Until provoked or frightened, cats rarely scratch their owners. If you get scratched across the eyes, it’s most likely that your eyelid will be scratched rather than the eyeball.

The eyelid comes down as a natural reaction. It won’t be pretty, but it won’t hurt your eye.

The easiest way to avoid this is to not believe roughhousing with a kitten is cute, and if the cat bites you, let your hand go limp before they let go, then strongly scold the cat.

Calming collars and pet chews are available on the market; if you plan to adopt an adult animal, these things would benefit both your new cat and any other cats you have.

Your cat scratched your eye because it was either frightened or provoked into defending itself. It can seem cruel and unjustified. Some scratches are severe enough to result in vision loss. Any scratches may become contaminated, resulting in vision loss if not managed (or worse). However, aside from some annoyance, some scratches would have little impact.

However, in order to move forward, it’s important to consider the root cause.

So now you know why your cat acted the way he did. Is this, therefore, deemed an emergency? Will it be able to recover on its own? How do you make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Continue reading for the answers to these questions, as well as a lot more.

Cat Scratched My Eye? What To Do Now?

What Harm Can A Cat Scratch Cause To Your Eyes?

What Harm Can A Cat Scratch Cause To Your Eyes?

Cat scratching is excruciatingly painful. And more so when you look at it! If you were scratched in or above your eyelid, the first thing you can do is spray the area with clean water.

This is done to manually clean out any debris or bacteria that might potentially contaminate the wound.

If the cat’s paw got you in the eye, either spill water into the open eye or fill a bucket of water and dive your head in while holding your eyes open, being careful not to breathe water in.

Remove your contact lenses before rinsing your eye with water if you have them on.

If the scratch is just on the exterior of the skin, you should add an antiseptic cream after rinsing it with water, being careful not to have the solution in the eye.

A ice pack should also be used to reduce discomfort and swelling.

You should also use an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment on the bite; just make sure you know if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients. A trip to the doctor may be needed if this is not the case.

If the scratch is on the eye itself, an abrasion on the cornea, the translucent outermost layer of the eye, is likely. If at all practicable, see a doctor right away.

The doctor will run a series of scans on the eye to determine the extent of the scratch. The doctor will also recommend medication to combat bacteria and fungi that can invade the eye wound, as well as medication to reduce the risk of corneal scarring, which may affect vision.

If rushing to the hospital straight away isn’t possible for any cause, and the cut on the eye seems to be mild, at the very least take good care of the injured eye at home.

Since rinsing with water, it is safest to hold the eyelids closed to rest the eye. To relieve pain, place a cold pack on closed eyelids, but avoid putting too much pressure on the eyeball.

What Causes Cats To Scratch Their Owners?

What Causes Cats To Scratch Their Owners?

What causes these little fluffballs to go homicidal all of a sudden?

Rough play, surprise, discomfort, violence, offering oral drugs, and placing a cat in a pet carrier are the most frequent causes of scratching accidents in animals.

Any of these circumstances are entirely avoidable. Try to keep the cat as quiet as possible if you can’t stop it.

I still highlight the importance of using a positive reinforcement incentive scheme to teach kittens how to reach the pet carrier and how to take oral medications.

When they’re older, this can come in handy. Let it clear to a kitten that roughhousing is not permitted.

Indoor cats’ nails should still be clipped.

Keep all of your cat’s vaccines up to date, and adopt your veterinarian’s flea prevention and control regimen diligently to reduce the possibility of disease transmission.

Flea treatment decreases the cat’s risk of developing Cat Scratch Disease, a bacterial infection that can be spread to humans.

Keep an eye on all interactions with cats and small children. Teach kids how to properly pet a cat and that, unlike dogs, cats only allow petting on certain parts of their bodies.

Symptoms Of Cat Scratch To Eyes

Where a cat has bitten or scratched you, a red lump, sore, or blister may appear. This will happen anywhere from three to ten days after the bite or scrape.

