1. Hello there!

    I read through your article and found very useful material for my situation.

    Thank you for writing this article sharing knowledge to the world!

    One thing I did want to point out is that the article did mention that cats are “not affectionate” or “less affectionate” which I find only half true.

    My eldest cat is quite affectionate to the point where if I am crying or very upset she will come & comfort me till I am better. I have never had a cat do that before in my past. And she is always giving me affection throughout the day regardless if I have just fed her or played with her.

    My other cat does not do this. She is what I would like to call a “basic cat” or the stereotypical cat. She usually comes to me for food, some pets, & play. She is definitely not as affectionate as the other cat.

    Thank you again for this information. I appreciate you sharing this article with the world!

    Take care!

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