Cats are often seen as cute, easy-going, aloof, and creatures of leisure. However, this is not always true. Some will keep meowing and make what could you think the reason behind it.

Cats meow at door for several reasons- to seek attention, to let us know that something is wrong, to communicate with us, or some like to hear their voice.

This article will let you know about all the reasons behind the meowing of a cat and what it wants.

Reasons Why Cat Keeps Meowing At Door! What Does It Want?

8 Reasons Why Indoor Cat Keeps Meowing At Door?

The reasons behind the meowing of an indoor cat at the door could be They are having a medical condition, wanting to be let outside, missing someone, wanting food, boredom, greeting people, in the quest to find a mate, or being curious.

8 Reasons Why Indoor Cat Keeps Meowing At Door?

Let us discuss all these reasons in detail: –

1. Medical Condition

The foremost thing that you need to do if your cat is meowing continuously at the door is to ensure that there aren’t any underlying medical conditions causing this.

Sometimes having to experience discomfort or pain, cats tend to meow continuously to let their owners know that something is not right with them.

In this case, a vet needs to examine the cat as soon as possible as they could be in severe discomfort.

2. Wanting To Be Let Outside

If you and your cat are on the same side of the door and they keep meowing at it, it might be an indication, that they are trying to let you know that they want to be allowed outside. Sometimes they might even scratch the door if the desire is too strong.

For instance, if they keep meowing at the back door, they might want to go out to play in the garden, or they might see something there that they want to investigate further.

On the contrary, if they are in the same room as you, they might be meowing at the door to tell you that they need to go outside as they want to use their litter tray or want to play with their favorite toy.

This is the reason why you should always let your cat access their daily essentials like water bowls, litter trays, and toys.

3. Missing Someone

If your cat is rehomed, they might be meowing at the door in an attempt to call their previous owners back. This is quite common as cats seem to develop a strong bond with their owners, and rehoming them could lead to excess meowing in hopes of getting their owners back.

However, this should not last for more than a week as your cat will slowly learn to adapt to its new surrounding.

Your cat could also be missing someone who is not currently in the house. For example, children who went to school or spouses who left for work. If this is the case, the meowing should stop once they return.

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4. Wanting Food

Your cat may be meowing at the door because it wants to be fed if you and your cat are on opposite sides of a closed door in your home.

They’re pleading with you to “feed me, please human!” via the door. Your cat is most likely after breakfast if they are meowing and waiting outside your bedroom door every morning.

You may also tell whether your cat is trying to express this by the fact that they will not attempt to enter when you open the door.

Instead, they’ll flee once more, heading for their food station. Cats will always want to communicate with you, so follow them and observe where they’re going, and you’ll probably get the answer.

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5. Boredom

Cats, like humans, become bored fast and require a lot of stimulating stimuli to stay happy and interested. It’s possible that your cat is bored if they keep meowing at the door.

They could want you to play with them or pay special attention to them, and they won’t stop meowing until you give them something to do.

Boredom is a very likely cause for anyone with an indoor cat meowing at the door. Cats are naturally independent creatures who enjoy wandering and exploring the outdoors.

On the other hand, indoor cats can be perfectly satisfied to spend their entire lives indoors, but they require more enrichment and a greater variety of toys and activities than outdoor cats.

6. To Greet People

Another reason why your cat is meowing at the door could be that it wants to greet someone. Cats are relatively independent creatures, and if they are specially meowing to welcome you, you should feel flattered.

When you come home from work, your cat may greet you, or if your cat meows at your bedroom door in the morning, they may be just waking you up to wish you a good morning.  

Some cats tend to their owners up by meowing right outside their room at the start of each morning, which could be cute and fun initially but becomes quite annoying quite fast.

However, your cat does not want to bother you. It just wants to be the first one to wish you a happy morning.

They’re looking forward to the day ahead and have been missing you all night. Plus, they’re undoubtedly looking forward to their breakfast!

7. Quest For A Mate

The majority of you must have already got your cat neutered, as it is only logical to do so. However, if some of you haven’t done so for whatever reason, your cat may be meowing the door because of this as they want to go outside to look for a mate as they are still reproductively intact.

Males will meow at you, pleading to be allowed outside so that they can approach these females. Male cats will be able to sniff intense sex pheromones released by cats in heat from miles away.

If there is a female in heat nearby, they are immediately drawn to this smell and can be rather persistent in getting outside.

On the other hand, female cats in heat will meow at the door to signal to nearby males that they are ready to breed and are looking for an active mate.

If your female cat is in heat, she will begin rubbing her body against you and other items in your home excessively, and she will become much more friendly.

8. Curiosity

Cats are curious creatures who enjoy exploring their surroundings. And there’s nothing like a locked door that you don’t know what’s behind to pique your interest.

Your cat may be meowing at the door they’ve never been allowed out of before because they’re inquisitive about what’s behind it.

This could be a room in your house that you’ve locked them out of or a curious indoor cat meowing at the door leading outside.

If they can hear and smell new people within a room they spend a lot of time in; they can be inquisitive. They’re curious about what’s going on.

All these reasons could be why your indoor cat is meowing at the door.

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Why Does Stray Cat Meow At My Door?

