1. My friend has a 3 yr old indoor cat whose paw seem to bleed daily, a lot, non-stop, and I met her last Dec and it continues daily since then. I know little about cats but in 60 years of knowing people with cats and always having been around those cats I never heard of one ever having non-stop bleeding paws. She said it is called “puffy paws” and it is not that uncommon and that there is nothing any vet can do because the cat wont quit licking. There is literally blood on her baseboards at times but this seems so very unusual and definitely not ordinary and can be thought of as, Oh well! Vet said that is how it is. Is it a tic, a disease, is it fixable and is it curable and what is this called? Concerned about all of us here in Clairton PA and anxiously await your reply. Thamks

    1. I am sorry to hear your situation.
      But in this situation I would suggest you to consult some other vet for secondary opinion as condition looks serious.

      Hope your lovely buddy will get well soon.

  2. I live in the country with 3 cats and there is a cat meowing loudly around my house at night. A couple weeks ago it would sit around the house during the day but my cats would chase it away a lot. I’m not sure if it is seeking help or a female in heat. The meowing was pretty low and loud and first. I meowed back to it from my window(I couldn’t see it though) and then then meow turned into a higher more happy sounding meow like my tame cats do. We’ve fed the cat once before on the porch, is that why it’s crying?

    1. The possible reasons for this kind of behavior can be :

      ● Many illnesses can make a cat hungry, thirsty, or in discomfort, all of which might result in overeager meowing.
      ● Additionally, cats are able to develop renal or an overactive thyroid, both of which can cause them to vocalize excessively.
      ● Contrary to popular belief, cats dislike being left alone a lot and may meow loudly to get your attention.

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