Cats are household animals by choice, not by necessity. They are free to do anything they choose. They, unlike other pets, cannot be trained to do certain tasks. Felines enjoy sitting in boxes and other items because they are warm and comfy.

Cats like keyboards because they provide a comfortable area where they may stay near to their master. Cats have already found that keyboards are a pleasant place to hang out since they know that sitting on the keyboard will draw their owner’s attention.

In this article, I am going to discuss few ways to save your keyboard and relationship with your cat by keeping him or her from causing damage to your keyboard.

Why Do Cats Like Keyboards

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Keyboard?

Cats are obsessed with keyboards because they know that by ruining your keyboard they can be the spotlight of all your attention.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Keyboard?

Cats want attention, and if they decide they want yours, leaping on the keyboard is one of the greatest ways to get it.

In certain cases, your cat will try to position himself between you and whatever you’re working on, so you’ll have to focus your attention on him. Some cats lay on the keyboard, while others wander over it, pressing the buttons as they go.

Your cat may ignore you for hours at a time, but if he climbs on your keyboard while you’re working on your laptop, he may have just decided that it’s time for you to pay attention to him.

Cats are enigmatic creatures, and it is difficult to anticipate their behaviour most of the time. They do a lot of weird things that leave us perplexed at times.

Animal behaviour experts have a few ideas based on studies into their strange actions, and the most of them are centred on having their needs fulfilled or communicating what they’re experiencing within at the time.

Owners of laptops or computers have regularly claimed that their cats appear to have a fascination with computer keyboards. This is one of the most unusual habits, and some cats appear to be obsessed with it. If your cat is physically pressing your buttons or lying on your computer, there are a few plausible causes.

Cats have a strange habit of wanting to help out or be in the middle of whatever you’re doing. While this is a cute trait, it may be annoying when you’re trying to work and your cat decides to perch on top of your keyboard. So, what is it about keyboards that cats find appealing?

Why Does My Cat Want To Be On My Keyboard?

Your cat wants to be on your keyboard because the keyboard is something you use, and your cat may be enthralled by it or detect your scent on it.

Why Does My Cat Want To Be On My Keyboard?

These are just two more reasons why your cat likes to muck about on your keyboard. Another issue is that while computers are in use, they might become hot. Cats are heat-seeking creatures who tend to be drawn to sources of heat, and what better location to absorb the heat than the keyboard?

The keys may be damaged if your cat sits on the keyboard. It’s especially aggravating if your cat attempts to jump on your keyboard when you’re working or gaming. The cat is always trying to get close to you to lie down. You’ll need to choose the perfect location for the fluffy animal above your keyboard.

Boxes are popular among cats because they give a secure and pleasant place to relax. Some pet owners discover that keeping their cats away from their keyboards is as simple as keeping a tiny box near their desk. Cats like to perch on the highest point in the room, so install a cat condo or shelf near your desk for them to use.

Your cat will most likely ignore the keyboard if the cat condo is accessible and higher than your workstation. If you spend too much time working or gaming on the computer, your cat may feel ignored.

Your cat may choose to be near your computer when you are away from the keyboard since it gives warmth. To avoid cat filtration, close your room or keep your keyboard away.

It may be inconvenient to remove your keyboard anytime you leave the room, but it is definitely preferable than replacing a keyboard and endangering your connection with your cat.

Typing is frequently seen as a game between cats and their owners. If your cat is agitated, he or she may attack your fingers as you type.

If you want to avoid a cat fight while typing, give your cat some additional play time.

Why Does My Cat Walk On My Keyboard?

Your cat is most likely getting in the way of your computer screen and walk on the keyboard because he needs your undivided attention.

Why Does My Cat Walk On My Keyboard?

Most people are unaware that picking up cat, talking to him, and paying attention to him reinforce the behavior by providing him what he wants. This situation may be converted into a learning opportunity for both the pet parent and the cat. There are a few things you may do to put an end to the habit without jeopardizing your connection with your cat.

Cats enjoy resting in whatever warm and comfy location they can find, whether it’s a sunny patch on the floor or atop a heated washing machine. Another favourite location is a computer keyboard, as your computer creates heat when it is turned on, which is ideal for keeping a cat warm.

While it may appear irrational, your cat may find your laptop keyboard to be a nice place to snooze. Cats sleep in a variety of unusual places, including bathroom sinks and little nooks and crannies. Your cat could consider the laptop keyboard to be the perfect napping hideaway since it is flat, warm, and small.

Cats are perceptive, and they will quickly figure out that you are using your computer to get things done. When cats sense that you are working hard, they may frequently try to interrupt you, causing you to pay more attention to them.

Blocking your computer access is the quickest way to stop you from working!

