Have you ever been dreaming peacefully when, all of a sudden, your sleep is chokingly disrupted by the screaming sound of your howling cat?

The howl is sharp, shrill, and noisy – and even, strangely enough, it sounds like a baby crying; it may even scare you the first time you hear it.

Then why are cats moaning like babies?

Cats scream like babies to express necessities such as food, water, or love. Female cats scream while they’re in heat. Cats may alter the tone of their voices from short meows to long howls to show a particular response.

Why Do Cats Cry Like a Baby At Night

Why A Cat Cries Like A Baby At Night: Top Reasons

Why Do Cats Cry Like a Baby At Night 10 reasons

1. Overdramatic Kitty

Cats are clever, and they know the strength of contact. So, even if the noise is always alarming enough to wake you up and get you out of bed, don’t think about it.

Hey, we all remember how melodramatic cats are!

And if you’ve ever heard your cat meowing in the middle of the night, and you thought it was a kid, you’re not alone.

Many cats will modify their voices to sound like a child’s scream.

Is this deliberate deception that the cats have learned that the distraught child’s sound is more likely to draw human attention?

Or is it all a coincidence?

2. Feeding Time!

As I said before, sometimes when a cat cries, it’s all focused on something she needs – but she doesn’t need it. She may be hungry. It’s a simple one: if your cat is hungry, it’s no trouble to let you know.

But watch out: if he wants some food, resist the urge to get up to feed him whenever he howls at night. Then he will discover that crying at night leads to sugar, and you immediately have a bad habit on your side!

Instead, feed your baby in the evening so that his tummy doesn’t appear to growl at midnight’s stroke.

3. Saw Something Interesting

Another explanation may be that she is seeing another cat. If she spends her late-night hours patrolling the windows and sees another feline wandering the area, it’s time to howl.

Cats are inherently aggressive animals, but once they see a fellow feline on their turf, they get agitated.

In this situation, a yowl might mean she wants to get out of here (she may need to have some words with the intruder).

Or, if she’s an indoor cat, it may be a symptom of fear and helplessness, of not being able to do something. (If she’s the only cat, she may even like to say hello to a new friend.)

4. Health Issues?

Alternatively, though sadly, yowling can be a sign of sickness or injury; if it occurs often and you can’t find out why – you may want to contact the vet.

Illness (such as thyroid or kidney disease) can cause cats to cry. With so many explanations for cat weeping, it’s critical for pet parents to be mindful of their feline social, physical, and emotional states.

A pet that’s sick or hurt can’t just tell, but a cat that’s crying can be a major cause of concern.

5. Night Time = Fun Time

Cats usually reserve their cries of desperation for the end of the night (much to the dismay of our sleep cycle). But it’s not that they don’t want you to sleep in your beauty (they’re not that vengeful!).

Felines are night animals, which means they’re the most active at night. It just means that they’re more likely to be bored at night; they’re able to stay, and you’re conked out.

6. Feeling Isolated

Isolation is a perfect excuse for howling. Mostly if your pet is brand new to your home and more used to being in, say, a litter of fellow kittens or a shelter crowded with other animals.

If you suspect this is the case, make it a nice location in your apartment.

Sure, you’re not going to be the active companion he might seek, but in many cases, your presence is enough.

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7. Maybe it’s Mating Time?

Male cats reach puberty somewhere between four months and a year; as that happens, their body warns them that it’s time to start repopulating – so he starts looking for a good woman.

Yeah, it’s less intimate than a candlelight party, but yowling is how cats warn each other that they’re on the market.

And be aware: if your baby boy continues to do this, keep a close watch on him. Hold him indoors at all hours – otherwise, he’s going to reach fatherhood before you know it.

Yeah, by the way, female cats do that, too! When they’re in heat, they’re going to try to warn any possible male nominee that she’s looking for love.

As a result, the same rules apply to females: keep your little lady in heat within 24 hours a day. And you want a house full of baby kittens on your plate (and are ready to take responsibility for seeking decent homes for them!).

