Yes! It is completely possible to leave a cat alone with your busy job,  though it could make handling it a bit tough for you.

While some cats may enjoy being left alone, some would not be aware that you are missing while some will miss you and may suffer.

If you have spent a lot of time working from home, then your cat must have gotten attached to you and your presence. Hence getting your cat used to staying alone while you are work might become tough.

Reading this article further might make training your cat to stay alone at home a bit easier.

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Will My Cat Feel Anxious When Left Alone At Home?

Will My Cat Feel Anxious When Left Alone At Home?

Your cat could feel anxious and stressed when left alone.

This could happen if its routine changes and so leaving them alone for long periods suddenly could have a negative impact on them. 

On this sudden change of routine, your cat might feel depressed or anxious without you for a while but its normal behavior is likely to revive in a few days.

Your cat might feel offended when you leave but may be happy when you are back home from your work.

For How Long Can You Keep Your Cat Alone At Home?

As the research on this field is lacking, psychologists have no clear answer.

As your cat is an independent creature and at the same time it is domesticated it seeks love and affection just like us humans.

Each cat has its unique personality and hence differ in their nature. While some like being alone some cats would not like it.

Though it also depends on your cats’ health, personality, age, activities it performs, history, eating habits, environment, etc.

Tips To Know How Long Can Your Cat Stay Home Alone?

Three important tips to know before you keep your cat alone at home –

  1. As sudden change would not be good for your cat, you should make sure you start training your cat a few weeks prior. If it learns to live without you when you are away for work it would be easier for your cat to adapt to a new routine.
    You should start by leaving your cat alone at your house for 30 minutes.
  2. You should then gradually start increasing the time you are away from home.
    From half an hour to maybe an hour and keep monitoring your cats’ reaction to your absence.
  3. As you continue observing your cat’s reactions, you will see that your cat may start to protest after a certain period, it may become restless, irritated, anxious, etc.

Hence you should make sure that the time your cat spends alone is before you know it would start protesting. 

The time spent without you should be less than twenty-four hours.

Which Breed Of Cats Can Be Left Alone At Home?

Cat breeds play a good role when it comes to being left alone. The DVPHS states some cat breeds are easy-going, well-behaved, and have low maintenance, and hence may be better suited to being alone.

  • Persian
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • American Wirehair
  • American Shorthair
  • Maine Coon
  • Russian Blue
  • Scottish Fold

Even though these species are more prone to stay alone it is not necessary they would because it all depends on their upbringing and personality. 

Should You Consider Getting Two Cats If You Are Working?

Many experts say that having two cats at your home would be better. as they would give each other company and feel less lonely.

Should You Consider Getting Two Cats If You Are Working?

It is preferred that your cats’ companion should usually be its littermate. This because they would share a sibling bond already and hence feel comfortable and more friendly around each other. 

You should make sure that the other cat you take should be younger than your current cat and should be of the opposite sex.

The two cats must be littermates because they can bond well and be better playmates and hence will immediately share a closer bond. 

Though if you are not buying your cat’s littermate then make sure the other cat is of the same age as your older cat and shares the same level of energy.

While if the other cat is of a lesser age also it would be fine as the older cat would take a nap and the younger one would explore everything.

It is better two adopt two kittens with an older cat so that the kittens have each other’s company or adopt an older companion for your older cat!

Steps To Be Taken Before Keeping Your Cat Alone

1.Keep Easy Access To Food And Water

Food and water are necessities for your cat.

Hence before leaving for work you should make sure your cat has easy access to her water and food. Though if your cat is new then you should start by leaving water containers in a few more corners of the house. 

2. Leave Some Toys Around Your House

Your cat and kitten might be very active if of a younger age and would keep wanting entertainment while you are out for work.

Your cat might not be interested in playing with the old toys and hence make sure you provide it with some new toys. you can get your cat, some cat toys and they might not even be expensive. 

3. Try Getting Your Cat A Fun Watch Spot 

As you know that cats are inquisitive so they would like to survey new things.

If they have a spot under a tree or a comfortable chair they could keep your cat engaged for a while.

4. Make Your House Cat-Proof

To make sure that your furniture isn’t broken by the time you are back home, you should hide all expensive, delicate, etc. kinds of furniture.

Make sure you hide your house plants. 

5. Cat Should Have Easy Access To Its Litter Box

 Your cat should have easy access to a litter box. The litter box must be absolutely clean.

Though cats are tidy creatures you should discourage them from peeing on your carpet and rather provide them with a litter box .

6. You Should Restrict Dangerous Areas

Places like your garage or the pantry, are not cat friendly as your cat might injure itself while playing with sharp or harmful stuff.

Make sure to close all the doors in which your cat should not enter.

7. Make Sure You Reward And Play Upon Your Return

As your cat must have missed you while you were at work you should surely compensate it with some treats and play.

it is a perfect end-of-the-day activity for you and your cat. Make sure at the end of the day as you keep yourself clean you also clean up your lovely cat.

How To Find Your Cat’s Reactions And Behavior When Alone At Home?

How To Find Your Cat's Reactions And Behaviour When Alone At Home?

Every cat has a different reaction when left alone. You need to know how your cat reacts when you are away for work.

To keep a check on that you could pick up the following ways-

  • You could buy a pet home camera so that you can keep an eye on your cat even when you are away. 
  • When you return home you should observe what your cat is doing. Is it fast asleep? Is it still fidgeting?
  • You should keep a good awareness of the behavioral changes in your cat. Is it tough for your cat to cope or not should be taken into consideration.

What Alternatives You Can Use While You Are At Work?

1. Hiring A Cat Sitter

You could hire a cat sitter who spends the day with your cat and brings in some life around the house for the cat and gets paid for the same.

2. Provide Your Cat With Cattery Or Boarding Facility

You could keep your cat with the boarding facility that would take care of your cat until you are finished with your work.

This should be your last resort as cats being separated from their homes affects them a lot.

3. Send Your Cat To The Foster Home

When you can’t keep your cat with your friends and relatives you can send your cat to foster homes, even this should be your last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you know if your cat is stressed out when you leave it alone in the house?

Your cat will either eat more or not eat , it could keep meowing, engage in destructive behavior etc. shows that your cat is stressed out because you are leaving it alone.

How can you revive the bond with your cat after coming back from work ?

You should try to bring in treats for your cat when you return and let it sit on your lap , so that it can bond with you.

What kind of treats should you bring for your cat when you return from work?

You should bring in something your cat really likes but you should also make sure that it is just a small part of your cats diet. This is because just as humans have a weight gaining symptom so do cats, so keep your cat healthy.

Final Thoughts

You are the best judge for your cat. No one knows its personality better than you.

As we know all cats have different personalities, no research has given proper guidance. Though you should take care of all the above information as it is general and can be applied for your cat.

We have hoped to cover all your doubts , if any you could always comment on this website.

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