If your cat isn’t getting enough attention recently, they could try to compel you to pay attention to them by sitting on your keyboard. If you feel this is the cause of your cat jumping up on your computer on a regular basis, you may be able to prevent this behaviour in the future by giving them lots of hugs before you start working on your computer.

Your cat could be enthralled with whatever you’re looking at on your computer screen and leap up onto the keyboard to get a better look. This is especially possible if your computer’s screensaver bounces around or hops around on the screen.

Cats may mistake your computer for an interactive toy and leap up to interact and play with it. If your cat scratches the screen or keyboard on your laptop, keep it closed or cover it with a screen protector if your cat is prone to climbing on top of it.

Why Does My Cat Keep Jumping On My Keyboard?

Cats may try to catch your attention by jumping on the keyboard. You are still giving them the attention they seek when you chastise them for their conduct. Even if it’s negative attention, it’s still attention.

Often, your cat simply wants to be with you as you work or play computer games. Indeed, the longer you’re locked there, the more it wants your attention, and the more it’ll try to obtain it by shoving itself right in your face.

Can Cats Type Keyboard?

Cats cannot type keyboard because they simply don’t know how to type sentences.

Do Cats Like Keyboard Sound?

Cats like keyboard sound because they are drawn to peaceful, soothing sounds.

Cats, on the other hand, are scared of loud or harsh noises. Cats are picky about what they respond to, and piano music is one of them. They will usually ignore or move away if there is too much commotion surrounding them.

Cats have a strong sense of hearing. They hunt using their hearing and are always on the lookout for any hazards. Loud noises, on the other hand, will cause a fear response in cats, thus extended exposure to sound and loud noises must be avoided. Quiet is preferable to cats since it allows them to sleep and rest.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep On Keyboards?

Your cat sleeps on your keyboard to prevent you from working. When you’re working on your computer, cats know that you’re wasting your time on something that doesn’t include them.

They generally sit on the keyboard to grab your attention since they know you won’t be able to type while they’re there.

Take note of what your cat is attempting to say with you if he or she sits on your keyboard and seems to be trying to get your attention.

Your cat may have a pattern of when they do this, which might indicate to you that they are sitting on your keyboard when they are hungry at night or when they want someone to play with them in the day.

If your cat has a habit of sitting on your computer at the same time every day, try to stay one step ahead of them and feed them before they get a chance to hop up, or arrange some playtime before you start working for the day.

How Do You Keep Cats Off Your Keyboard?

Keep your cat away from your keyboard by closing your laptop while you’re not using it. It’s simpler to keep your cat off your laptop than it is to get them off after they’ve made themselves at home on top of it.

It’s also a good idea to keep the door to your office or the area where you conduct the most of your work closed to avoid your cat jumping up and sitting with you.

It may also be beneficial to create a specific place in your room where your cat may snuggle up and get comfy while you work on your laptop. They could lose interest in sleeping on your laptop if they have a better place to sleep.

Redirect your cat’s focus away from your laptop to encourage them to look at anything else. While having your cat on top of your laptop while attempting to work is a safety issue, you don’t want to punish your cat too harshly for sitting there. Your cat will attempt to get near to you and express affection when sitting on your laptop.

If you reprimand a cat when they are exhibiting their devotion, they may form bad connections.

While cats have a strong reaction, they may be extremely sensitive, so always act politely when shifting their attention to something else.

How To Protect Keyboard From Cats?

Acknowledge your cat and give them a few minutes of caressing and attention is a great approach to tackle this situation and protect your keyboard.

If they still refuse to leave their laptop, it is reasonable to pick them up, place them on the floor, or divert them with another activity.

Check to see if your cat leaps up and sits on your other belongings, or if they only like your keyboard. Your cat will most likely be napping or rubbing itself on a variety of your belongings.

Your cat acts this manner because they’re marking you as their human by rubbing their smell onto your belongings. Leaving their scent on objects sends a message to other animals in the neighbourhood that your house has been claimed and that it is now the domain of another cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cat Like My Laptop?

Your cat likes your laptop because it is generally situated on a high table or surface, giving them a good view of the room. Cats are excellent jumpers and climbers, and as a result, they like to perch high in order to view more of the space.

Why do cats sit on things you’re using?

Because your computer or book smells like you, cats love to perch on it while you’re using it. Cats, like many other species, are mainly led by their sense of smell, and they like to be around items that have your fragrance since it makes them feel comfortable and happy.

Do cats love pianos?

Cats do like music, but they don’t like human music, according to recent research. According to a research, music must be species-specific in order for our feline companions to appreciate it.

Final Words

Cats get between you and your screen in order to offer and receive affection.

Begin immediately by following the instructions for consistently educating your cat to keep away from the keyboard. You can assist your cat stop his infatuation with your keyboard with a little patience and compassion.


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