8. Might Be a Bad Sign

Is cat crying a bad sign

Usually, a cat’s crying is natural and just a symptom of boredom. Yet it can be a precursor of the worse at times.

Recently adopted cats, for example, may feel overwhelmed or disoriented in their new home. Older cats, in fact, have a more difficult time transitioning to a new environment.

Yes, you have a safer place to live with your new adoptive citizen than, say, the streets or a shelter.

But, as relaxed as it is, all of a sudden he may get confused as to why everything is different.

Keep being a caring and careful parent of a cat; he will finally get used to his new world!

In comparison, while your kitty may not be in a new house, he may begin to feel like it.

Some cats can develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome, especially older ones. The feline variant of Alzheimer’s is this disease; cats dealing with it get lost, disoriented, and nervous quickly.

While there is no solution, it helps to maintain a stable routine and a safe environment; medicine, such as anti-anxiety medications, can even be administered by a vet.

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9. Super Singer Junior

Cats have several different styles of vocalization and motives to use their voices. Although most of them are innocuous, others may suggest an underlying issue.

Although they conform to their owner’s timetable, cats are naturally crepuscular – most active at dawn and dusk. But whether you either fell asleep or try to get in a few more minutes of rest, your cat is at its most busy time of day.

This may be the source of the “night-time zooms” or the noisy vocal sounds. They’re all up and ready to go.

Night-time vocalization may also be a symptom of boredom. Like dogs, cats require stimulation.

Learning and playing are just as vital for cats if it’s an active feeding mechanism that can help them burn their extra fat, give them exercise, and give their minds something to concentrate on.

10. Old Age Cat

When a cat grows older, it will undergo changes in its senses. It can tend to miss items and become overwhelmed in some environments. These emotions can understandably annoy a cat, and they can actually cry out of confusion.

Despite what you might learn, there are things you can do and some sort of treatment that can be offered. Have a talk about this with your vet.

It may be necessary to relieve symptoms, but the effects may be a bit erratic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes cats to cry like babies?

The causes change as they develop from kittens to cats. Kittens grind to their mothers when they’re starving, cold or afraid. But as cats grow older, they use other vocalizations—such as yowling, hissing, and groaning—to interact with each other. Meowing is reserved to connect with others.

What do cats crying at night mean?

Pet crying at night may be simply because they’re lonely – or because they haven’t been exhausted during the day. Healthy play before bedtime will help ensure that they get sleepy at night, as well as help to keep their minds active and satisfied throughout the day.

Is cat crying a bad sign?

In various cultures, the cries of cats at night are generally associated with poor luck. It’s also claimed that this phenomenon is a sign of misfortune going your way, once you hear it. The most extreme interpretation is that a cat moaning at night means that someone will eventually die.

Why do male cats sound like babies?

The cats you hear are most definitely females in heat. The noises after that could be male cats battling for the female, or maybe the female scrabbling with the male, possibly refusing it, or after mating.

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

In end, when your cat meows at night, you have to forget it absolutely and completely in order not to promote actions. Keeping the cat occupied at night can keep you from getting hungry or finding inventive ways to get your attention.

Why do cats go crazy at night?

An explanation for your cat’s mad actions may be because certain cats are nocturnal and become more aggressive at night. If a cat doesn’t get enough exercise during the day, it can be particularly nuts. When the cat comes home in the evening, the cat may be very busy and want to play.

Final Words

The cat’s cries in the night generally don’t last long, and usually, the cause can be quickly found, rectified, and calm can reign again.

You’re going to get your much-deserved sleep again in no time! Look for signs of something more sinister and, if in doubt, check the vet for your cat.

There’s nothing to talk about here! Just figure out what your cat wants – if that’s the cause, break up the fight!

One last thing, maybe a cat cries at night because it is bored. Make sure you’re playing around with it throughout the day, and hopefully it’ll slip into your overnight routine and sleep peacefully while you do it.

Do mention your stories in the comments section below if you have too heard your kitty meowing and crying at the night continuously!

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