Yes, there have been cases where female cats in heat are attracted to male humans more than female humans.

The reason is the hormones of male humans and your cat’s strong sense of smell.

To avoid it you need to take care of your cat.

Let us read the article further to know more about female cats’ behavior and precautions to take while in heat.

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Why Are Female Cats Attracted To Human Males More?

A female cat is usually more affectionate to everyone around her. Though some cats are more affectionate to men as they might be able to smell the male pheromones more.

Why Are Female Cats Attracted To Human Males More?

Cats have a strong ability to smell. Their capacity to smell is strong they can easily detect chemical messengers and pheromones through the air.

The pheromones are in the body’s secretion. Pheromones are those chemical compounds that make it easier for animals of the same species to transmit signals.

All cats can smell the chemicals and hormones we humans release and they get attracted to the male hormones and chemicals released when they are in heat.

Your cat has a strong sense of smell with 200 million olfactory scent receptors. These allow your cat to smell a human scent fast.

Their sense of smell tells them the personality of the human being and their mood. They can easily judge the body language and smell pheromones.

When your female cat is in heat the body scent and chemicals released by the male human in the house are easily sensed by your cat.

The female cat in heat can sense when a man is sweating as the man would release a high amount of pheromones then.

When your female cat is around a teenage boy who has reached puberty, the cat will be more attracted to the male human.

The sense of these pheromones can naturally make your cat more attracted to males and more clingy and flirtier with them.

When a cat is in heat she may even choose a male human over her favorite female human. Though it is not something to really get worried about as this is a natural behavior in all cats.

These hormones of males do not affect your cat much unless she is in heat.

If your female cat flirting with men bothers you a lot and others in the house, you should consider getting your female cat spayed.

After spay, your female cat will not have the hormones to get into heat or feel sexually attracted.

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Is My Cat Sexually Attracted To Humans?

No, cats cannot be sexually attracted to humans, if you feel your cat is then you must have had a wrong interpretation of its actions.

Your cat may love you a lot so it jumps on you and cuddles with you.

Your cat might even sleep in the same bed as you and it might love you petting it and even you adore all of such actions of your cat.

Your cat might start following you everywhere you roam and it might mount on you when you are sitting. Your cat might mount on your everywhere and would get upset or harm you if you show your displeasure.

All of this does not indicate that your cat is sexually attracted to you though it shows that your cat might be stressed or has some other problem or it might want to go out to mate with the other cat of the opposite sex.

When your cat is in heat their testosterone levels increase and keeping your cat home at that time is really tough.

Your cat might start humping on you or soft toys around if it is not let outside.

The sexual drive of your cat can allow even a small amount of testosterone to allow it to mate if unneutered.

Your cat might be affectionate towards you and that might become a problem soon.

If your male cat has a female cat around it then your cat is likely to become sexually aggressive and will mount on objects and people around it.

Even a female cat is aggressive when it is in heat and shows a lot of affection to its owners. She will keep cuddling with them, following and rubbing around.

All of this is in the want to mate and not because it is sexually attracted to humans. Your cat is looking for a cat of the opposite sex to channel its sexual energy.

If your cat is neutered and still humping then it is out of habit and not out of attraction towards you.

You should divert your cat’s energy into playing, exercising, and running around than letting it mate. You should ward off the cats around the home if your cat feels threatened.

Help your cat have some good hiding spots so that it feels secure. 

You should make a note of how affectionate your female cat feels and how many times a week she feels so.

You could get your cat spayed to avoid further problems for you and your cat.

Crux being, your cat may act weird around you when they are in heat or they need to channel their sexual energy soon. 

You should handle it then get freaked out by it and help your cat out during this period.

Why Are Cats More Affectionate In Heat?

Your cat is more affectionate during heat and will keep rubbing against you and her walls, objects, etc.

Your cat runs with the hindquarters and will show some mating positions with her tail raised.

This is because cats in heat are usually more desperate for attention and love and need to go out to find opposite-sex cats to mate with.

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Signs That Your Cat Is In Heat

Signs That Your Cat Is In Heat

1. More Vocal

Your cat is usually more vocal in the heat than it usually is. It is called calling as your cat will make more noises.

The cries are desperate and could even continue throughout the night.

2. Your Cat Feels Restless

Whenever you observe that your cat is restless and more irritated. Her discomfort is a sign that she is in heat. If your cat is calling a lot at the same time then it is more obvious.

3. Your Cat Crawls

If your cat is in heat she will moan and crawl at once. This doesn’t show that your cat is in pain but rather in heat.

4. Your Cat Is More Affectionate

Your cat is just more affectionate than usual. She may cuddle more and rub against the furniture and you a lot. She will spread her changed scent all around.

5. Will Groom A Lot

Your cat’s genital area would get more swollen during the time of heat and so your cat will groom her genital area a bit more than always.

6. Cat Might Want To Go Out

Your cat would be in desperate need to go out. Your cat will want to go out and spread her scent. She will do this in the hope to find a male to mate with.

Especially if your cat is an indoor cat and wants to go out, it is a strong indication that she might be in heat.

7. Observe The Tail

When your cat moves her tail to one side and sits in a mating position then it is an indication of her being in heat.

You will have to give your cat more attention and do more work on her.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me When She Is In Heat?

Your cat might follow you when it is in heat as it is looking for more attention and love.

You are your cat’s caretaker and feeder.

You clean its litter and cuddle with it. Your cat feels secure and affectionate with you.

Hence your cat out of love and want of attention will surround you all the time she is in heat.

Things To Do When Cat Is In Heat

Things To Do When Cat Is In Heat

1. Physical Attention

Give your cat extra physical attention when they are in heat. Cats require strong cuddles from you during this period.

Keep petting your cat and hold it around in your arms. Keep grooming it with a rubbery or soft brush.

2. Distract By Playing

During your cat’s heat, your cat has more energy rather, than more sexual energy which has to be removed. Your cat would want to use the energy in mating but you could help your cat divert that energy to go out and play.

Regularly playing will help your cat use up her energy and keep her mind away from her desires for a while.

3. Consult Your Vet

Consult your vet and take the prescription of medicines you need to give your car to avoid pregnancy.

This can even stop your cat from getting her heat cycle. 

Though it can have long-term effects on your cat. Such as it can cause infections and diabetes in your cat.

Though you and your vet can take the best decision for your cat.

4. Room For Cat

You should make sure during heat your cat is placed in a cool dim-lit room for days until the phase of heat passes.

These autumnal conditions would reduce the effect of heat.

It would rather go out of its cycle in such conditions. You should provide your cat with affection and love and enough time in such periods.

5. Service Teaser Tom Cat

A male cat sterilized by a major vasectomy can be given to your cat as your cat can mate and not get pregnant.

Though this should be your last option in terms of controlling heat or pregnancy in your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Cat Under Pain When She Is In Heat?

No one yet has an accurate answer as to if your cat might be in pain. But precautions and extra attention are always necessary.

Does A Male Cat Mount On A Female Cat Not In Heat?

Yes, if the male cat is not neutered then it may mount on a cat not in the heat too but if it is neutered it might not.

How Long Will My Cat Be In Heat?

Your cat might stay in heat for about six days or more.

Final Words

Through this article we know that cats are not sexually attracted to humans it is just their actions to let us know they are desperate to mate.

There are several ways by which you can avoid your cat getting in heat. Though you should always consult your vet.

For more queries please ask in the comment section.

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