A stray cat can meow at your door for various reasons, including Hunger, pain, the weather outside, or it being pregnant.  

Why Does Stray Cat Meow At My Door?

Let us try and understand their reasons for meowing deeply: –

1. Hunger

A stray cat’s life is complicated and unpredictable. Hunger is one of the harsh realities that stray cats must deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Food is scarce for these tenacious little mammals, who typically live by rummaging through restaurant dumpsters or hunting mice and insects.

A stray cat weeping in front of your door may be communicating with you that she is starving and wants to enter your residence. In essence, weeping might have been a plea for assistance from the poor cat that she needs some food.

2. Pain

Staying outside exposes feral cats to various risky and unforeseen scenarios, ranging from being driven over by fast-moving vehicles to ongoing violent encounters with several other animals.

By meowing at your door, a stray cat could be expressing to you that it is in pain or discomfort and requires immediate medical attention.

In this scenario, if you’re feeling safe, approach the cat carefully and softly. Hold out your hand and softly call it. If feasible, provide a can of tuna or cat food, a bowl of water, and shelter.

But don’t push it. Once the cat becomes friendly, try to find the cause of its discomfort or approach the vet.

3. Bad Weather

Although basking in the lovely April sunlight could seem great as well as delightful within spring, stray cats must find the means to endure the harsh winter as well as other unforeseen weather in December and January, particularly in colder places.

Even when the cat acquires a dense winter coat, surviving the freezing evenings can be difficult and could prove to be fatal. 

A stray cat may be informing you that she might be cold and wants to share your comfort and warmth by meowing loudly in the front of your house.

Always try to help them if you can by sheltering them. If providing shelter is not possible, try to give spare blankets so that they could remain warm.

4. Pregnancy

Another important source of stress inside a homeless cat’s lifespan is the cycle of pregnancy and litters of adorable but defenseless kittens.

The majority of stray and feral cats are not sterilized or neutered, and stray female cats’ daily lives are often filled with the trials of pregnancy and delivering litter after litter of progeny.

If you notice a stray cat wailing outdoors, she could be reaching out to a kitten she can’t seem to find, possibly because he had been taken away or because of some horrific event that took place.

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Why Does My Cat Keep Meowing At The Bedroom Door?

Your cat could be meowing at the bedroom door, as she wants to be in the same room as you are, wanting to get your attention. Another reason could be that your cat is suffering from cognitive dysfunction.

If your cat is lively, curious, and enjoys playing, their meows may be waking you up in the middle of the night.

Cats will scratch at your bedroom door, paw at you, bump into you, flop down on the floor in front of you, and, of course, meow to seek your attention.

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How to Stop Cat From Meowing At Door?

If you want to stop your cat from meowing at the door, the best course of action is just to ignore them. This is understandably difficult, but if you pay attention to your cat while they are meowing for it, you will just be reinforcing the unpleasant habit.

Some other things that you can try are: Make sure your cat is comfy before you go to bed if you believe they could be lonely, or you can give them treats when they become silent.

How To Stop A Cat From Meowing At Door In Morning?

Things to do if you want to stop your cat from meowing at the door in the morning are: Don’t give in, Increase their playtime, or try to divert their attention.

How To Stop A Cat From Meowing At Door In Morning?

If your cat wakes you up in the morning, take him outside and only let him back in once he has stopped meowing. This will assist in reinforcing positive behavior and teach him to equate time with you with his quieting down!

The majority of the time, your cat’s early morning meowing is a call for attention and a way for him to release pent-up energy. Playing with toys can help to tire out your cat before bedtime.

You can play with your cat before bedtime or increase your cat’s playing time.

By doing this you are making your cat use up all its pent-up energy and the bond between you and your cat will also grow.

The thing to keep in mind here is to never give in to your cat’s demands and always play with her at your desired time, as by not doing so you will be encouraging your cat’s negative behavior.

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How to Stop A Cat From Meowing At Door In Night?

You can stop your cat from meowing at the door at night in several ways: ignoring their pleas, playing with them before bedtime, adding deterrents to entry, and putting them in another space.

The first thing you must do is ignore the meows of your cat. I know this could seem a bit harsh, but if you give in to their demands for attention, they will continue to do so.

On the contrary, you can give them treats when they are not meowing at your door constantly.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I scold my cat for meowing at the door?

Ans. No, scolding your cat for meowing at the door is never a good idea. Sure it can work for a short period of time, but your cat is meowing at the door for a reason, and by scolding them, you are not dealing with the issue, just putting it under the rug.

Should I let the stray cat in if it is meowing at my door?

Ans. You could let a stray cat in if it is meowing at your door. However, make sure that it is safe to do so as feral cats could be pretty aggressive.

Should I give my cat sedatives to stop her meowing?

Ans. No, giving sedatives to your cat to stop her meowing will not fix the issue; it will just delay it for some time. So, it is better to find the root of her meowing if you want to stop it.

Final Words

Having your cat meow at the door could be a rather annoying issue, but you try to keep your patience, as your little friend is just trying to communicate with you.

Try to find the root cause of their meowing and fix it accordingly.

Keep in mind that some cats are more vocal than others. If you have a chatty cat, learn to appreciate and love them for who they are.


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