he had been neutered at a later age (any time after approximately 6 months).

Accept the conduct as normal and not that significant, rather than feeling ashamed or irritated by it.

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How Long Does A Male Cat Stay Fertile After Being Neutered?

A male cat after castration remains fertile for up to 6 weeks.

Even after being neutered, the scent of a nearby female cat in heat may cause the male to become excited enough to attempt to mount her. Even mounting behavior can be seen between a neutered male and a spayed female.

Cats that have had their neuters at an older age may also develop more frequent
Similar to how it can cause urine-marking behavior, high levels of social stress can also cause mounting behavior.

In neutered cats, mounting behavior can sometimes be an attempt to maintain status.
If you let your neutered cat outside, he might come across a female who hasn’t been spayed, and her scent might be enough to set him off.

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How Do I Stop My Male Cat From Trying To Mate?

How Do I Stop My Male Cat From Trying To Mate?

Although you might be annoyed by your cat’s behavior, you must realize that it is entirely typical.

Here’s how you can stop it:

1. Provide Distractions

If you spot your cat about to hump, clap your hands vigorously or drop a book to the ground.

You might also give a humming male a plush animal in the hopes that he will leave your other cat alone.

2. Give Rewards

Find strategies to praise your male cat for acting well. When he is calm and getting along well with your other cats, you can reward him with treats, toys, or additional attention.

Compared to traditional methods of punishment like yelling or squirting him with water, this is significantly more effective. Of course, you ought never to strike your cat.

3. Territory Expansion

Giving your cats greater room to expand their individual territories might also be helpful.

Give each cat their own cat tree and window perch, because cats love to climb. Installing raised paths for your cats to explore can even be enjoyable. For basic necessities, you may occasionally need to provide every cat with its own personal room.

Water and food bowls should ideally be placed in separate areas to prevent competition for resources. The litter box rule, which states that you need three boxes for every two cats, should also be followed.

To ease tensions and ensure that all cats have their privacy, make sure that they are not visible to one another.

4. Consult The Vet

If your cat’s behavior stops all of a sudden, then that too is a cause for concern.

Call your veterinarian right away if you think your pet is ill. Always consult your veterinarian with any health-related queries as they have evaluated your pet, are familiar with its medical history, and can provide the best advice for your pet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When both cats have been neutered and spayed, can they still interact sexually?

Like humans, cats also experience sex in their brains in addition to their gonads. A distinct issue is having the capacity to actually penetrate and ejaculate. A neutered female cat won’t lay any eggs either.

They may still attempt it occasionally, especially when their surgeries are still in the beginning stages, but eventually, like a long-married couple, they would prefer to sit together and snuggle rather than engage in sexual activity.

Get the male taken care of first because he recovers more quickly and the procedure is less expensive. If he hasn’t started spraying your house yet, he will soon. Then set aside money for the woman. But complete them both, not just one.

Will my neutered male cat treat the older neutered cat with kindness?

Most likely not. Cats typically take some time to warm up to new cats in their domain.

The best course of action would be to place him in his own room. You can let him out if everyone appears to be calm. That’s advantageous since he can explore that area without the other cat there and will know where to go if he becomes frightened later.

There will probably be swatting, growling, and hissing. That is typical. They are alerted. signs. If no one actually attacks you, everything is fine.

You may try just letting him in if you want to take a chance. Alternately, place him in a carrier and allow the other cat to inspect it. But those are dangerous.

Final Words

Certain cats exhibit this behavior toward pillows or toys, and in some awkward instances, the cat will huff at a person’s leg. This activity can be a sign that the cat needs more care and productive ways to channel his energy.

That is all you had to know about neutered cats and their sexual behavior.

Let us know in the comment section if your cat has exhibited any such behavior. What did you do to get rid of that?

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