After a long hectic day, coming home and hugging your cat is probably the best feeling. Their furry and soft coats relax your nerves hence making your day complete.

But a bad odor can definitely steal your day’s conclusion!

But wait, aren’t cats conscious about their grooming? Indeed, cats are known for their cleanliness and grooming sense.  Mother cat licks their newborn to clean them off and after 4 weeks of birth, the kitties start self-grooming!

So, the question is why would these creatures smell bad, and how to get rid of the bad smell?

The sticky smell could be due to her low grooming routine, bad health, or even bad surrounding.

Take a dip in this article for a better view!

my cat is smelly! how to make my cat smell better?

What’s The Natural Smell Of Cats?

Cats generally smell good.

In fact, their 9 glands give different odors to them. Most of the odors are pleasant and they smell for a reason. Cats smell different when; they want affection, they are hungry, they want you to pet them and they attach emotions.

The smell they produce is obviously due to chemical equations.

Doesn’t fragrance play with your emotion and mood? It happens with cats too. Cats can remember your scent and it is usually associated with the feeling of love. But we cannot remember the scent of the cat. Different cats smell differently and according to their mood.

Have you ever noticed the nutty smell of your cat? The smell actually comes from the pinna gland which is present on their head. This nutty and earthy smell usually describes their hunger.

Research says that a kitty even produces fragrance when they want you to pat them and you can notice the presence of oil in that area which is quite pleasing. The mother cat usually smells their kitty because of their odor. Kitty produces a very sweet fragrance which not only attracts their mother but us too. This fragrance is known to be the scent of love.

This intoxicating scent is also the result of their self-grooming. Being the queen of cleanliness cats keeps on grooming them whenever necessary. Apart from this the smell normally depends on their diet and health condition.

So, don’t forget to smell your kitty for a good relationship!

4 Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Bad!

Cats usually are fond of cleanliness, so their bad smell should definitely catch your attention and worry.  The poor smell of the cat could be due to the presence of bad odored stuff near them, bad dental health, unhygienic habits, or even bad health.

Here are some reasons which could be behind the bad smell of your cat;

4 reasons why your cat smell bad!

1. Marking Of Territory

Have you ever seen street cats hissing at each other?

They are saying “hey you are in my region, better back off!”

Actually, cats are territorial animals. They don’t like any other animal to cross their territory and in extreme cases, even you could be considered as an outsider.

They usually mark their places with their scent, either by rubbing their feet, cheeks, or tail on the floor. They even use their urine for marking. This probably makes it smelly.

2. Unhygienic

Though cats have a good sense of cleanliness but some cats find it hard. Cats groom to feel good, if your cat is not grooming she might be ill or suffering from arthritis, any other pain, or dental pain.

If kittens are taken away from their mother at an early age then the chances are they don’t know how to do self-grooming. When undergroomed, the cat will not only smell foul but she would also have stains of food and dirt on her body with rough fur.

3. Bad Mouth

There could be several reasons for a bad mouth odor. To find the root cause better contact a vet.

Temporary bad odor of mouth could be due to the sticky cat food she ate but most bad odors are known to be the sign of bad health in cats. In the case of bacterial content, she already has it in her mouth. This bacterial buildup produces a foul smell and may lead to tooth loss.

Sometimes due to a stomach infection, the mouth of your kitty might give space to ulcers. This untreated ulcer with bacteria might be the cause of the bad odor and uncomfy cat.

4. Health Issues

Every body part is connected. The problem of the stomach can be carried to the mouth, the problem of the ear will affect your balance.

Cats are known to be odorous. So, it will not be surprising to say that a particularly foul smell will indicate certain body problems

In some cases, the major cause of bad odor could be bad health.

As stated earlier, cats are obsessed with cleanliness. They don’t let the stain of urine or poop remain on their body until and unless they are ill or untrained.

Like if she is suffering from diarrhea, she won’t be able to clean herself very efficiently due to fur. This accommodation of dirt can cause infection in the anus area due to which the cat might smell fishy.

If the whole body of your cat smells ill then there could be chances of skin infection and wounds.

After petting the cat if your hands have a greasy and smelly coat then it is probably the infection.

In case of a wound, if the wound is infectious then your cat will become smelly.

An ear infection is also very smelly. If you smell something foul and the cat is continuously scratching its ear then it could be an ear infection.

These could also be the symptoms of cancer or kidney problems.

Never ignore the pungent smell of your cat for these mentioned reasons are not only smelly but harmful for their health. This smell can make your cat irritated.

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Garbage?

Cats love to play hide and seek.

why does my cat smell like garbage?

You must be thinking why in the world I am putting this game on the topic of smelly cat!

