You come home and find your cat cleaning herself on you constantly which makes you think what’s wrong?

To break your fear cells a little, the answer is,

Your cat cleans herself on you because that is their natural way of showing and returning love from their end. It’s their natural inclination towards you for which they use this method to sway you away with their efforts. 

Felt a deep sigh of relief, right?

” The time spent with cats is never wasted”, And yet leaves us with apprehensions”

We will go through some apprehensions here in this article that made us think about why our cats act in a certain way and try to find out the answers.

Why Does My Cat Clean Herself On Me?

What Does It Mean When A Cat Grooms Itself In Front Of You?

Cats clean themselves in front of you because they have the sense to recognize unfamiliar scents and can feel that you have petted another cat.

Why Do Cats Clean Themselves In Front Of You?

They feel disassociated when you are carrying a fragrance that they don’t like at all. 

Besides these possibilities, there is also a chance that they are just carrying out their normal grooming ritual.

Yes, that’s true.

A lot of times, cats are overshadowed just because they are reserved to a great extent.

But let me break it to you today, cats have some magical senses and some strict rules when it comes to persuading them.

Kitties are widely taken as the only pets that can never be vocal about that love they have for you.

They are very bound to their walls and very territorial.  But I feel it’s the least good disseminated information.

Cats are very affectionate once they build a strong foundation of bond with you and when they get positive vibes.

it also should be taken into consideration that they are very much engrossed in their own things, but once they feel that you have shown perseverance and calmness with them, they become very gullible in front of you and consider you their confidant.

Why Cats Clean Themselves On You?

Cats clean themselves on you because it’s their way of telling you that now they are ready to subject you with their monotonous love. It’s their way of showing affection and being extremely grateful for you.

Fact  Cats mark their people, the things they love and if they groom or clean themselves on you, you have hit a jackpot. 

Usually, cats don’t like to diversify and just like to stay within their limits. 

Adding to that, most cats retaliate in unusual ways, and grooming you is just another way of them being extremely friendly and playful with you.

Once they do not feel obligated, they showcase and put across their love, and affection by cleaning or simply by grooming themselves on you.

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Why Does My Cat Sit On Me and Cleans Herself?

Your cat sits on you and cleans herself because now she has reached an unsuppressed security level with you. The trust that your cat gives you makes them go unfiltered in front of you and end up being their unabashed self.

It’s worth mentioning that when I first became a pet mother, I was also taken aback seeing my kitty grooming herself incessantly, but as I researched and made sure they do not ignore the evident signs.

I could see that it is her way of welcoming me and bringing it to my notice that she is feeling my warmth around her that in every way calms her.

Humans have different ways of putting across their love and so do pets.

Even cats are considered to be the least affectionate pet worldwide. 

 When a cat feels protected, they offer you your vulnerability and believe that you will shield them.

Why Does My Cat Cleans Herself When I Pet Her?

Your cat cleans herself when you pet her because they outgrow scents very soon. This is the reason they like to eliminate any discomforting scents off their skin.

Again, they have been in the habit of cleaning themselves since kittenhood so it becomes a habit that they can’t let go of.

In more formal words, it’s also called cat displacement behavior. 

They return your love by copying your petting in their way that is cleaning themselves, the habit they have attained since kittenhood.

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Why Do Cats Bathe On You?

Cats bathe on you because it’s their way of showing their belief in you.

It is their way of vocalizing their Love and making you a part of their social sector and establishing a bond that lets them find sanity around you.

A quick question for you all,

It’s simple, don’t heave a deep breath.

Okay, How many of you have seen pets being so close that it doesn’t shy away from bathing you?

I think a few.

And especially when it comes to cats, it is very seldom.

So when they do that, it means now they want to socialize with you and are used to having you on their end.

When Cleaning /Grooming Is A Problem?

Cleaning and grooming is a problem when you notice hair fall or skin lesions, that’s a clear sign it’s time for you to take your cat to a vet. 

This should also be kept in mind that whenever a cat starts licking a similar spot multiple times there are pretty good chances that your cat is having some painful and troubling experience, this needs the vet’s urgent consultation too.

According to recent research, cats spend almost 30% to 50% of their day grooming themselves which is a big chunk of their day.

