Wondering whether or not to put down your cat because he or she has lost their vision? Read along until the end to know before you take any step!

Yes, blind cats can live happy and normal life. It will soon adjust to its blindness and you should not consider putting it down.

It is very cruel to consider putting your cat down unless it is extremely ill and affected and there is no other option.

There are many ways in which you can care for your cat. 

Do NOT book an appointment with vet for putting down your pet – cat, dog, bird or any other little buddy – unless and until your vet tells that putting down is the only option.

As harsh as it may sound, because truth bombs always do sound harsh, but your pets are not exchangeable or inanimate entities that you can just decide to take their lives because of some inconvenience caused.

Let us read the article further to know more about caring for your cat.

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat? Can Blind Cats Live A Happy Life?

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

No, you should not put down a blind cat. This is because just like a human your cat can either be born blind or turn blind in the future.

But naturally, your cat is still very loving and is living a happy life.

Your cat still has a life and many other things to survive and so you should not put down a blind cat.

Few reasons why you should not put down a blind cat:

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

1. Good Senses

Your cat has a good sensory advantage even if they have lost their sight. The cat can hear and smell exceptionally well even yet.

A cat has a great scent detector in its mouth which is not affected even if a cat loses its vision.

The fun fact is that cats are not dependent on their eyes as much as we do. In all activities, your cat does not require its eyes as much as its sense of hearing and smell.

A cat can even hunt without eyes as it can sense danger and prey without vision.

Your cat has whiskers that can detect the objects closer easily than the eyes of your blind cat.

2. Affection

Even if your cat is blind it can feel your love, care, and affection and play with you. 

Your cat will get very attached to you soon and their blindness would not change their love for you.

Your cat can have fun and play with you even without eyes. They will be happy with you if they are played with, get attention, food, warmth, etc. just as they got before they were blind.

Your cat might get used to its blindness soon but you may not get so used to it very soon. Your cat can adapt fast to changes and so you should not put them down.

3. Vet Will Disagree

As we know your cat can live just normally even if it’s blind and its life is not at risk either so your vet would not prefer you put your cat down.

You are not saving your cat from all the pain rather killing it. You are not only going against animal rights but also your vet’s ethics.

If your cat is in danger from other problems in the body then your vet might consider putting your cat down.

If you think that a blind cat is going to take a lot of time of yours then you should rehome your cat and not put it down.

4. Happy Blind Cats

Your blind cat is not going to have a sad life it can enjoy just as much as any other cat. It will still play with you and love you.

Your blind cat is capable of living a normal life.

5. Give You Love

Your cat might do something that always makes you smile and love them more. Their blindness is not going to make them stop doing that.

They will still love you and make you smile.

They are just like humans, even a blind human can make you smile and love them.

Your blind cat will still cuddle with you and be affectionate. It can still feel your love and cuddles too.

Rather the blindness will also demand extra love from you and even your cat will give you a lot of love than before.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Blind Cat Alive?

No, it is not at all cruel to keep a blind cat alive!

This is because your cat still has a sense of smell and sound. This helps them to perform almost all the functions like earlier.

Your cat can even accommodate very soon with it.

So your cat can live happily and you should also let it have its right to live and love it just as much as you did.

How Does Blindness Affect Your Cat?

Blindness in your cat can cause your cat and you to be worried and confused at first but then gradually you and your cat both will be able to adapt to it.

Your cat could be disoriented and disturbed at first and can act strangely.

Your cat would crash into things and wander around aimlessly not able to understand anything.

Sometimes blindness may have occurred and the owner would know only after a check-up by the vet.

Your cat’s pupils would be very dilated if it is blind. Though your cat can adapt very fast to the loss of sight as they are hardly dependent on their vision.

Though at first your cat, may become restless but then because of the other sensory organs it can adapt fast and live a pretty normal life.

Though it will stay more in places where it feels safe.

Can I Leave My Blind Cat Alone?

Yes, you can leave your blind pet alone but you always have to make sure of certain things. 

You need to make sure that you have trained your blind cat before you leave it alone for hours. 

You could consider keeping your cat in small spaces before you leave it alone. You could also crate train your cat so that your blind cat could manage and take care of itself for long periods.

Though if you are taking your cat out then never leave your cat alone anywhere. 

If you want your cat to enjoy the outdoors then you could consider a harness or a leash.

Can A Blind Cat Survive?

Yes, a blind cat can survive unless it is facing some severe problems along with blindness.

You should immediately contact your vet if you feel that your cat is going blind. Get a check-up done.

