Yes, it is okay for you to leave your car alone for the weekend.

Though before you leave your cat alone there are many important aspects you need to take care of so that your cat can survive.

More precautions you take for your cat, less stressful it would be for your cat to spend that time without you.

We will read more about it in the rest of the article.

Can I Leave My Cat Alone For A Weekend

Is It Okay To Leave A Cat Alone For A Weekend?

Yes, it is fine to leave your cat alone for the weekend but make sure you keep the cat in a familiar environment most preferably in your own house. 

This is because research says that cats are prone to get sick even if you leave them with familiar people and they also don’t feel safe.

If your cat is healthy and can adapt well to different environments then you can give all your options a thought.

Though you would know the personality of your cat better.

Can You Leave A Cat Alone Overnight?

Generally, vets say it is fine to keep your cats alone overnight at your own house.

Though you must take relevant steps before you leave it alone, you need to make sure your cat has sufficient food and water which it can access.

How Long Is Too Long To Leave A Cat Alone?

You can leave your cat alone for four days maximum.

Even when you leave it for four days it would be safer to install security cameras so that you know your cat is safe.

You should prepare everything for your cat and take all safety measures.

Though our research says that many people leave their cats for seven days or more but make sure they have extra help from neighbors or pet sitters.

It is preferred if you keep your cat at your friends or family’s house if not then keep it with some catering service for seven days or as long as you are away.

How Long Is Too Long To Leave A Cat Alone?

Measures To Decide How Long You Can Leave Your Cat Alone

1. How old is your cat?

The age of your cat is a really important factor.

If your cat is 4 months old, you can leave it for four hours.

If your cat is 6 months old, you can leave it for eight hours.

If your cat has just become an adult, you can leave it for 24-48 hours.

2. Is your cat an indoor or an outdoor pet?

If your cat is an outdoor pet you need to make sure it has access to move in and out of the house via a Cat Flap, window opening, etc.

3. Is the environment around safe for your cat?

No wires should be left tangled up.

The place should be dry and warm.

They should have their hiding spot.

Enough place to move around.

Measures To Take Before Leaving Your Cat Alone

What Measures You Should Take Before Leaving Your Cat Alone

1.Open Doors

Your cat would prefer a free-roaming territory and no door should cut your cat off from food and water. Hence your cat will have a larger area to play

2. Open Lid Of The Toilet

Your cat will have access to the water all the time if you keep your toilet lid open, make sure you leave the washroom door open too.

3. Place A Clean Litter Box

This to maintain the hygiene around and keep the stink away until you are back.

4. Keep Water Container Safely

Make sure you keep the bowl of water in such a place that your cat doesn’t come and drop all the water while playing around in the house.

5. Toys Should Be Easily Accessible

Toys would play a great role to entertain your cat for long periods and hence your cat won’t feel lonely fast. It will keep your cat engaged for hours. You should keep your cat’s favorite toys around.

6. Visual Check On The Cat

Make sure to check that your cat isn’t stuck anywhere, it has everything it needs and is safe.

7. Check All Drawers And Cupboards

Make sure all your cupboards and drawers are shut so that if your cat fidgets or goes or hides inside it, he should not get stuck until you are back.

How To Keep A Check On Your Cat When You Are Away?

  • Hire a pet sitter
  • Ask neighbors to keep checking now and then.
  • Install a camera, so that you can keep a watch yourself.
  • Unplug most of the wires

Will My Cat Feel Sad And Lonely If I Left It Alone?

Yes, your cat will feel lonely and sad when left alone.

Your cat may feel anxious too. Your cat needs attention and love. It feels safer when you would be around. Boredom could lead to sadness too.

The only thing that can make it happy is your attention.

Signs Your Cat Would Show When It Is Sad

  1. Changes in your cat’s body positions eg. Hair would stand up, ears are held back, etc. shows your cat is sad.
  2. Your can may cling a lot onto you before you leave, it could lose interest in its favorite activities once you are gone.
  3. They may start sleeping a lot.
  4. They may act a lot out of fear and aggression.
  5. Either your cat may eat very little or a lot.
  6. They may stop grooming themselves out of sadness.
  7. It may start urinating outside its litter box or anywhere around the house.

Will my cat miss me while I am away?

Yes, your cat shall miss you a lot when you are away.

Will my cat miss me while I am away?

It may behave indifferently towards you when you arrive or show a lot of love and be happy.

Signs That Show Your Cat Had Missed You

  1. You may observe your cat does some extra purring and stretching once you are back home. This happens when you have left your cat alone for a long and it had missed you.
  2. Your cat may feel agitated and stressed on your return. Your cat could have developed crying and clingy habits as you were away.This could be because of the feline separation anxiety.
  3. You may observe your cat does some extra purring and stretching once you are back home. This happens when you have left your cat alone for a long and it had missed you.
  4. Your cat may feel agitated and stressed on your return. Your cat could have developed crying and clingy habits as you were away.This could be because of the feline separation anxiety.

When Should One Consider Hiring A Pet Sitter For Their Cat?

Cats are usually independent and self-sufficient until forty-eight hours

Researchers suggest that if kept alone for longer your cat may run out of water or food.

Hence when you are leaving your cat alone at home for a long period, you should consider hiring a pet sitter.

The pet sitter could make your cat roam outside and so your cat would feel fresh and active. The cat sitter can also take care of your cats’ hygiene and keep your house cleaner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a kitten be left alone?

Your kitten can be left alone for only a short depends on their age. Each cat is unique has different capacities until which it can be kept alone.

What do cats think when we leave them alone?

Your cat will be offended when you arrive or could be happy. It will come on your lap and love you. Though cats don’t hold grudges for long and have more positive memories.

For how long will my cat feel sad?

No one can tell that, as it depends from cat to cat. Your cat may immediately recover and be happy once you are back or it might take quite a while before it is happy and active again.
While some cats would not get much bothered some would feel extremely anxious immediately.  

Which are the toys one should consider buying when cats left home alone?

Toys that you should keep for your cat would be balls, some puzzle feeders, interactive pet cameras, food trees, its favorite toys, etc.

Will my cat forget me if leave it alone for a few days?

No, your cat would not forget you if you leave it alone for a few days. This is because cats do not hold grudges and mostly have positive memories stored.  

Is it cruel to leave a cat alone all day?

Not really, you can keep your cat alone in your house for short periods like when you have to go to work, but keeping them for long hours could disappoint your cat and make it very uncomfortable.

Final Words

So you can surely leave your cat alone for a weekend and no one knows your cat better than you.

It is your decision if you should leave your cat with a pet sitter or leave it on its own. Make sure you take into consideration everything mentioned in this article. You should hire a pet sitter if you leave your cat for more than four days.

We hope to cover most of your queries, comment if you have any more questions.

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