1. You are so right … my neighbor’s cat poops in my yard everyday and she purposely won’t clean it up… she is evil!

    1. Only irresponsible owner who’s allowing their pet to roaming freely and not expect something bad will happened to them. Whether their waste or their sound could be so annoying to some humans and you can not do anything if they did something bad, because unleash or un-caged animal = feral animal – whatever the animal is. So never let your PETS became PEST on other human’s eyes.

  1. My experience with kitties in back yard: put out noise like you can hang tin throw away pie pans, hang in the wind sun reflection and the pitch of sound they don’t like. Good luck.

  2. Can you clarify please? I have been stressed for a few years with next door’s cat pooping in my garden. I have tried virtually everything recommended but it still returns, mainly during the night now when I can’t see it,
    A friend just recently told me if I befriend the cat, it will treat it like it’s own terriority & stop pooping there, she said a vet told her this.
    I would appreciate a reply
    Thank you

    1. The reason why your cat might do this is to mark its territory.
      There are certain things you can do to prevent other cats from pooping in your garden:
      ● Build a fence
      ● Plant thorny shrubs
      ● Use lime
      ● Cat-repellent sprays,etc.

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