1. This talks about the reason why, how am I supposed to educate him to behave properly, it’s impossible to catch him at the second I need to move him to the litter box, this is going worse and I’m almost prepared to let him go if I don’t find a solution. Plz help

    1. I think it’s preferable to keep litter boxes scattered throughout your home. In this manner, even if he is far from his primary litter box, the cat can still poop in a nearby one.

      However, if this behavior continues even after this arrangement, go to a veterinarian.

  2. Ok, so you say “It’s time to act if your cat defecates on the floor when he’s upset or angry. You can’t expect this conduct to go away by itself; it’ll only become worse! The cat will conclude that this is acceptable behaviour and will continue to act in this manner. You must use caution and ensure that the cat is educated to behave even when it is enraged.” How do I go about changing this behaviour? We have taken our cat to the vet and tests came out negative for any illness. I’m getting so tired of having to pick up poop on a daily basis when she had a good, clean litter box to use. She poops on any throw rug in the house to the point where I just have to get rid of them and then she poops on the floor. I just don’t get it. So frustrated and at my wits end. Please help!

    1. Firstly, the litter box should be unscented and placed in such corners of the house which is easily accessible to the cat. Keep in in a more private place where your cat doesn’t have to encounter many people.

      Let them examine the space, they shall soon become more accustomed.

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