One day, while taking a walk I noticed my kitty’s whiskers. That’s when I noticed her one whisker color was different from the other!

To be honest, I was scared so I decided to check on the matter and then I came across the complex system of cats.

Cats are so much like humans. How?

What change happens to us when we grow up? White hairs.

Similarly, our cat’s whisker changes color with time. Whiskers are the hair strand that is present on the cheekbones, above the eyes, and lower legs of the cat. They are like the antenna of the cat.

Whiskers are the mustache of cats that are thicker than the rest of their body hairs and have deeper roots. They are known to have only two colors; black and white.

But isn’t whiskers hairs and part of a cat’s fur? Let’s dig into the article for better views!

Why Does My Cat Have One Black Whisker? Should I Be Worried?

What Are The Two Types Of Whisker Color In Cats?

what are the two types of whiskers color in cats?

The color of the body hair in mammals is decided and depends on the pigment named melanin.

The cat’s whisker can be of two colors; white and black.

Most cats have white whiskers at a young age but as they grow the melanin doesn’t work simultaneously hence making the whiskers black in color. Though the color of the whisker can be due to some genetic cause and the breed of the cat.

Why Is My Cat Whisker Turning Black?                  

The cat’s whisker has the ability to change its color with the age.           

If you are feeling your cat’s whisker is turning black from white then she is probably growing. The color of the whisker will not change overnight; it will take its time.

If you feel only one strand is black in color then also you shouldn’t get worried mostly when kittens enter at the age of 1 or 2 they’ll start having the strand of black whisker. That is why you can notice their one whisker color as black while others will be white.

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Can Cat’s Whisker Change Its Color With Age?

The cat’s whisker will change color with the age. It gets its color from a skin pigment but as the follicle matures the whiskers start losing their color.  With time this pigment keeps on Lessing which eventually makes the color of the whisker black in cats.

Basically in mammals, the hair and skin color depend on the pigment named melanin but the cat’s whisker has no access to this pigment due to which its color is white.

When the kitten enters the age of grown cats her mustache color will darken a little and with time it will keep on blackening itself.  The color change is quite a long process. Though the black whisker doesn’t mean your cat is now a grammy cat.

The breed of the cat can also affect the color of the vibrissae.

Okay, so even cats want to show that they are experienced beings!

What Determines Cat’s Whiskers color?

What determines cat's whiskers color?

The cat whiskers’ color is mainly dependent on two factors; age and breed.


As told in the previous paragraph, with the growing age, the cat’s whisker already has no access to melanin due to which it is white in color but with time the color of the whisker changes with age due to dead skin cells. That’s why the cat’s whisker turns black.


Though the young cats mostly have white whiskers the role of the breed can make a lot of difference. Different breeds of cats can have different genes and with genes comes the characteristic feature of living beings or mammals.

The Bombay cat is the only cat that has had black whiskers throughout its age.

What Does Black Whisker On Cat Mean?

The black whisker on the cat is not a matter of worry. It is a natural process.

If you are noticing sudden blackness in your whiskers it probably means your kitty is now mature.

Take the example of a human, doesn’t our hair and beard change their color after a certain age? A similar thing happens with cats.

Can An Orange Cat Have Black Whiskers?

A cat is a fluffy and furry animal. The fur of the cat can be of different colors like orange, black, white, grey, brown, or cream but whichever the color is the cat of it can never affect the color of the whiskers!

Yes, an orange cat can have a black whisker. The color of the whole body hair is set by one pigment only but it gives a different color to the fur and hair strand. Being with the deep root, the cat’s whiskers are closest to the glands of the body.

The natural color of the cat’s whisker is white which blackens with age.

So, the black, grey, and brown cream cats will have white and black whiskers only.

What Cat Breeds Have Black Whisker?

What cat breeds have black whiskers?

Only One Cat Breed Have Black Whiskers!

This might sound astonishing but it’s the truth.

The Bombay cat is the only cat that has black whiskers and it is genetic.

This breed was developed by a scientist named Nikki Horner. The cat breeder aimed to have a domestic cat with the look of the black panther. And through this imagination came the Bombay cats.

They are of two kinds; American Bombay cat and British Bombay cat.

The American Bombay cat was the result of the cloning of Burmese and Black American Shorthairs, while the British Bombay cat was the result of the cloning between Burmese and Black Domestic Shorthairs.

Bombay cats are full black in color. Even their whiskers are of black color. They are quite social in nature and smart too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Cat’s whisker black and white?

Cat’s whiskers will seem to be black and white when they are going through the process of aging as the whiskers will not turn black immediately.

Do all cats have black whiskers?

The answer can be yes and no both because a cat’s whiskers can turn darker with age and will be white when young. Though Bombay cats have black whiskers.

Can a brown cat have black whiskers?

A brown cat can have black whiskers with growing age. the whisker’s color will always be white and black irrespective of the fur’s color.

Can I dye my cat’s whisker?

No. Never dye your cat’s whisker. It is the most sensitive part of their body which helps them in various daily chores. This can also cause whisker fatigue.

Final Words

Whiskers are the most sensitive part of a cat’s body and hence helps to detect any small particle.

Cats are still a mystery for modern-day scientists. There are much more answers to be hunted by the people.

Cat’s whiskers are one out of many such mysteries as in some cases the color of the whisker will change to white with old age while in some it will be black.

Till now the most prevalent answer to this is that the cats have white whiskers and these whiskers darken with age.

Next time you can observe your cat more knowingly!


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