Sometimes your cat’s blindness could be reversible and can be cured very soon. This sort of blindness is caused by hypertension.

Still, you need to get your cat regularly checked up by your vet and treat your cat immediately if it is facing any problems.

You should keep checking if your cat is feeling restless or facing any symptoms of blindness again.

If your cat’s eyes seem clouded or they do not respond to light then your cat might be blinded.

How To Prevent A Blind Cat From Peeing Everywhere?

You should keep your cat’s litter box just where it used to be earlier, this way your blind cat might be able to find it easily and not spoil the house.

You should help your cat locate the litter box by putting a litter mat so that it can follow the litter mat to her litter box.

Your cat’s paws will identify the texture of the litter mat and will know when it stops.

You could use a shallow box so that it doesn’t take a lot of effort for your cat to get to the box. And you should place the mat even around the litter box.

Can A Blind Cat Live Happily?

Yes, a blind cat can live happily and old cats especially do lose vision but not their other sensory organs.

Usually, cats over the age of six start to get blurry vision. They have reduced flexibility of the lens and a hazy appearance. They cannot focus on close objects at first and then soon lose vision.

Problems like cataracts and glaucoma can be treated through regular checkups are necessary.

Your cat can easily adapt to its life and consider it has its normal life very soon. This means cats can live a happy life even when they are blind.

How To Comfort A Blind Cat?

How To Comfort A Blind Cat?

You should comfort a blind cat in certain ways as mentioned below:

  • Always talk to your cat clearly and loudly so that it does not feel startled when you approach it. Your voice gives your cat reassurance that you are around.
  • You should keep your cat indoors and if you take it outdoors then do not leave it alone even for a second. Though in the adapting stage you should keep your cat confined to a small space indoors.
  • Keep playing with your cat and give it a lot of attention so it does not get bored indoors. Especially toys that make noise are beneficial for your cat.
  • You should place floor mats that can guide your cat around the house and prevent it from bumping into objects and walls.
  • if you have more pets in the house, then you should put bells on them so that your blind cat would know some other pet is coming.
  • You should always speak to your cat when you pick it up so that it knows it is safe and also keep it down in a familiar place.
  • You should not move your furniture regularly as it will make things tough for your blind cat. It will not be able to figure out so soon.
  • You should try and keep your tv or radio on as the noise helps your cat to orientate itself in a better way.
  • You have to be very careful if you have stairs in your house as your blind cat may trip and may not be able to figure it out. You would have to help them and then leave it alone when it knows how to climb the stairs without vision.

Safety Measures To Be Taken If Your Cat Is Blind?

Safety Measures To Be Taken If Your Cat Is Blind?

1. Avoid Moving The Furniture

If you keep changing the positions of your furniture then your blind cat might bump into things and get confused as it might be following the old mind map it has created.

2. Scent Marking

Your cat’s sense of smell is exceptional and so when certain objects are marked with a particular scent it would be easy for the cat to find the object.

3. Do Not Move Litter And Food Boxes

You should keep the food and litter boxes of your cat in the same spot so that your cat can easily fetch itself food and not pee anywhere if it knows where its requirements are located.

4. Keep It Safe

Keep your blind cat safe from dangerous objects like sharp corners or things. You could keep such things bubble-wrapped.

5. Guide Your Cat

The personality and behavior of your cat shall change as their vision fades. They will want more attention and be very clingy to you as they find comfort with you.

You will now be the guide to your cat. So speak to your cat every time you go out of the room or come in so that your cat feels safe.

6. Safe Spot 

There should be a safe spot for your cat in every room. This will avoid tripping over the pet. Sometimes your cat will feel safe in such spots when guests are around so no guest trips over your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take A Blind Cat To Adjust?

It will take about a few weeks for your blind cat to adjust to its blindness. The other sensory organs being very sharp makes it easier for your cat to adjust.

How Do Your Cat’s Eyes Look When It Goes Blind?

The two pupils will look uneven, that is one might be bigger or smaller than the other. Eyes might get hazy and swollen, redness around the eyes is common.

Can Your Blind Cat Get Access To Stairs?

The stairways should be blocked with baby gates until your cat can navigate the stairs safely. Do not trim the whiskers of your cat as it will help them go through narrow spaces.

Final Words

Your cat is capable of adjusting to the loss of vision and can live a normal and happy life. they use their other senses very well to compensate for vision.

You should get your blind cat to have daily checkups. Do not put down your blind cat and it is not cruel to keep them alive.

Take all safety measures for your blind cat.

For more queries, ask us in the comment section.


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