After spending the whole day with your cat, you come into your bedroom and see that your cat is waiting for you outside the bedroom door?  

Instantly, you are thrown away into the well of questions that keeps occupying itself your mind?  To end your findings a little bit, let me tell you I have brought answers all here.

Your cat waits outside your bedroom door because your cat may want to spend some more time with you, is deprived of food or you have forgotten to clear the litter box.

Braise yourselves, it’s just the first step that we have taken, without any further a due, let’s dive in.

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside My Bedroom Door?

Why Does My Cat Guard My Bedroom Door?

Your cat guards your bedroom door because it is their way of protecting you from any harm. They do so to keep any prey from you at bay.

Once a cat develops a special bond with its humans, they try to keep you safe and comfortable from their end too.  It’s been disseminated that cats are the very least affectionate pets. But yes, they try to show their love in small gestures.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Outside My Bedroom Door?

Why Does My Cat Sleep Outside My Bedroom Door?

Your cat sleeps outside your bedroom room because of many reasons that I am listing below.

1. They Are Guarding You

Sleeping outside your bedroom floor is an indication that your cat is guarding you and the house while you are asleep.  A doorway is the only way by which any prey can reach you and harm you.

2. They Know Your Morning Routine

It’s their way of keeping you up with their morning routine.  Usually, cats remember their owner’s routine and try to make them remember that by sitting at the door of your bedroom or meowing.

3. They Have Their Triggers

Sitting by the doorway of your bedroom also is an indication of the fear that’s instilled in them. There is a high possibility that your cat has had a traumatic past because of which it’s hard for them to trust you.

Cats usually carry out this behavior to make sure you are not going to abandon them or harm them in any way possible.

Why Does My Cat Love My Bedroom?

Your cat seems to love your bedroom because it is where your belongings and scent lie.

Cats are way particular about their sanctuary and its people. Once your cat fully accepts you and loves you then it’s common for them to want to be around you, and around where you sleep.

A bedroom is a place where you are the most vulnerable and even at that time, your cat loves you, it’s their way of telling you that they adore you no matter what happens.

Another reason why they are likely to love your bedroom is that you have some fancy rug on your bedroom floor. Cats are obsessed with anything fancy and they love to lie on cold floors.

If you are gushing over your cat-loving bedroom so much, then mate it’s time to see around.

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Why Does My Cat Sit Outside My Bedroom Door?

Your cat sits outside your bedroom floor because it keeps them closer to you giving them more reasons to get your attention or it’s the clear spot where everything in the house is visible to them.

Cats are very smart animals. They know how to get your attention and use their brains or a cause.

Maybe, you have given them a room or a spot from where activities of the house aren’t visible oh buddies, cats hate that. Cats are very complex and need to know everything that goes on around them.

Your cat finds your bedroom door the only way through which they can disconnect this communication gap. Yes yes, that’s true.

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How Can I Stop My Cat From Sitting At My Bedroom Door?

Sometimes, it is very likely that you will be annoyed by your cat sitting outside your bedroom floor and you would wonder how can I stop that?

How Can I Stop My Cat From Sitting At My Bedroom Door?

Don’t you worry, I have brought some pointers that might help you.

1. Keep Moving Them

Whenever your cat comes and sits at your bedroom door, try to move them without paying any attention to the behavior, and gently move them back to their room. Try to keep your bedroom door closed for a few days.  It will somehow keep them off this habit.

2. Make Their Room Look Desirable

Lure your cat by putting their favorite candies in their rooms and see if it works or not. Keep their toys and everything they might need in their rooms. Ensure they have access to every resource.

3. Use A Scent They Don’t Like

Try to keep a scent in your bedroom that your cat doesn’t like. Cats are all about scents. Once they feel detached from the scent that they find around your bedroom door, they are less likely to hang around.

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Why Does My Cat Sit Outside My Bedroom Door And Stare At Me?

Being hungry and wanting attention are two reasons why your cat sits outside your bedroom and stare at you.

