Play, of course, relieves boredom in cats and allows them to express their predatory nature. It also prevents behavioral issues and allows for enough exercise, which helps indoor cats lose weight and avoid other health concerns.

Your cat considers his poop to be one of his toys and so is playing with it. Although adult cats are also prone to playing with their droppings, it is usual to observe kittens do so.

This does not, however, imply that your cat is allowed to play with poop! Continue reading for guidance on how to break your cat’s kinky behavior.

Cat Playing With Poop

Do Cats Play With Poop?

Yes, cats enjoy playing with their own poop.

They get fascinated by their excrement, especially if it is firm and round-shaped, and they become much more fascinated when it moves when they swat it, resulting in the beginning of swat and chase play.

Cats, being the opportunistic players that they are, see feces as a ball since it is solid, light, and rolls around, like a toy in every way.

Is It Normal For Cats To Play With Their Poop?

Yes, it is common for cats and kittens to play with their poop.

Isn’t it true that cats cover their poop? Certainly not! The primary reason why wild cats bury their feces is to keep their existence hidden from potential predators. The other is to demonstrate that they are not posing a threat to more dominant cats.

These more dominant cats rarely bury their excrement, instead preferring to leave it on grassy tussocks, which raise it and make it more visible.

So it appears that a dominating cat in the house is the sole reason for a domesticated cat to bury her excrement. Burying feces, on the other hand, is a fairly normal cat activity. So why isn’t your cat doing it?

Cats that don’t cover or leave a deposit outside the box may simply be doing what they’re used to. Despite the fact that burying excrement is often demonstrated by the mother cat, some cats never learn to do it.

In fact, one research witnessed female pet cats defecate 58 times, with just two instances of the cats attempting to dig a hole prior or covering it afterward. Unburied garbage may be used by roaming cats as a sort of marking.

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Why Does My Cat Play With Poop?

Your cat plays with poop because he doesn’t have toys to play with.

Why Does My Cat Play With Poop

The cat will soon choose the toys that provide the greatest enjoyment and will prefer to disregard the others. The cat has a habit of ignoring a major portion of the toys, much to the chagrin of owners who buy a lot of them.

Playing with your feces, on the other hand, is a habit that may be formed from the start. An adult cat with all of his favorite toys is unlikely to start playing with his poop.

On the contrary, kittens are frequently observed playing with their feces. When cats are young, they are curious and explorers, and all of the hunting activities listed above are amplified. Everything that is little and moving will enthrall you for a long time.

Most cats will discard this toy in favor of others, but others will continue to do so until adulthood.

It’s tough to keep your cat from using the litter box (it would not be very good for him and we run the risk that he will relieve himself outside).

It’s also not a good idea to chastise him since he’ll connect rebuke with your presence, and cats are adept at detecting when you’re not ready to do what they want and avoiding punishment. The two’s relationship will only deteriorate as a result of this.

The simplest option is to keep the excrement in the sandbox. There are boxes with higher walls or openings in the upper half from which the cat can leave. On the contrary, getting the crap out of there is impossible for him.

Don’t forget to offer him things that are comparable and that he can use in exchange. It is critical to offer your cat activities that are appropriate for your requirements.

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Why Does My Cat Keep Smearing Poop?

Your cat will smear his poop because he enjoys doing so.

Kittens are yet to learn the potty training by heart and so they step and smear on their poop. At about 7 months, they will gradually learn to eliminate and bury their poop without messing with their paws.

How To Get My Cat To Stop Playing With Poop?

You need to change the position of her litter box.

How To Get My Cat To Stop Playing With Poop?

Because he is uncomfortable with the position of his litter box, your cat may be playing with his excrement.

He might be doing it on purpose or just to keep himself occupied. Move his litter box to another location to fix this.

Choose a private location, such as beneath the stairs or in an empty room, and inform your cat of the new location of her litter box.

Your cat will most likely begin to use the litter box correctly and abandon her poop-playing habit.

Change The Litter Type Or Add Extra Litter

Adding additional litter to the litter box is another way to keep your cat from playing poop. When there is enough litter, cats may hide their excrement more easily and forget to play with it. Experiment with other litter types as well.

Cats may be finicky when it comes to litter scent and texture, so pay attention to what your cat prefers.

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Make Sure The Litter Box Is Clean

Because his litter box stinks so terrible, your cat may be playing with his excrement and batting it all over the place. Scents are important to cats, and a stinky litter box might cause them to do strange things like play with their waste.

If the litter box is unclean and stinky, they will also defecate or pee elsewhere. Your cat will likely use it again and cease playing with his excrement if you clean it well to eradicate any trace of unpleasant odor.

Because your cat dislikes his litter box, he may be playing with his excrement as a kind of silent protest. Cats can be picky about the sort of litter they use, and the same can be said of their litter box.

Some cats like the open-top variety, while others are content with the closed-top one with a flap. Experiment with different sorts to see which your cat enjoys the best.

After using the litter box, your cat may be playing with his excrement since there isn’t much else to do, especially if he is a solitary cat that is left alone at home for the majority of the day.

Provide him with little catnip-filled balls to play with, some of which should be placed outside the litter box.

These balls are the same size as his feces, but they smell pleasant, provide a natural high, and will make him forget about his poop days.

Cats who are frequently left alone may come up with a variety of amusing activities, such as playing with their own feces. Spend at least 20 minutes twice a day just playing and socializing with your cat to give him more attention and quality time.

To keep your cat engaged while you are gone from home, provide interactive toys and set up a cat tree or catio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat want me to watch her poop?

It’s a matter of safety. They’re vulnerable in that time, especially while pooping, and they’re looking to you for signs on whether or not it’s safe. The vulnerability occurs when people are unable to turn around and observe what is behind them. She essentially wants you to be her lookout so she can relax and know everything is safe.

Do cats get embarrassed when they poop?

The region of the brain that handles humiliation in cats is similar to that in humans, although it is considerably smaller. Regrettably, there isn’t a simple answer. Despite this, many cat owners assume that when their cats defecate, vomit, fart, or fall over, they feel humiliated.

Why do cats scratch the floor after pooping?

Cats sometimes exhibit strange mannerisms, such as clawing the floor after urinating. When a litter box fails to disguise the odor of its feces, this behavior develops. If this is the case, cleaning out the litter box will eliminate the odor of your cat’s excrement.

Final Words

When cats are bored, they may do the strangest things, such as play with their own feces, which they may mistake for toys.

Give your cat extra attention, spend time playing with him, and give him catnip-filled balls to play with to deter him from continuing this behavior. It might also assist to be aware of your cat’s preferences in terms of litter box type, litter kind, and litter box location.

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