1. This cat follows me and meows at me and when I do something around my car she’s right there laying by my feet or close to me and when I go in my house she will go under my car and lay there or she’ll go up on the neighbors porch I would love to bring the cat in but when we feed her she won’t eat it all because she is so skinny and when I pet her she coughs and sneezes I can’t figure it out I just wish I had the money to take it in to the vet and I definitely don’t want the humainsusity to take it because they’ll put her to sleep

    1. hello craig,
      I would suggest you to start spending some time with her to create bond.
      Once she is comfortable, start with water followed by liquid diet.

      I wish she will recover soon.

      Best wishes

  2. We were taking our usual afternoon walk when a kitten started to follow us .
    We put him in a fenced residential house where he looked like he came from but within a few
    hours he came to our house which was about 5000 yards away !

    He is now resting peacefully .

  3. This baby grey cat meowed at our house for two days. We tried to open the gate and send it out, but wouldn’t leave. The third day it entered under my husband’s cat and he couldn’t get it out, it kept hide far than we could reach. So he drove heading to work, hoping it would come out when the car stopped at traffic jam, but didn’t. He drove with it 20km to the city, he packed the car to a yard where he usually pack, which is almost 10mins walk to his office. As he left his car a cat was still meowing under it, but he left hoping it will come out and leave to search for food by the time he returns to drive back home. He worked from 6am morning to 9pm at night. Shockingly, as he leaves the office building he finds a cat outside meowing at him….he was so shocked cause the cat never followed him as he walked to his office building; how did it know the direction he took??! He left it there. But We are still amused by this incident, that’s why I had to search for articles at cats’ behaviours and found this. Although, I still didn’t get the answers on the cat’s ability to hunt down a stranger (not its parent). If you could hell clarify this, please?!

    1. Hey Prisca,

      There is nothing to clarify… Consider yourself lucky as that grey little cuty pie has selected you as a guardian and want to stay with you.

      Usually cats imprint on a person who they like and feel safe around.

      I highly suggest you that you take that small little baby with you and adopt it, you will never regreat.

      Happy Cat Parenting

  4. A very large and rather beautiful stray cat has been living in our rural neighbourhood for 2 years. We have cats of our own . He has befriended them. We borrowed a cat trap from the Cats Protection League as we can not touch him. This makes him difficult to rehome. He was given a thorough health check and neutered. He is around 3 years old and in good condition. He lives in our shed in a comfortable bed with food and water. He now appears in the house regularly for short periods of time but won’t stay. He will eat there and socialises with our cats. He looks directly at me, follows me and meows at me and even responds to his given name. I smile and chat to him as does my husband. He now gets very close and even rubs against my legs on “food “ occasions .
    I would love to touch Iggy, just to stroke him gently and reassure him that he is welcome and loved but even after all this time he will not allow it and backs off if a hand approaches him. He does however “kiss “ our border collie !
    Should I give up ? I don’t wish to scare him.

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