Are you too worried about being followed and watched by a stray cat everywhere you go around? Well, I think you have landed upon the correct place.

One crazy fact about stray cats is that they don’t just choose anyone to pursue, so you can consider yourself fortunate.

If you’ve been followed by a stray cat, they’re trying to inform you something. Stray cats usually follow a person if he wants to tell them something, or at least will try to make you aware of the fact that they are expressing their concern with you.

It is up to you whether you will pay attention to them or just ignore them.

What Does It Mean When A Stray Cat Follows You

Why A Stray Cat Follows You: 7 Super Cool Possible Reasons

Why A Stray Cat Follows You

1. Spot The Difference

Firstly, you have to make aware that this is a stray cat that watches you, not a wild cat.

People use the terms feral and stray synonymously, but there is a major distinction between the two.

A stray cat is a cat that used to have a family and a cozy home. They are more likely to meet people because they have already been socialized and dependent on humans to help eat and protect them.

They’re essentially homeless or unwanted cats.

Cats are discarded for a number of reasons; maybe their former owners no longer take care of them or they have been intentionally discarded for whatever reason.

They may also have strayed from their home and could not return anymore.

Whatever the cause, a stray is likely to get help from people when they’re trying to find food and shelter outdoors.

Feral cats, on the other hand, are cats that have already been born and raised in the wild. They have never grown up in a house, and as a result, they are always violent towards others.

They become very skilled at seeking food sources and shelter, and they don’t need any help from us. It’s probably less likely that a wild cat would track you around, but it’s crucial that you know the difference.

2. Feed Me!

This doesn’t come as a surprise to someone who keeps pets. If a cat is hungry, particularly a stray cat fed by its owners at some stage, it will pursue humans to find food.

Cats are smart creatures. They know that people are willing to provide food, so they come to us when they’re hungry. If the cat is shy, they’re going to keep their distance and calculate the danger, get closer to you over time.

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3. Home Sweet Home

Cats also know that we can offer them shelter and protection. Strays will recall what it was like to live indoors, and we all know it’s a lot safer than living outdoors.

This is one of the reasons that you are more likely to see a stray cat near your house in the winter months. When the temperature decreases, feral cats may make more effort to find colder and better shelters.

In addition to keeping up with the welfare of the cat, you will need to make a new pussy welcoming to your house.

If you already have other dogs, minimize the risk of combat by supplying the newcomer with their own furniture, sleeping areas, and feeding equipment. Over time, all the pets will learn to work together.

Cats are friendly, territorial adventurers, so it’s normal for them to turn up at a stranger’s doorstep, and maybe even request to go in there.

Until you decide to be a friend of a kitty that comes to your house, take the appropriate steps to avoid aggravating it and risk an attack, particularly if it is a feral or upset stray cat.

4. I Observe Everything!

Another purpose a cat would start watching you is that they’ve seen you do or keep something that attracts you because they’re trying to take a better look at you.

Cats are curious and stubborn creatures. Whether you make a noise that resembled food, or simply took some food, they’re going to check. Eye contact and non-threatening behavior are also critical to feral cats.

If you’ve shown that you’re not a threat, they’ll start to get closer to you. See how you can pet them without frightening or frightening them. This is the first step towards a relationship with the stray.

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5. Curious Kitty

Besides feeding and sleeping, cats love to discover their surroundings. A kitty could come over to your home if he sees anything odd like a toy in the compound.

The smells and sounds on the other side of the door may also trigger the imagination of the pussy.

Cats are in love with food. Ready-to-use food or water outside your home can attract feline pets. They’re just going to stick around if they find a warm, safe, and quiet place near your home.

6. Safety First!

A cat that asks you to let them in is probably lonely, starving, or in search of a safe haven. A well-groomed kitty with a collar is presumably looking to trace its owner.

Harsh weather, disease, lack of food, abandonment, and threats from predators may lead the pussy to your house.

7. Superstitious Or Not?

According to the metaphysical or the superstitious, whether it’s a black pussy, a cat turning up at your door may mean great fortune or misfortune.

This is only a myth, and you may or may not have opted to believe it.

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What To Do When Stray Cat Follows You?

What To Do When Stray Cat Follows You

Track The Owner

Look for evidence that the cats have of their guardians, they may be concerned about their lost cat at home.

If there’s a collar with a name tag and the figure you hit it big. You should contact their parents and figure out if a cat is lost!

If you don’t, take a close look at the state of the cat and pet them to feel the condition of their hair.

This is going to give you a clear understanding of how long they have been a wanderer and most importantly whether they need medical care.

If the cat appears to be coming from a caring home at some point, the least you can do is assume that they’re hanging around you.

Share their pictures in local communities online, and encourage your neighbors to do as much as you’re able to try to trace their owner.

Be A Careful Parent

The point that the cat started chasing you indicates that they’re looking out for help. When you’re hunting for their master, do all you can to take care of them.

If you can take them to your house and have the experience of caring for cats, fine. If you don’t, at least you can have some cover in your yard with comfortable blankets and some food and drink.

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Adopt Me!

Statistics on feral cats in the US are worrying. It’s reported that there are as many as 70 million stray and wild cats in the US, that’s just mind-blowing.

According to the National Pet Population Council (NCPPSP), fewer than 2% of feral cats often make their way back to their owners.

This ensures that the odds of you returning the stray you’ve rescued to their owners are slim.

Yeah, if you can’t find their parents, you’re going to have to determine what you’re going to do with the stray. You should get in touch with local shelters and ask for their help, there may be room for them to take the cat in – but that’s also impossible, frankly.

Most people end up “adopting” a stray cat that starts to stick around their house, even though they don’t totally allow it indoors. By merely supplying food and water every day, you’re going to do a great service to the cat.