Well, if you are a cat parent you must have noticed your cat messing up with your things in the room and scattering it everywhere despite being a clean fellow. Cats love to play games. They usually choose boxes and polybags to hide.

So the garbage bin is probably the best place for it to hide and the bin has several (wasted) things which your cat thinks to be their toys.

There are chances that your little cat must be playing in the garbage bin, and so the smell got stuck with her. Another reason can be a serious topic. Cats usually smell foul when they are suffering from any health issue.

The garbage-like smell of your cat might be the symptom of liver, intestine, or kidney infection, or even your cat can be diabetic.

For confirmation keep a check on her moves if she loves to play with the garbage, if no then the smell is probably the symptom of her deteriorating health.

Why Does My Cats Fur Smell Like Poop?

Do you know; cats in comparison to dogs are likely to suffer less from skin infection! This could be due to their regular grooming habit or immunity.

There can be the various reason due to which you cat smell like a poop; playing inside poop box; improper grooming; changed diet; issues of digestion and infection.

1. Playing Inside Litter Box

Your little kitty or even a big one may like to play in their litter box doing all poses of yoga. Due to rolling and playing the poop of your cat stuck on the fur makes her smell awful.

2. Improper Grooming

We usually don’t complain about a dirty and smelly cat but sometimes some ill cats who are suffering from bone problems or arthritis fail to clean themselves properly. The liquid poop or in diarrhea the poops might not be licked properly if the cat is ill or has long hairs.

3. Changed Diet

Have you changed the diet of your kitty? Well, cats are carnivorous which means their taste is more inclined towards the flesh rather than vegetable and grain. The protein in their diet is enough for their health.

Too much grain and vegetables can create stomach problems which lead to diarrhea. The loose poop gets stuck on their fur hence making them smelly.

4. Issues Of Digestion

Digestion issue is mostly due to the diet. But this diet sometimes instead of causing diarrhea causes gas issues. They might be allergic to some food.

Due to which they start smelling foul and you don’t find any traces of poop on their fur.

5. Infection

In some cases, the cat’s fur can smell bad if they are not grooming themselves. In this case, their fur is covered by a greasy and stinky coat. This is a matter of worry, as this under-grooming could be a sign of diabetes and other health problems.

But this is not the only reason for stinky cats.

A cat’s fur can emit a bad odor when they have a skin infection. In case of anus infection or problem, the foul smell of anal can be transferred to the fur hence making the cat stinky.

But my cat is a good groomer, how can she suffer from anal infection? Well, cats with long hair can be the patient of anus infection as their long hair wouldn’t allow them to clean the area profusely.

The cat suffering from autoimmune Disease can also develop a foul odor.

How To Make Your Cat Not Smell Like Poop?

It’s obvious to feel concerned about your well-groomed cat when she starts smelling like shit and you are desperate to hug her.

There are many ways to make your cat not smell like poop; cleaning of litter box; balanced diet; bathing or grooming; medical help.

1. Cleaning The Litter Box

Maintaining your cat’s litter box is no joke.

You need to clean your cat’s space quite a few times to avoid the mishap. There is also some self-cleaning litter box which will bury the poop of cat. That is expensive.

2. Balanced Diet

As a child, you must have learned the importance of a balanced diet. We, humans, need the proper amount of fat, carbohydrate, protein, minerals, etc but don’t mix your cat’s diet with yours. Cats are only carnivorous unlike us hence they need flesh more than veggies for they need protein.

Give your cat some limited amount of food and remember cats cannot eat every kind of grain and vegetable. Avoid giving them dairy products and allergic ones. Try to give them a meat diet.

3. Grooming

One of the best ways to keep your cat stink-free is to bathe her.

A bath will not only remove the odor but make her feel fresher. Also, don’t forget to trim her hair as the long hairs are no good for their healthy lifestyle.

Before a bath, trim the hairs of your cat, and don’t forget to cut the tip of her nails off. After the process, you can take her for a bathing session. Be soft with it. An ill cat will not be able to take a bath, you can clean her with the wipes.

While using deodorant remember that a human deodorant is of high pH, hence it might irritate your cat’s skin. So better get her a pet deodorant.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Smelling?

To have the cure of this problem, we need to find the core of the problem. Products like cat wipes and toothpaste, waterless shampoo, etc. You may like to take her to a bathing round or clean her stuff. Try using a fragrant candle.

Before throwing any conclusion, try to find out what was your kitty doing before the sticky smell started to consume the air. She might be playing around the litter box? Or a sticky food and garbage hunt might be the major reason behind the odor?

Here are some ways to make the cat smell better; grooming; healthy diet; healthy habits; clean surroundings; keep her happy; vet.

How can i stop my cat from smelling?

1. Grooming

Cats are good self groomers. They take to give themselves 1 hour for grooming. But if your cat was taken away from its mother quite early then it can be a bad groomer.

