All your life, you will come across many black cats and that occurrence will make you contemplate between so many superstitions that your mind would not be able to articulate all the answers.

So what to do in this situation, what should be the measures we take?

Don’t you worry, I have brought some topics that nobody covered, that you always look forward to but oh dear, nothing you came across.

Today, I am going to create a world where it’s about black cats, I am going to let you take a dip and realize some myths and realities.

Black cat symbolizes wealth, fortune and used to be considered with high self-esteem.  Black cats are very worthy and sensitive to the surroundings and very contributed to the environment they are put in.

So let’s get going and burst some bubbles too.

what does a black cat symbolize

What Does A Black Cat Mean Spiritually?

There are many spiritual perceptions that go around the whole world and black cats are the favorite topic of people to discuss around.

Spiritually, there are two sides a black cat is simply associated with, the negative and the positive.

Talking about the positive one, a black cat spiritually means impending prosperity, fortune, and luck.

While when it comes to the negative one, the black cat is considered to be a sign of poverty, evil, and a stroke of bad luck.

The entitlement to choose depends on us as every organism that exists in this world needs each other in order to survive. Being a part of the hierarchy we are bound to depend on each other.

How can we particularly exclude just a cat on the basis of the color it belongs to? I want you to think and answer me down below.

What Does A Black Cat Symbolize In The Bible?

To put it out there more clearly, I want to mention the accurate verse that bible mentions.

what does a black cat symbolize in the bible

“After I saw the black cat, I said I am blessed!”

These are the words that are mentioned in the bible. 

I have personally been around people who just took black cats as worth nothing and only the things that generate evil and also sends it out to everyone who seems to come around them at any point of their life.

This is an absolutely baseless point that has come forward in the past years which needs to have perished.

As the verse I mentioned above, the bible truly believes that black cats are nothing but something that gives out positivity which now is high time we start actually integrating with our individual lives.

The whole crux of this conversation that we are having here is to realize that humanity needs to be reintroduced among ourselves so that we can have a new outlook towards all the living beings around us.

What Does A Black Cat Symbolize In Egypt?

what does a black cat symbolize in egypt

Black cats in Egypt were held in the highest esteem as they resembled very much of Bastet, the cat-headed goddess of the home, protection from disease and fertility.

Egyptian community considered animals to be sacred.  Black Cats were considered precious as they signified so much of Bastet to them.

Black cats were taken as great companions and ancient people used to rely on them to a very great extent.  People used to worship black cats and cats mummies are found in large numbers even now.

While black cats were accepted in the Egyptian community, they were animal friendly too because of which they even respected bulls, cows, lions, and baboons, etc.

For them, every animal depicted something which they tried to understand and articulate in every way possible.

What Are The Myths About Black Cats?

There are several myths that go around black cats that nobody tried to clear out but today here, I will bring out some common inseminations that you should come across and burst it all today for once and for all.

what are the myths about black cats

Join hands, buddies.

1. Black Cats Are Evil

Black cats are considered evil in some parts of the country still believing that it can bring bad luck. This is untrue as black cats have also been taken as fortune bearers in some parts of the world.

This is because of the social construct we have around us that we tend to accept everything that comes our way, break the cycle of pre-conceived notions and you will be able to see how black cats are not evil at all and just like any other cat.

2. Unhealthy To Adopt

Black cats are also unhealthy to adopt as many people actually believe In such wrong distributed information.

To burst this for you, black cats are the original cats. The other cats are GMO to add different colors to them. I am opposing any reason which makes you accept that I am against any other cats. No, the truth is no other cat has been subjected to such atrocities as black cats because of their color which I feel is abhorring to another level.

Black cats are also the only cats that can balance positive energy around the house guardian angels for many.

I know you didn’t know it all, but hey, now you do!

What Is Written In Celtic Mythology About Black Cats?

In Celtic mythology, black cats bring prosperity to households.

If you have come across such mythology, then you are familiar with Cat Sith. Some Celtic people look at black cats as good luck charms while others see them as soul stealers.

It has come to my senses after reading it all that some people also believed that whenever a black cat comes closer to a dead person or corpse, they steal the soul of the person before god claims it.

Now you are all intrigued to read more, I know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why there are more black cats?

If your more means than the other cats, then the possible answer is that the black gene is more dominant for feline according to ASPCA.

 Should I fear a black cat?

No, absolutely not, a black is lovable and affectionate as any other cat, you need to have a welcoming nature towards them and they will follow.

Why black cats are aggressive?

There have been no revelations about a black cat being extra aggressive. While it is notable that any cat takes time to acclimate to a particular environment, maybe your black cat is in that phase. You need to notice and analyze the behavioral aspects and inform the vet of the same.

Final Words

Any superstition that takes away the right of any living organism being treated well, then it’s a major sign you need to stop and amend those perceptions you have been accumulating all this while.

It’s been evident that many people have violated animal rights just because of the superstitions they believed in which is worth being appalled.

Any belief that we have should never disrupt any being’s entitlement to be accepted and if it does then it’s time to self-introspect buddies.

 at last, I would like to keep all of you alone with all these thoughts by telling you that the mention of the bible in the article is only used to shatter superstition and only used in that particular context, to read it more thoroughly, your studying It as a whole is advisable.

 What’s your take on superstition and black cats? Are we ready to dump these ancient constructs we have around us? Tell me the comments section, my beautiful people.


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