Each of us has different ways and methods to express our love, and cats are no different. As compared to others, some have more bizarre and unusual habits that are beyond human comprehension.

Cats lick your eye as they mark you as their territory and let everyone know that you are their owner. This is something you should avoid because cats can transmit infections to humans through their eyes.

This article reveals the reasons why your cat licks your eye so that you can better understand your feline companion.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye? Should I Stop This?

8 Reasons Why Your Cat Lick Your Eyes!

If you’re a cat-dad or cat-mom, you are most likely to be familiar with the experience of waking up to your eyelids being licked (and scrubbed!) by the sandpaper tongue of your furry little baby.

Cats love licking – so much that some kittens and cats purr out loud every time you let them lick your face.

Cats might be licking your eyelids for grooming, cleaning, protecting you from eye infections, or perhaps just out of sheer affection!

If a cat loves licking you, brace yourself – for, you have been bestowed upon one of the highest kitten honors.

Cats and kittens lick as a sign of affection. Here are 5 possible reasons why your cat might be licking your eyelids –


1. Grooming and Cleaning

Cats love being clean – some more than others. This is why you might have seen your cat spend a good amount of time licking itself while sitting in the sun, basking in the sunlight.

Cats look at us as bigger, hairless, weirder versions of cats (or sometimes, kittens). So, they might be licking your eyelids to clean and groom you.

This is not unusual, as cats, especially the older cats, are known to be taking care of the cleaning and grooming of kittens.

So, your cat licking your eyelids could be a way of them looking at you and saying, who’s a clean kitty?  

2. Compulsive Lick

When it comes to compulsive licking, some cats just can’t stop themselves. It could be linked to your cat’s underlying uneasiness or a long-standing obsessive behavior.

If this is the case, you should be able to identify the stressor in your cat’s life that is driving them to be compulsively licker.

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3. Tears

The salty scent of tears could be the reason your cat is biting your eye.

Strong odors attract cats, so if she notices you upset or sobbing, she may approach your face and sniff your eyes.

It’s usually because your eyes tear, even when it’s imperceptible, and those tears contain salt.

To urge your kitten to stop, wash the area more frequently to make it less appetizing, and offer a chunk of salt lick, which can be found at almost any feed store, to satisfy those salty desires.

4. Seeking Attention

Licking their owner is a certain technique for cats to win their owner’s attention. When a cat licks you, the rough surface of its tongue is noticeable enough that it’s tough not to notice.

Cats are smart creatures, and they communicate with people by licking and meowing.

5. Mimicking Their Moms

If a kitten’s mom hisses a lot and is constantly in attack mode, the kitten is very likely to follow.

The same goes with kittens whose moms are clingy, and cuddly, and love grooming, cleaning, and licking the kittens a lot.

So, the behavior of your cat could be saying a lot about the way it’s grown up around its mom and other cats and kittens.

6. Mimicking You

If you clean your cat’s face and wipe its eyes regularly, which by the way you should, then there is also a slight possibility of your cat mimicking you and returning the favor.

7. As An Act Of Protection

Cats have a high risk of eye infections since their birth, so licking and keeping the eyes clean constantly is of utmost importance for them.

It comes to them almost instinctively. So, your cat could be licking your eyelids with the same instincts of protectiveness.

8. Personality Quirks

Not unlike humans, even cats have their own personality quirks. Each cat has a different, unique personality than the other.

Some cats are very introverted and very particular about their personal space – these might be the cats who don’t enjoy a cuddle session with their hoomans a lot.

Some other cats are actually very friendly, very clingy, very cuddly and just love the human touch. They feel secure and protected when they’re invading your personal space – sitting on your face, sleeping on your lap, and even licking your face and eyelids.

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Eye?

The reason why your cat sniffs your eye could be that your cat has seen something in your eye that they want to get to the bottom of, or it could simply be a sign of comfort.

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Eye?

Cats tend to be extremely possessive of their owner or the person that they then consider their favorite. They become overly protective of them.

Cats are also blessed with a keen sense of smell and tend to smell almost everything.

They sniff their owners to make sure they are who they say they are and to determine whether they smell like any other cat or dog.

They will sniff you when you arrive home after working long hours to make sure you haven’t petted any other animals.

If they catch a fragrance of another animal on your clothes, cats have a territorial feeling and may become jealous. Sniffing isn’t restricted to your clothes, though.

Some cat parents find this strange, but because of their keen sense of smell, cats many times could sniff your mouth, toes, and even your eye.

Many are perplexed as to why their cats are smelling their eyes.

Many cat owners frequently report that their cats come near to their faces to sniff their eyes when they are awake or even asleep; while they find this amusing and cute, the reason for this remains a mystery to them.

Cats sniff their beloved people for various reasons, the most important of which is a sense of recognition and devotion to their owners.

Because of their distinct odor, they can identify their owner. Your cat will normally sniff your eye to ensure that you are the one who looks after her and feeds her.

They will relax and settle down as soon as they sense their owner’s fragrance, and they may even come near to cuddle with you. Numerous people also believe that cats are capable of detecting any ailment or disease.

So, the probability of an eye infection could be one of the key causes of your cat smelling your eye. If she’s curious and senses an infection, she’ll sniff your eye. Your cat will frequently sniff your eye to smell the tears.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyebrows?

A cat could lick your eyebrows because cats often groom the head area of their “preferred peers.” As a result, grooming is just a gesture of feline adoration!

Congratulations: your cat has chosen you as one of his “preferred peers,” a group of people who are usually quite selective.

You’ll notice that your cat grooms your hair most often when you’re lying down or asleep, as these are the times when he thinks “affection grooming” to be suitable.

