Cat behavior will always be a mystery to humans, but their numerous paradoxes will keep people on their toes. When you’re spending a relaxing day caressing your cat, you might be perplexed when your cat begins grooming itself after you stop touching it.

Cats lick and groom themselves after you groom them, even if it appears that you were grooming them because they are super concerned about their self-grooming.

You’ve certainly seen your cat grooming before, but why do they groom themselves after you’ve just petted them? As is typical of cats, there are a plethora of possibilities.

Why Do Cats Lick Themselves After You Pet Them

Why Does My Cat Clean Himself When I Pet Him?

Cats clean themselves when you pet them because they do not like the pet that you offered.

Why Does My Cat Clean Himself When I Pet Him?

The most straightforward explanation for your cat grooming after you pet them is that they just want to. Cats spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning themselves. Grooming can take up to 50% of a cat’s time.

Cats are intended to groom themselves, whether it’s by licking their front paws, their backs, or the rest of their bodies. Thousands of tiny spines called papillae cover their tongues.

These teeny-tiny spines are made to comb through their thin hair. Grooming also aids in the removal of parasites and other foreign objects from cats’ fur, as well as the distribution of their natural oils throughout their coat and skin to maintain their coat healthy.

So, while your petting session may be quite relaxing, it may be interfering with your cat’s grooming routine.

Another explanation for your cat’s behavior is that he or she is attempting to engage in the grooming ritual. Cats are trained to groom themselves at a young age, generally by their mothers. Their mother cat grooms them and teaches her kittens how to groom each other, a behavior known as reciprocal grooming.

There’s plenty of evidence that cats regard people as large cats, such as a mother or sibling role. So, if your cat starts grooming themselves after you’ve petted them, it’s possible that they’re attempting to replicate that relationship.

They’re demonstrating that they care about you and consider you a member of their feline family.

Petting your cat typically makes you feel nice. It might even be soothing and delicious. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your cat. However, some cats dislike being petted excessively. Some cats may get overstimulated as a result of petting.

Some cats may respond by attempting to bite or fleeing. Grooming is another way your cat could react. You’ll probably cease touching them if they’re grooming.

So, if your cat reacts as if they don’t like someone touching that region when you pet them and then starts grooming it, you might want to give them a break.

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Why Do Cats Lick Themselves When You Touch Them?

Cats lick themselves when you touch them because they want to wipe off your human scent from their body.

Why Do Cats Lick Themselves When You Touch Them?

If you’re gently scratching a region of your cat’s body that she can’t reach, it’s possible that it’s unclean or itchy because it’s evaded her meticulous cleaning. This is more frequent in the back end and tail-head regions of overweight cats.

When you touch that location, your cat may instinctively want to brush it, but because she can’t reach it, she licks the air or a section of her body she can reach instead.

If your cat has fleas, mites, or allergies that produce itchy skin, your petting might scratch an itch or make her feel uncomfortable. Although she may instinctively begin licking, some cats will bite or scratch the person providing the caressing, so be cautious.

Some cats appear to find human-provided petting and scratches distressing. They may not want to be touched in general, or they may prefer not to be petted on select portions of their body.

Other cats suffer from feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which causes their skin to be very sensitive, making even a minor pet or scratch unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Friendship cats frequently groom each other at the same time. When you pet your cat, she may lick herself or the air, which might be due to a reciprocal grooming need.

If your cat starts licking herself or the air when you pet or scratch her, take her to the doctor to be tested for skin problems.

The Perfect Angle gives your cat a variety of scratching options to choose from.

When this behavior occurs, it’s critical to assess the rest of your cat’s body language. She’s undoubtedly satisfied with the manner you’re stroking her if she seems otherwise relaxed and joyful, leans into your caressing, and seeks it out again after you stop.

She probably doesn’t like what you’re doing if she looks agitated, leans away, or moves as if she may bite you.

If the activity only occurs when you pet a certain region, think about whether it’s a spot that your cat can’t groom on her own. If that’s the case, you can brush it for her on a regular basis to maintain it clean and comfy.

To respect your cat’s comfort and prevent getting bitten or scratched, avoid caressing certain regions if she appears to detest being handled in particular places.

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Why Do Cats Lick Themselves After You Kiss Them?

After receiving human attention, cats clean themselves to get rid of whatever odors you may have left behind, even their own. This is so that when they hunt, their prey won’t be able to detect them by smell because they lack one.

It’s possible that your cat licks you to form a social relationship with you. A cat’s mother would lick them from the time they were a kitten, not just to groom them but also to demonstrate affection.

Cats will then imitate this behavior with you as a method of expressing their own devotion – it just happens.

Kissing is like hugging in that cats don’t always reject it, but they also don’t always comprehend it. Any sort of physical love is usually the same to a cat, and if he tolerates one, he will most likely tolerate another.

It might be for a variety of reasons that your cat cleans itself after you pet or pick it up. They may be irritated that you touched them for whatever reason, and they’re trying to get rid of the scent—in most cases, this is an insult to you. It’s also conceivable that you’re wearing a smell that they dislike.

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Why Does My Cat Bite The Air When I Pet Her?

Your cat grows more upset the more he is petted, and his licking activity might develop into him biting at the air around him.

Why Does My Cat Bite The Air When I Pet Her?

This behavior may appear amusing at first, but it soon becomes clear that the cat is angry. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome is the name of the condition (FHS).

Although your cat’s grooming behavior is usually entirely natural, it can occasionally be an indication of a health condition that you should address.

Psychogenic alopecia is one of these issues. Hair loss caused by emotional or psychological overgrooming is known as this ailment. If you’ve observed that your cat grooms themselves not just when you’re touching them, but also throughout the day.

It’s also time to take your cat to the clinic if you detect hair loss or other signs. Hyperesthesia is a condition in which your cat’s skin becomes excessively sensitive as a result of emotional or psychological stress.

If your cat becomes twitchy, has rippling skin over its back, or exhibits other unusual habits, he or she may require the services of a veterinarian or behaviorist. A specialist can assist you in reducing stress in your cat’s life, which is the source of their odd behavior.

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Why Do Cats Lick Themselves While Playing?

Cats lick themselves while playing to express their pleasure.

Self-grooming activates endorphins, making it a simple method for cats to relax, release tension, and calm down.

Eating, pursuing prey, snuggling with their owner, play-fighting with another cat, and so on can all be disrupted by an abrupt licking session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a cat licks itself after you pet them?

Grooming is a way for a cat to momentarily relieve tension, frustration, or worry. The cat looks to be calmed and reassured after grooming. Over-grooming, such as licking, biting, nibbling, chewing, or sucking the coat or skin excessively without a medical reason, is usually a sign of stress.

Do cats understand when you kiss them?

Cats comprehend your devotion to them when you kiss them since they exhibit their affection and love by bumping or brushing their heads against the other cat.

Why does my cat lick me when I kiss her?

Grooming is a powerful expression of affection. If your cat licks your mouth or face, he or she is expressing true love and devotion for you. Your cat is letting you know that it is looking out for your best interests in its own special manner. Consider perhaps your cat has a sense of smell that you don’t.

Final Words

It’s totally natural for your cat to groom themselves after you’ve finished caressing them. They might just be going through their normal grooming routines or connecting with you.

However, if their grooming is accompanied by other unusual or aggressive actions, they may be agitated or overstimulated. As with any unexpected or changing behavior, see a veterinarian to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy.

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