It could take a long time for the sore or blister to recover. A low-grade fever (less than 102°F), cough, nausea, and a loss of appetite are all possible symptoms.

Lymph node inflammation is also a possibility. The glands nearest to the scrape or bite are the most often affected. If the eye is scratched, it can become tender and swollen, resulting in blurred vision.

What To Do If A Cat Scratches Your Eye

If your cat has bitten your eye, follow the remedies mentioned below to alleviate the irritation.

However, whether or not you have any injury to your eyes, you should see an eye doctor right away.

When Your Cat Scratches Your Eye, What Do You Do?

1. Use Saline Water To Rinse Your Eyes

The first thing you can do is rinsing your eyes with saline or fresh water.

This will help to relieve the discomfort as well as remove any foreign particles from the eye, such as pollen.

2. Continue To Blink

Blinking isn’t the most effective way to relieve discomfort.

Blinking, on the other hand, will assist with the removal of dust from your cat’s nails and other objects.

3. Wearing Sunglasses

If you need to see a doctor because your eye has been bruised, try wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses can help cover your delicate eyes from the light.

4. Please Don’t Rub Your Eyes

If your cat has rubbed your cheek, avoid rubbing it. This will cause you more harm.

5. Wearing Contact Lenses Isn’t a Safe Idea

If your eyes have been bruised, try not to wear your glasses or goggles.

6. Redness-Relieving Eye Drops Need Not Be Used

Redness-relieving eye drops can aggravate the pain rather than alleviate it. As a consequence, keep away from them.

Here are some of the solutions open to you.

If you see the specialist, anti-inflammatory and relaxing eye drops are almost likely to be prescribed. But please pay them a call.

Is It Important To See A Doctor If You Have A Scratched Eye By Cat?

If you have a scratched eye, it is necessary to decide whether or not it is significant. Scratched eye, also known as corneal abrasion, is a scrape that damages the outer layer of the pupil and iris.

A corneal abrasion is a common eye damage caused by a variety of things.

It will make you feel nervous and put you at risk of having an infection in your eyes. As a result, seeking medical care and attention is important to avoid all such risks.

You might feel like something is in or on your eye whether you have a scratched eye or a corneal abrasion, which is a mark on the membrane surrounding your iris or pupil.

If you’re in pain, make an appointment with a specialist right away and get some help.

What Are The Treatments For Scratched Eyes By Cat?

A slit light is used to detect corneal abrasions, which are then handled appropriately. These lights are made up of a microscope with a blinding light that allows ophthalmologists to inspect the front and back of your body.

Once they determine the seriousness of the scratch by claws, they can recommend and administer antibiotic eye drops, as well as instructions for how to use them and for how long.

Non-extreme corneal abrasions recover in two or three days on their own, while more severe ones can take longer. After a scratched eye, what you have to do is see a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go blind from a cat scratch?

Symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease normally occur within two weeks of exposure, according to the Cat Scratch Disease Fact Sheet. Fever, cough, nausea, and a loss of appetite are the most common symptoms. Blindness is a possibility, although it is uncommon. If you already have a damaged immune system, you’re more likely to contract it.

Can a scratched eye heal on its own?

A slight scratch can recover in 1 to 3 days on its own. Abrasions that are more serious can take longer to heal. Do not rub your eye as it heals.

How long does it take for a cat’s scratched eye to heal?

Corneal abrasions recover in three to five days on average. Antibiotic ophthalmic drops or ointment are used to avoid bacterial infections and to relieve spasms or discomfort (typically atropine ophthalmic drops or ointment).

Final Words

Being mindful of the above factors will reduce the risk of being bitten in the eye or otherwise on the body by your cat.

Unfortunately, many cats have been declawed inhumanely, donated to shelters, or dumped in the streets as a result of scratching incidents that are not entirely the cat’s fault.

The goal is to strike a balance that maximizes the advantages of living with cats while minimizing the chance of injury.

Have you too faced a scratch by your beloved pet in the eye? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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