If he instead “grooms” or “eats” your hair when you’re busy and active, it’s more probable that he’s being playful.

Another reason cats groom their peers is territoriality. Your cat is trying to get rid of other scents and particles from your “fur” so that you smell like him.

This is special attention he gives to members of his “pack,” or to people he hopes would join his pack.

Just make sure not to let your cat overdo it, as this will cause redness and irritation because of their rough tongue.

Why Does My Cat Licks My Eyes When I Am Sleeping?

The reason why your cat licks your eyes while sleeping could be to groom you, or it has noticed that you are twitching in your sleep, and it is making an attempt to stop that.

Why Does My Cat Licks My Eyes When I Am Sleeping?

Cats lick their peers to groom them. If your cat is licking your eyes, then that means they have a very close bond to you.

As they see you as one of their pack members, they want to groom you to leave their scent upon you.

They also do this to mark you as their territory as they are overly protective towards their peers.

If you notice that your cat licks your eyes often when you’re lying down or asleep, this could be because these are the times when they think “affection grooming” to be suitable.

Another reason your cat may lick your eyes while you sleep is if they observe your eyes twitching.

It’s normal for folks to undergo involuntary twitching of their eyelids or feet when they’re in the deepest stage of their REM sleep cycle.

If your cat is around while you sleep, they may notice the shift in your body language and come over to inspect the problem by licking you.

Why Does My Cat Bite My EyeLids?

The reason why your cat may bite your eyelids is the Strong smell of salt from tears, them being playful, and the flickering of your eyes as seen as a toy or prey.

The salty scent of tears could be the reason your cat is biting your eye. Strong odors attract cats, so if she notices you upset or sobbing, she may approach your face and sniff your eyes.

It’s usually because your eyes tear, even when it’s imperceptible, and those tears contain salt.

To urge your kitten to stop, wash the area more frequently to make it less appetizing, and offer a chunk of salt lick, which can be found at almost any feed store, to satisfy those salty desires.

Another reason your cat may be biting your eyelids is that your cat notices them flicker and associates them with a toy or prey. They should ultimately stop if you just say no and hide your eyes.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Eyelashes?

The reason your cat is obsessed with your eyelashes is not your eyelashes but the salty smell coming from them or their desire to groom you as they see you as one of their peers.

Your cat may be obsessed with your eyelids because of the salty scent of tears. Cats are attracted to strong odors, so if she observes you crying or unhappy, she may approach your face and sniff your eyes.

It’s usually due to the fact that your eyes cry, even if it’s barely noticeable, and those tears include salt.

Wash the area more frequently to make it less appealing, and offer a bit of salt lick, which can be obtained at practically any feed store, to fulfill your kitten’s salty demands.

Why Does My Cat Like Mascara?

Your cat may like your mascara as bristles mimic the feel of a cat mother’s sandpapery tongue with the familiar sensation they loved as kittens, which is still very soothing to adult cats. 

The mascara must be bleached. Otherwise, it could further complicate things for your cat.

After the mascara is bleached, you can use it for petting your cat as they would appreciate the sensation because it mimics their mother’s sandpapery tongue.

Should I Be Worried If Cat Licked My Eye?

The short answer is – not really.

The little longer answer is – no, but take due precautions.

The sandpaper tongue of your cat has been on many a surface – from your cheeks to a garden insect to the cat’s own butt – the tongue has been everywhere. The point is, that your cat’s tongue is a paradise for parasites.

So, while it is a very sweet gesture of pure love to have your face and eyelids licked by your furry little buddy, it is also recommended that you take good care of your personal hygiene and your cat’s oral health.

Maybe next time, follow your cuddle and snuggle session with your little furry friend with a minute-long facewash – it will prevent any skin infections like annoying rashes and itching from happening.

Can You Go Blind If Cat Licks Your Eye?

Yes, there is a chance that you might go blind if a cat licks your eye as a cat can transmit various diseases to your eyes.

Many of the bacteria carried by household pets are innocuous, but a few can cause significant sickness, especially in those who already have weakened immune systems.

Janese Walters of Toledo, Ohio, appears to have experienced this. She told CBS affiliate WTOL that an infection she acquired from her pet left her blind in one eye.

“One day I woke up and couldn’t see out of my left eye,” Walters explained. “I thought I had pink eye or something when I looked in the mirror.”

Doctors linked the source of the infection to Walters’ cat and a common bacteria known as Bartonella henselae, which causes “cat scratch” sickness after a month of inconclusive tests.

Cats can transfer the infection to humans through bites or scratches, but it can also be spread through friendly behaviors like licking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after should I stop my cat from licking?

Ans. It would be best if you stop your cat from licking once you start feeling irritation on your skin or notice redness. Unlike dogs and humans, this could happen because cats have a course of skin that can cause irritation and redness.

Should I consult a vet for my cat because it is licking my eyes?

Ans. Usually, a cat licking your eyes constantly could be easily fixed at home by not encouraging their behavior. Still, if it is not working after all your efforts, there is no harm in consulting the vet.

Will my cat dislike me if I stop it from licking my eye?

Ans. No, your cat will not dislike you if you stop it from licking your eye as you are just teaching him the right thing, it might take time, but sooner rather than later, your cat will understand.

Final Words

While it may seem quite cute and fun to watch your cat playfully lick your eyes, this behavior should not be encouraged if it causes irritation or redness on your skin.

Although this might be rare, cat fever is a thing that can be caused by the saliva of your cat going into your eye. So it is recommended to stop your cat from licking your eyes to avoid further complications.


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