Nobody wants to place the blame or pressure on you, so you’re definitely trying to save their lives. Honestly, it’s not your fault to go astray, and you don’t have to be obligated to do that simply because they began to pursue you.

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Vaccination Time

Your last choice could be to raise the kitty if you simply cannot identify the owner and if you have the time and money to do so.

If you haven’t had a cat tested for illness or medical conditions do something promptly. Your doctor will arrange a vaccine and deworming regimen and will prescribe the appropriate medication if the cat is injured or ill.

Tell your vet to sterilize your new pet. Sterilization will keep the kitty from going out and catching a disease in the process. It is also a responsible means of reducing the number of kittens born on the streets and left unattended.


What does it mean when a stray cat comes to you?

A cat coming to your door might mean a few things: Ready-to-use food or water outside your home can attract feline pets. They’re just going to stick around if they find a warm, safe, and quiet place near your home. Safety: A cat that asks you to let them in is probably lonely, starving, or in search of a safe haven.

What does it mean when a cat follows you?

Often cats tend to follow their owners in order to gain recognition. Cats can be very caring and affectionate with their people. … Some cats may follow us around, because they like our companionship, while others may follow us for particular reasons—or perhaps a mixture of the two.

What does it mean when a stray cat meows at you?

If the cat needs love, they’re going to approach you for it. Most cats have a habit of meowing when they are next to us but he stops when we look at them (and might even refuse to pet them). He really needs to be smiled at occasionally. It’s quite true that the cat only greets you.

Do stray cats remember you?

Studies suggest that cats have a lot of memories. They recall influential people years after they were with them, and they can remember aspects of their life before they were saved. A rescued cat may have some anxieties or phobias due to previous distress.

How long before a stray cat is legally yours?

When a cat is microchipped or has an ID of any kind, it legitimately belongs to its owners, and they can claim their cat at any time. However, if you’ve made any effort to find the owner without success, you might remain astray. Bear in mind, however, that you’re going to need to be able to supply it with all the support it needs to remain safe and happy.

Final Words

Cats, consciously think. We’re doing all sorts of handsprings to mansplain it out, but the truth is, cats know things.

They’re fast judges of character. They’re going to pick the person who’s good, and they’re going to help. They all know that things aren’t right with you, even though you don’t utter a word about it.

Stray cats are somewhat different from wild cats, who are naturally terrified of humans. In scenarios you’ve asked for, they’re going to follow you because they believe you’re not a threat to them, and they’re also starving for food.

Note, cats are opportunists by default, so they’re obviously thinking that if they come back, you’ll give them a meal in exchange.

Also, tragically, feral cats are typically sweet to humans because they used to be kept as pets. If a stray cat seems to be nice and seems to be in good shape, it may also be someone’s pet that got out and got confused.

If someone here wishes to share their own stray stories, please feel free to do so. You can either drop me a message below or email me via our contact page, and I will be happy enough to add your story to this page.

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  1. This cat follows me and meows at me and when I do something around my car she’s right there laying by my feet or close to me and when I go in my house she will go under my car and lay there or she’ll go up on the neighbors porch I would love to bring the cat in but when we feed her she won’t eat it all because she is so skinny and when I pet her she coughs and sneezes I can’t figure it out I just wish I had the money to take it in to the vet and I definitely don’t want the humainsusity to take it because they’ll put her to sleep

    1. hello craig,
      I would suggest you to start spending some time with her to create bond.
      Once she is comfortable, start with water followed by liquid diet.

      I wish she will recover soon.

      Best wishes

  2. We were taking our usual afternoon walk when a kitten started to follow us .
    We put him in a fenced residential house where he looked like he came from but within a few
    hours he came to our house which was about 5000 yards away !

    He is now resting peacefully .

  3. This baby grey cat meowed at our house for two days. We tried to open the gate and send it out, but wouldn’t leave. The third day it entered under my husband’s cat and he couldn’t get it out, it kept hide far than we could reach. So he drove heading to work, hoping it would come out when the car stopped at traffic jam, but didn’t. He drove with it 20km to the city, he packed the car to a yard where he usually pack, which is almost 10mins walk to his office. As he left his car a cat was still meowing under it, but he left hoping it will come out and leave to search for food by the time he returns to drive back home. He worked from 6am morning to 9pm at night. Shockingly, as he leaves the office building he finds a cat outside meowing at him….he was so shocked cause the cat never followed him as he walked to his office building; how did it know the direction he took??! He left it there. But We are still amused by this incident, that’s why I had to search for articles at cats’ behaviours and found this. Although, I still didn’t get the answers on the cat’s ability to hunt down a stranger (not its parent). If you could hell clarify this, please?!

    1. Hey Prisca,

      There is nothing to clarify… Consider yourself lucky as that grey little cuty pie has selected you as a guardian and want to stay with you.

      Usually cats imprint on a person who they like and feel safe around.

      I highly suggest you that you take that small little baby with you and adopt it, you will never regreat.

      Happy Cat Parenting

  4. A very large and rather beautiful stray cat has been living in our rural neighbourhood for 2 years. We have cats of our own . He has befriended them. We borrowed a cat trap from the Cats Protection League as we can not touch him. This makes him difficult to rehome. He was given a thorough health check and neutered. He is around 3 years old and in good condition. He lives in our shed in a comfortable bed with food and water. He now appears in the house regularly for short periods of time but won’t stay. He will eat there and socialises with our cats. He looks directly at me, follows me and meows at me and even responds to his given name. I smile and chat to him as does my husband. He now gets very close and even rubs against my legs on “food “ occasions .
    I would love to touch Iggy, just to stroke him gently and reassure him that he is welcome and loved but even after all this time he will not allow it and backs off if a hand approaches him. He does however “kiss “ our border collie !
    Should I give up ? I don’t wish to scare him.

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