1. Couldn’t it be because they are in heat? Recently a new kitteh has turned up in my neighbourhood who I call White Socks (he has white paws) but he is a furry terror as literally sits outside at say 10pm or sometimes 5am and yowls alongside another cat he’s somehow roped into the yowling. I have a house cat who then becomes obsessed with their behaviour and first thing in the morning (well 5am when I’m woken up) she is more concerned with the yowling than her breakfast although she does’ eat eventually so it’s not a medical concern thankfully. I’m hoping it’s just mating season and they are possibly males but reading online that season seems to last an awful long time. It doesn’t bother me that much as I tend to wake early anyway but it’s weird how this new kitteh is like a ringleader for furry noise mayhem. I’m sure he or she is well and not suffering just likes to howl at the moon each night. And early morning…

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