1. I am so proud to say that I have 4 kittys. One is a black rogue called Sooty. He is just that. A rogue. Gives my mother cat Tiddles hell when it suits him and sometimes her kittens Truffles and Trudy. They are 12 and 11 years old. Sooty is 8 years old. I have had them that long but nothing has changed. Surprise mayhem especially from Sooty towards mother Tiddles. All he wants is to be loved but that is a real stretch. 😻😉😼🐈.

  2. I love your articles !! I was given a black stray cat! Tomorrow he goes to the vet I am excited and hope he passes the test. His temperament is that of a therapy cat and seems only to meow when he wants outside but I am afraid he will run away and get lost so until his vet checkup I keep him inside. I haven’t named him yet. Time will tell. He is under a year I believe!!

  3. I lost my white and tabby girl last year at 16.5 years old. Since then, this little panther, who is very muscular has been visiting my home on a regular basis throughout the year. He’s a lovely black cat and I thought that he was bringing us some good luck. It is suffice to say since he has been coming to our home, we have had some good luck – not jackpot win luck, but just no real bad luck. Thank you kitty.

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