A lot of paw-rents happen to not notice this habit of incessant grooming as they take it as a normal and healthy habit that their cats carry out.

But people, the above-mentioned signs need to be kept in mind.

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Why Do Cats Lick Themselves?

Cats lick themselves because of their inbuilt habit, of keeping their fur clean, and cooling mechanism, and mostly because grooming gives them a soothing effect.

they are thoroughly been mentioned below-

Why Do Cats Lick Themselves?

1. Cleansing

Your kittens are born with a sense of sheer cleanliness in them which propels them to clean themselves in a continuous order.

They feel the sudden urge to clean whenever they are around a foreign object. so make sure you give them the proper time to get used to their surrounding.

2. Surviving Instinct

It is also because of their survival instincts that cats perform such acts.

It’s their way of protecting themselves from being noticed by any predator.

It’s also evident in many cases that they do it to get rid of any foul smell of food and people.

They like to keep their natural scent to let their family find them in need.

Clever, right?

3. Cooling Mechanism

Dogs pant to cool themselves, while the cats too stay cool and stay at an accurate body temperature by licking their coats to maintain coolness in their bodies.

4. Keeping Their Coat In Place

Cats need to lick themselves to keep their fur clean and in shape, by licking they are not only cleaning but also preventing tangling of hair and removing loose hair.

They also do so to remove any parasites and dirt that they might have got.

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How To Prevent My Cat From Cleaning Herself On Me?

Your cat cleaning herself on you can be prevented by simply subtly denying their insistence on sitting on your lap, staying busy around them, and using props to keep your lap full with props. 

Example- laptops, books, and notebooks. 

A bunch of you might be wondering why have I added this here, and many of you might feel relaxed seeing this part attached here

Coming to the point, many of us aren’t okay with being clean or groomed. 

We shy away when we see our pets being extra close to us.

 As an individual, we like being in our shells because of which it feels unsettling for us to cope with that kind of attention. 

To eradicate that possibility, you can try the below-mentioned ways.

How To Prevent My Cat From Cleaning Herself On Me?

1.  Distract

  You can try to distract your cat by giving them something to play with when they seem to get too close to you.

Giving their favorite toys and gently declining the requests without being arrogant can work in your favor. 

2. Change Your Position 

your cat finds you in the same place and same positions which triggers the same emotions to be around you.

To avoid that, you can very subtly try to avoid being in the same spots of the house and include walking when they seem a little too close to you.

This can help you.

3. Look Busy

Most of the time, your cat finds it easy to grab your attention and find its way towards you when you are free and very attentive to the things that they do. 

Seems busy and disoriented can make them think it’s not the right time which would keep them away from you and eventually make them fall out of the habit. 

4. Use Props

Seeing you being free and not doing anything will give your kitten a chance to jump on you and clean herself. 

To avoid that, sit with books, or a laptop in your lap to let your cat know that you are busy and any misconduct wouldn’t be tolerated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep my kitten from not cleaning herself a lot?

your cat is accustomed to doing that, and stopping that would mean controlling her that would end up aggravating her aggressive changes.
But you can limit it by adding walks and sufficient playtime to your kitty’s daily schedule. 
This will ensure that she stays busy and avoids being very much into grooming. 

Is it a sign that my cat doesn’t like my company?

Of Course not, it’s not a sign indicating that possibility in any way.
It’s just that your feline has adopted the habit of doing so since her kittenhood when her mother groomed her to do that.
cats have their own attributes in their daily life which don’t concern the relationship that they share with you.

How often should I take my cat to the vet?

The hospital association of America suggests that you should take your indoor cats to vets annually.
It should be monthly if your cat has existing health issues.
Your visit to a veterinarian also depends on the factors like age, lifestyle, and the surrounding your cat is acclimated to.
Your vet will also provide you with advice about the vaccinations to be taken.

Final Words

 In a nutshell, Cats have their way of putting across their tendencies to Love you and comfort you with their existence in your life.

They take it as their moral obligation to clean themselves in front of you when they see a safety net built around you.

They try to squeeze into your big world through small gestures.

Also, be attentive to the patterns they make evident as it might be a  sign to be serious about certain issues.

Feel free to drop your questions and tell me your reaction when you had this type of occurrence with your cat.


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