Who taught you the basic manners of life? Mother and father.  Even you would be clueless without the proper help of your mom.

Then think about this sweet creature!

You need to remain patient with your cat and take good action.  Try giving your cat some proper bath with cat shampoo. Don’t forget to brush her hair and be occasional for checking any signs of ticks.

Also, try trimming her fur, if the hairs are too long.

Try a spa session.

2. Healthy Diet

When phoebe buffy sang “smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you!” her question was absolutely right!

What we eat is very essential for it does not affect digestion but mouth odor too. 

Try changing the diet of your kitty. Some sticky food can also change the taste and odor of your cat. Try giving it some good pet food and try not to give it the food you eat.

Cats being free animals might go out for an adventure on the garbage box. In such cases, take a strict step to stop it. This habit will not only harm its odor but stomach health too.  By changing the diet her smell of urine might become better.

3. Healthy Habits

How do you feel when you do not bathe or brush your teeth? Lazy and foul, right?

The same goes for cats. If you are not taking good care of her health then you should stop doing so!

Cats hate bathing but it is quite essential for a good smell. A bath with good shampoo will make her smell good. And just like you brush your teeth, start giving your cat a tooth massage too!

Brushed teeth will definitely work miraculously for a good cat’s smell.

These healthy habits are not only for a sweet odor but good health too. This session will make your cat fresh!

4. Clean Surrounding

Sometimes it can only be the surroundings and stuff of the cat that make her smell foul.

Clean her toys and litter box often. Try using deodorants. But buy certain pet deodorants available for cats.

Stop her from spaying.

5. Keep Her Happy

Cats are unique. They can smell according to their emotions and need.

According to research, a cat smells sweet when it is with someone she loves or is in good mood. Kitty usually smells sweet and edible. The fragrance of the cat can tell her mood. A scared cat will smell bad.

So try to keep your kitty happy.

A happy kitty will smell better!

6. Vet

A smelly cat should make you worried.

If you feel your cat is suffering from serious health issues then take her to the vet instead of an experiment as she is not only feeling pain but her own odor might be making her lazy.

After good medical care, your cat will feel better.

How Can I Make My Cat Smell Better Without A Bath?

Is your cat restraining herself from bathing?

Some people say cats don’t like the smell of chemicals in tap water some say the water makes their fur heavy.

An ill cat will also fight and in such a case, it’s hard to think of any alternative. Whatever is the reason but your cat needs a good bath if she smells too foul.

We do have an alternate.

There are many products available for your cat to bathe without water!

You can make your cat smell better without a bath with these three products; cat wipes; no-rinse shampoo; grooming mitts. You can also use a wet towel.

1. Cat Wipes

Cat wipes are usually soft and gentle.

So, using wipes can be the best option as they will work profusely and gently on the fur of cats. A towel can be rough. Some wipes are biodegradable.

2. Grooming Mitt

Grooming mitt is soft gloves with flexible tips. It will gently clean the fur of the cat removing the dirt.

It will also keep the cat smell-free.

3. No-Rinse Cat Shampoo

A no-rinse shampoo works smoothly on the cat’s skin, moisturizing it and soothing the itchy area. The shampoo also contains good elements like aloe Vera and oil which emits a good smell.

When Should I Rush To The Vet With Stinky Cat?

A foul smell of a cat should not be ignored as the basic smell of a cat is pleasurable.

If your cat has any kind of infection on the body or ulcers then consider taking it to the vet. Ulcers and bad routines can also be the symptom of other underlying diseases.

If the smell of the cat’s excretion is not changing by the change of diet then contact the vet.

If the cat is not eating like usual, then rush it to the vet as it could be suffering from a major problem. If your cat is not urinating then better run to the vet as it could be a sign of blockage.

Don’t ignore the symptoms!

Frequently Asked Question

Can I put perfume on my cat?

No, you cannot put perfume on your cat for the Ph level of perfume is very high and high ph can cause skin irritation in cats.

How do I keep my house from smelling like a cat?

There are many ways to keep your house from smelling like a cat; you can use room spray, try fragrance candles, keep the windows open for ventilation, clean the toys of kitty; clean the area of cat; clean the litter box of cat.

Why does my cat smell like pee?

Your cat can smell like pee if she has marked her area with the urine or she might be suffering from a urinary problem or even diabetes.

Final Words

Cat’s smell can tell you their story. So, it better not to ignore her smell.

Check if your kitty is trying an adventure out on the garbage box or is suffering from hard times. The smell is not irritating only you but her too as an ungroomed cat will feel lazy.

Give her a happy life to let her natural odor work. Keep her under a good routine and medicine.

Better smell next time!

Hope this article was helpful!


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