1. We had to apply nail caps to one hind paw on our cat to help her heal from an injury her skin had healed but her fur had not grown back in yet so she was itchy, every time she scratched she opened up small wounds on her neck starting the healing process all over so we put nail caps on her hind paw so she could scratch without causing damage to herself and we could remove the cone she had been wearing to protect the injury. Putting them on was awkward simply due to her disposition but she left them alone once they where on and they did not bother her in the least and if it where not such a stressful process for her as an individual cat I would gladly apply them to all of her paws regularly. As is they are an excellent aid for dealing with any future fur loss she may have(she has exceptionally delicate fur and to much friction rubs it down to skin she doesn’t even currently wear a collar since the last one she wore rubbed her fur off which we have never seen in our other cat or any of our dogs) if you are looking for a better solution to scratches than trimming the nails nail caps are a phenomenal choice.

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