If you have housed cats, then you might be used to the view of one of your male cats mounting the other. Neutered cats also showcase such a pattern.

Although it looks weird, it is a common thing among cats. As a cat mom of 3 kitties, I assure you that there is nothing wrong with it. However, if your tom behaves abnormally in heat, then you might want to consider consulting a vet.

You should provide your cat with stress relief if he is humping compulsively. Use interactive play and pheromone diffusers, if possible. Use humane deterrents, such as motion-activated sprinklers, to keep cats or other animals away from your home.

One more word of caution regarding cat humping, though: if your cat is routinely licking his penis, a trip to the vet is necessary since he might have a urinary tract infection or obstruction.

In this article, we’ll talk about why cats do so and how to make them stop.

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Will Male Cats Try To Mate With Other Males?

Do Male Cats Hump Other Males?

Do Male Cats Hump Other Males?

Yes, male cats sometimes hump other male cats.

Hormones are the main factor that causes cat humping, which is a natural occurrence. As part of the sex act, intact male cats will hump female cats.

The majority of experts consider male cats’ humping other male cats in the house to be a sign of dominance.

Another reason why your cat humps on another tom might be because he is experiencing stress due to changes in his living situation, such as moving into a new house, getting a new animal friend, meeting new people, or having cats and other animals wandering around outside his home.

Cat humping may also occur when cats seek more playtime or attention.

These are the things you can do if you ever face this situation:

  • Distracting your cat when you see the warning indications that he’s going to start humping is the best technique to cope with cat humping. You’ll see signs of body language including dilated pupils, purring, and vigorous kneading.
  • Watch your cat and the other cat if they are humping each other. Additionally, if the humper begins to approach the one being humped aggressively, clap your hands together and throw a toy at him to divert his attention.
  • Simply up your cat, say a polite but firm “no,” and place him on the floor if he is humming while you are holding him in your lap.
  • By playing with your cat, you might be able to completely stop the behavior since some cats hump when they’re bored or frustrated. Utilize a fishing pole toy, rile up your cat, and allow him to experience the joy of success by “killing” the toy. Another method of giving your cat attention without having him hump is to groom him.
  • You have the option to ignore the cat humping. There is no shame in your cat acting like a cat and playing rough with a specific toy.

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Why Is My Male Cat Trying To Mount My Other Male Cats?

Why Is My Male Cat Trying To Mount My Other Male Cats?

The majority of the time, male cats are thought to be polygamous, fertile, and always engaged in sexual activity. Yet, research shows that males do exhibit modest cyclic patterns.

The sexual activity cycle peaks in the spring and troughs in the late fall, when the female is also inherently unreceptive. It is difficult to maintain sufficient male vigor during this low stage in a breeding operation. Male cats mount other male cats at that time.

The concept of territory is crucial to male sexual activity. The tomcat spends a varying length of time exploring the breeding spot after arriving, and the majority of them won’t breed there.

Once a location has been decided upon, the tomcat frequently urinates on notable locations. He elevates his tail, extends his pelvic limbs, and backs up to items that are roughly nose level before spraying.

To spray higher, he may occasionally adopt a front-end-down, rear-end-up stance. When urine is forcedly expelled from the caudally pointed penis, the tomcat will typically wag its distinctive tail.

During mating season, territorial males grow more irritated and possessive of their territories.

This is partly because other males make contact with several groups of females while traveling long distances and recognizing fewer territories.

Intermale aggression may rise as a result of more male contact, especially when men from the same neighborhood cross paths.

The surroundings do not appear to be highly significant, and only the physical presence of another intact man appears to have any effect on the attack.

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Why Does My Male Cat Bite My Other Male Cat’s Neck?

The reason your male cat bites another male cat’s neck is to show him dominance.
When a cat is claiming territory, this behavior can happen both indoors and outdoors. The neck is a convenient place to grab and plays into their natural hunting tendencies.

This drive to dominate also manifests between two cats that are familiar with one another. It’s typically a result of play and dominance, as long as the cat being bit doesn’t appear to be in pain.


When two cats are quietly grooming one another and one of them suddenly begins biting the other cat on the neck, there are likely two distinct behaviors at play:

  • If the cat being groomed is biting, overstimulation may be at fault. It can occur while you are petting your cat and get unexpectedly bitten. If handled excessively or pampered for an extended period of time, cats can quickly become overstimulated.
  • The other behavior typically takes place when the cat grooming the other cat suddenly bites its neck. These may be inherited traits from the time that their moms groomed them by gently biting their writhing kittens to keep them calm.

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How Can You Stop A Male Cat From Mounting Another Male Cat?

How Can You Stop A Male Cat From Mounting Another Male Cat?

It’s possible that neutering a male cat won’t always prevent him from mounting another cat, grabbing her neck with his fangs, and humming to other cats. The behavior could be brought on by your cat’s social structure, health difficulties, or other factors.

Male cats that are fully sexually intact typically hump.

It often takes a few weeks, if not more, for mounting to stop even after castration surgery, since it takes time for the hormones to leave the body.

Some cats’ humping habits seem to be influenced by urinary tract infections.

You can do the following things to stop your cat from mounting:

Stress Reduction

Ensure that your cat receives the attention, mental challenge, and exercise he requires. Play with your cat every day, if not more. Take steps to reduce stress if you can identify a source of it.


If you spot your cat about to hump, clap your hands vigorously or drop a book to the ground. You might also give a humping male a plush animal in hopes that he will leave your other cat alone.

Give Rewards

Find strategies to praise your male cat for acting well. When he is calm and getting along well with your other cats, you can reward him with treats, toys, or additional attention.

Compared to traditional methods of punishment like yelling or squirting him with water, this is significantly more effective. Of course, you ought never to strike your cat.

Maximize Territory

Giving your cats greater room to expand their individual territories might also be helpful. Give each cat their own cat tree and window perch, because cats love to climb. Installing raised paths for your cats to explore can even be enjoyable.

Male cats do not go into heat; this is a trait only seen in female cats. On the other hand, male cats become sexually mature at around 5 months and, if unneutered, will react to both females in heat and occasionally to other males.

Males who are desexed also exhibit this characteristic.

For basic necessities, you may occasionally need to provide every cat with its own personal room. Water and food bowls should ideally be placed in separate areas to prevent competition for resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do male cats get into heat with other male cats?

Although humming is not exclusively a male behavior, males do seem to draw the most attention when they get into fights with other toms they come across. Males engage in Breeding behavior, which is primarily motivated by a desire to protect or expand territory.

Although some mountings are more about posture than anything else, these boys frequently do serious harm to one another. The easiest way to prevent your cat from physically interfacing with other cats is to keep them separate at home.

Final Words

The process of copulating between mating partners begins with mounting. False mounts, or those without introduction, do happen, albeit some males experience them more frequently than others.

That’s all about cats and their jumping behavior. Visually, it might look disturbing to some, but I assure you that among them it is completely normal.

Let us know in the comments section if your kittens have ever shown this behavior. Did you let it bother you? What did you do to stop it?


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