Why Does My Cat Sit Outside My Bedroom Door And Stare At Me?

Below listed points can also be a valid reason why your cat does this, look out for them

1. They Want To Spend Some More Time With You

Your cat wants to spend some more time with you, cats tend to stare at you whenever they want to ask for something and are desperate.

2. They Are Adoring You

Cats are less affectionate but once they want to tell you about all the love that they carry, they may stare at you without blinking their eyes.

3. They Have An Underlying Issue

Last but not the least, this point suggests that your cat might have an issue that she is vocalizing through her eyes. You need to make sure that your cat is okay and isn’t in pain.

If this behavior continues for more than 1 hour, you need to take strict action and take your cat to the vet. Cats are very intuitive and they may be telling you of any forthcoming mishappening.

Why Does My Cat Sit Outside My Bedroom Room A Meow?

Your cat sits and meows outside your bedroom door because she wants to be with you, or wants to be fed, etc.

Cat’s meow for many reasons, you have to find your, parents. So come on find yours.

1. They Are Calling For A Mate

If your cat is not spayed or neutered, then your cat may be asking for a mate. The male cats will try to convince you to let them out, and female cats will try to communicate through constant meowing by sitting at your door.

If your cats are reproductively intact, there are high chances that you are facing this.

2. They Are Suffering From Cognitive Dysfunction

If your cat is above the age of 11, then it’s common that it might have cognitive dysfunction.

Cognitive dysfunction means that your cat is unable to recall any memory, remember anything, learn new skills and understand the world around them. This situation makes them uneasy and meows in pain calling out for you.

How Do I Stop My Kitten From Crying At My Bedroom Door?

If your cat is crying at your bedroom door, try to be with her for some time, make sure your cat is not hungry. Check if your cat has gone out of any resource that it cannot go without.

 After keeping a check on these things, see if the crying persists, if it simply does then keep your cat’s vet on loop and ask why it is happening.

Crying is a sign of pain. Maybe your cat is going through some pain that needs urgent consultation, reassure your cat all this time and try to detect what’s the problem.

It can also be a sign that your cat wants to go out.  if you have cats that are not spayed, then there are high chances that they want to mate.

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Should I Leave My Bedroom Door Open For My Cat?

Yes, you can but I will suggest not.  Yes, don’t keep your space out of her territorial boundaries.

 If your cat feels unwelcomed in your bedroom then it will disassociate from you and won’t try to make any efforts to mend the relationship. In the initial stages of forming a bond, you shouldn’t be done.

Once your cat knows you are not trying to get away from her and that you are safe to trust. You can lock or close the door.

But remember, once you have formed a bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep my space from my cat?

Try to tenderly move your cat away whenever it tries to invade your personal space.  Make sure you don’t force your cat but just keep moving and putting your cat back in its place. Eventually, they will fall out of the habit

Why does my cat want to be with me all the time?

Your cat wants to be with you because they get less time to spend with you because of your busy schedule. Try to devote 15-20 minutes solely to your cat before you get home. Cats need to feel reassured.

Final Words

You can always train your cat to not sleep at your bedroom door.  Make them understand that it isn’t a place for them to be.  Use gentle techniques to keep them from involving this habit in their daily lives.

Try to make their spots desirable. Understand what’s making them do so.

At last, try to be accepting towards them. Make them fathom what’s acceptable and not.  Spend time with your cats to know their behavioral changes by roots and slowly and steadily additional changes into their lives.


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    One thing I did want to point out is that the article did mention that cats are “not affectionate” or “less affectionate” which I find only half true.

    My eldest cat is quite affectionate to the point where if I am crying or very upset she will come & comfort me till I am better. I have never had a cat do that before in my past. And she is always giving me affection throughout the day regardless if I have just fed her or played with her.

    My other cat does not do this. She is what I would like to call a “basic cat” or the stereotypical cat. She usually comes to me for food, some pets, & play. She is definitely not as affectionate as the other cat.

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