Your female cat has been through a lot of internal changes as it is spayed and so might yowl out of pain or discomfort.

Your cat may or may not feel fine for a few days and so you should be in contact with your vet.

You should be aware of the causes of these different symptoms and changes in behavior that would affect your cat during this period of post-surgery.

To know more about post-surgery symptoms and behavior, let’s read the article further.                                                                                      

Why is my spayed female cat yowling

Why Does My Cat Meow A Lot After Being Spayed?

After being spayed your cat your cat meows a lot because after being spayed your cat would not have hormonal fluctuations, causing discomfort to your cat.

Your cat shall feel more reserved after the surgery. Being spayed, your cat does not have heat cycles anymore.

Your cat may show symptoms like hyper-aggression and continuous meowing or yowling. They show signs of complete withdrawal.

These symptoms will last for a few days or few weeks after your cat’s surgery, even if you don’t expect it.  

Such extreme behavior shows that your cat is going through a lot of pain post-surgery which may cause it to meow a lot.

Hence your cat might be calmer at it feels week but would meow a lot.

Why Is My Cat Meowing Like In Heat?

Why Is My Cat Meowing Like In Heat?

This may happen due to these main reasons.

Your cat must be facing ovarian remnant syndrome. It is a condition that occurs when ovarian tissue is left inside your cat’s body and is not easily visible.

This tissue produces the hormone progesterone which triggers the heat in your cat.

The production of the hormone is induced by the ovaries and even if a small part of ovarian tissue is left after surgery then it may cause heat in your cat.

Your cat might be yowling and meowing like in heat out of boredom or if it is stressed by something. Extreme behavioral issues like vocalization and restlessness could cause behavioral issues.

Hence your cat could be meowing loudly like in heat.

Why Does My Spayed Cat Cry At Night?

Your cat crying at night could or could not be a cause of alarm for you. Though it is always better to check on your cat.

Some reasons for which your spayed cat could be crying are:

Why Does My Spayed Cat Cry At Night?

1. Pain

Your cat could be in pain after being spayed and might be waking you up. It is better to go as your vet might have suggested to you.

2. Attention

Your cat might be crying at night to catch your attention. It might feel hungry or ill. It might want to be petted by you.

3. Stress

Your cat might be feeling stressed out at night and so might be crying.

Your cat might have gotten spayed but it sure has a strong intuition and can sense changes around it. It can tell if there tension or something different around him.

4. Health Issues

Your cat might be facing health issues if it is consistently crying every night. If your cat is behaving in a loud way then he might be in a lot of pain and suffering.

5. Senior Felines

If your cat is aged and is crying a lot during the night then it might be really scared of something. Usually, aged cats have hearing problems, poor vision, hurting body, etc. and so the only way they can explain their discomfort is by crying.

Is Your Cat In Pain After Being Spayed?

Yes, your cat could be in pain after being spayed.

For a few hours, your cat may not be in pain because they are fully anesthetized. While they would feel discomfort.

If your cat is given full pain management medication properly, your cat may not feel the pain at all.

Though if your cat is feeling postoperative pain then it will tend to sit back in its cage.

How Long Will It Take Your Spayed Cat To Calm Down?

Your cat should take about twenty-four to thirty-six hours to recover from the operation.

Your cat may feel groggy and disoriented while it comes out of anesthesia. Your cat might show aggression and feel vulnerable when in pain. So after your cat is spayed try keeping it in a quiet and warm location to recover.  

Your cat would not calm down immediately, it may take a few days until it is back to its normal self.

Though first one or two days your cat may be calm and tender with a loss of appetite.

Situations In Which The Vet Should Be Contacted After Spaying

Situations In Which The Vet Should Be Contacted After Spaying
  • Owners should keep an eye on the incision and see if there is any redness, swelling, or any seeping of fluids. If any of these symptoms are seen then you should immediately call your vet as could be an infection. 
  • If your cat does not have an appetite even after two days of getting spayed then you should call your vet for a checkup.
  • Excessive licking by your cat at her incision then an infection could develop there and so you should have a cone of shame. 
  • If your cat is groggy and lethargic even after a few days then make sure to call your vet and confirm if it is normal. 
  • Cats become energetic and normal in a few days but if not then maybe it is a cause of concern.
  • If your cat wants to jump after a few days then you should ask your vet if that is ok.
  • Ask your vet if you can bathe your cat or should you still let it swim until your cat’s stitches and staples are removed.  

How Can I Calm My Cat Down After Being Spayed?

  • Your cat may still not be calm after being spayed as it can take up to one month after the surgery for your cat to feel better and exhibit normal behavior.
  • Your cat may like having its own space away from other people and animals. It may want to be like that until weeks.
  • You have to make sure to give your medication on time for relieving the pain and keeping it calm.
  • You have to make sure that your cat does no excessive jumping, running, or playing. As for kittens, they will be tough to manage as they would not understand the rules set by the vets and once they are back home they would want to play.
  • You should try keeping your cat in a cat-proof room for a few days so that it is not harassed during its recovery time. Hence make sure to select rooms with low-lying furniture.
  • You need to make sure to love your little cat as it needs to know its life will be back to normal and that it is still adored. 

Hence make sure your cat gets extra attention these few days.

For How Long Will Your Cat Feel Sleepy After Being Spayed?

Your cat will be tired and feel sleepy for at least twenty-four hours.

As soon as you come home it will sleep on the nearest sofa or bed for at least a few hours. The anesthesia will keep your cat very drowsy. It feel a lot of physical exhaustion after the surgery and will sleep for most of the time.

If your cat sleeps more than required or is not ready to wake up then you should contact your vet.

You should let your cat sleep in a warm place and let it sleep as much as your cat requires during its recovery period.

Your cat may feel week which is normal during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should the female cat be spayed?

A female cat should be spayed before it gets its first heat as stated in medical pieces of evidence. This is because it is healthier before it first heat as after it could risk mammary cancer and uterus infection.

Will spaying my cat makes it less affectionate towards me?

Your cat may or may not be affectionate towards you. In most cases, they become less affectionate. 

Will my cat weird after it is spayed?

Not exactly weird but your cat may feel irritable and restless after getting spayed. Though gradually your cat’s behaviour will get more consistent.

How long will it take the to hormones leave the body after getting spayed?

It can take up to six weeks before the hormones leave the body but your cat’s behavior could still be influenced by residual hormones.


Hence your cat will yowl after being spayed as it may feel the pain or feel restless.

If you see extreme changes in behavior and that too for a long period then it could be a cause of concern and you should talk to your vet soon.

Your cat may want extra affection and love from you and you should not deny it.

Don’t worry. Your cat will feel alright soon.

For more queries, you could surely ask us.

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