1. I have done everything to stop my cat from pooping underneath my bed. I’m seconds away from strangulation lol. I’ve gotten a second large litter box unscented. He stops doing the behavior for a day or two then start it up. I use bleach to clean the area and Lysol cleaner to clean it thoroughly. Can you recommend anything I may have missed? I took him to the vet when it all started because he was vomiting at one point and had loose stool. They gave me some medication and probiotics and it worked. Then suddenly started pooping underneath the bed like it was a trend. I changed his dry food to probiotics thinking that maybe that was the issue, but NO. Please can you offer any advice? Much appreciated. I love my cat; I don’t want to give him away. What else can I do.

    1. Hello Rose,

      Yes its annoying that cat keeps pooping our bed.

      Have you keep its litter box very much clean? Because cat don’t like dirty places and try to avoid going litter box if its not clean.

      Also you can try to change the location of litter box.

      Let us know if any of the above tip works for you.

      Happy Cat Parenting

      1. Thank you for your response. Yes I have tried to maintain a clean litter box for him. I also got an extra litter box. My attempt to put blocks underneath my bed to deter him from going underneath my bed failed lol. I finally took him to the Vet and they stated that he has arthritis and is having pain. They believe that is why he is having difficulty. They prescribed some medication I am hoping and praying that will help. I feel bad that he is going through this and the fact that I was getting annoyed not realizing it wasn’t his fault. Thank you again.

        Kindly ,

        1. Hey rose,

          There is nothing to feel bad, rather its a good news that main underlying cause has been detected and will be treated.
          That’s why veterinary advice is so important.
          Hope he will be ok soon.

          Happy cat parenting

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