If you plan on buying a cat ever you may want to consider all the important and precious possessions. You may want to find a place to hide all of that from your cat. You may also want to reconsider the gender of the cat.

You may be wondering why would I warn you about the gender of the cat. Let me tell you.

The state of your house turns upside down when you bring in a pet but imagine if your cat starts scratching all over the place wrecking precious things how would you handle that?

The scratching habits of cats depend on the gender of the cat and male cats are known to be more dominating and territorial.

Let’s find out more about this together.

Do Male Cats Scratch More Than Female Cats?

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Scratches are a way of expressing emotions for cats. Not only as a method of defense, but scratching is also a way of claiming their possessions and a way of expressing and communicating.

Let’s know in detail what exactly could be the reasons that cats scratch.

  1. Self-defense: the main use of claws for cats is scratching. You may have seen cats scratching people when they bother them. They use their sharp claws to cut skin and also hunt their prey.
  2. Exercising:  cats also scratch surfaces to stretch their paws and the muscles in their legs and back. If they aren’t getting enough exercise they may scratch at surfaces to stretch their paws. They even stretch their muscles out of boredom. So scratches can be associated with boredom too.
  3. Sharpening claws: cats may scratch to sharpen claws too. With time their nails develop a layer that causes them to be a little blunt. Cats scratch at surfaces and due to friction the layer comes off and continuous scratches can also sharpen their nails.
  4.  Marking Territory: cats are very protective and possessive of their belongings, especially tom cats. They mark their possessions by leaving their scents on them and when cats scratch they leave their scent on the spot because of the presence of scent glands in their paws.
  5. Expressing emotions: cats may also try to communicate by scratching. A cat may also scratch on rough surfaces to relieve tension. This action is also associated with anxiety and stress. 

This sums up all the reasons your cat may be scratching and some behavioral patterns would not be noticed in cats of different genders.

Such as staking a claim on possessions are traits mostly shown by male cats and are not observed in female cats as much.

Do Male Cats Scratch More Than Females?

Male cats are territorial, unneutered tom cats more so. They mark their territory by leaving scents. The way of leaving scents could be any.

They usually do so by urinating around their territory. The urine leaves a distinctive smell marking their territory.

Another way of marking for cats is scratching. When they scratch at surfaces, the scent glands in their feet secrete enzymes that leave their smell on the surface when they scratch it.

Yes, Male cats scratch more than female cats. When they are not neutered, the only thing that matters to them is mating. So marking territory does not only fend off unnecessary trespassers but also attracts more females. 

As male cats get neutered the urge to mate lessens and they mark lesser by scratching less. But compared to females, male cats scratch more than female cats. 

In human beings, males are considered more territorial and the analogy in cats also fits. Humans and animals show similar traits and the possessive behavior of males is one of them.

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Why Do Male Cats Scratch More?

Why Do Male Cats Scratch More?

We have already established the fact that male cats mark more than female cats but what is the reason to do so?

A variety of answers could be possible for this question. 

One of the possible reasons is mating. Cats find a suitable mate by leaving their scent around. It is said that female cats are attracted to male cats because of their smell. Cats leave their scent by scratching and urinating.

When they are neutered their urge to mate isn’t as strong but when they are not, they are always prowling for a mate.

Even though female cats are fierce and protective but male cats are more dominating and controlling in nature they have the urge to mark their possessions and territory. They pee on or around things or scratch on things so that they could convey the message of the ownership of their belongings.

It is shocking to see that male cats do this more so than females but even though female cats are more savage they are just not as territorial as male cats.

Do Male Neutered Cats Scratch More?

The very prominent and obvious reason that male cats scratch is mating but when they are neutered their urge to mate dampens and so should all the marking and scratching. But that is not the case.

Even if they are not driven by any sexual desires they are more territorial. Being territorial is a part of their nature. Dominance is also one of their common traits, so the urge to mark and dominate does not go away just like that. 

Getting your cat neutered may lessen the frequency of scratches but they may not completely stop doing it. 

If they feel threatened or unsafe they try to get a grip on their insecurities by marking their territory and we already know they do it by scratching or urinating all over the place.

They do this so that they could warn potential threats or send the message across about who owns the territory.

Cats before getting spayed tend to go a little crazy due to their sexual drive. A female cat in heat may exhibit strange and crazy behavior but they are still not known to scratch as much as male cats do.

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How Do You Stop Cats From Scratching?

How Do You Stop Cats From Scratching?

You can try employing the following methods to stop cats from scratching:

1. Scratching Posts:

Scratching posts are specially designed for cats so that they would get enough movement in their muscles and they would also protect your furniture or other articles.

2. Neutering:

Getting your cat spayed may also help with it as one of the main reasons for a cat’s incessant scratching may be its sexual drive.

When they won’t have the urge to do so they wouldn’t even try to attract a potential mate.

3. Clipping Nails:

Clipping your cat’s nails regularly should also be made a part of your routine. If they grow long if they scratch someone it could cut deeper and even expose them to the risk of infection. 

4. Safety Measures:

If your cat scratches a particular object more than anything else  you could use substances like plastic wrap or double-sided tape or sandpaper as cats do not like the texture of these materials and tend to steer clear of this stuff whenever possible

These could possibly help you with the scratching but there is no guarantee that these methods would be completely effective but for the time being, they would work.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do cat scratches mean something?

yes, cat scratches unless not used as a method of defense are the means of communication for cats. They use scratches to mark their territory and exert power over their belongings. They may also use scratches as a way of communication with their mates as when cats scratch they leave their scent behind on the surface they scratch at.

Can cat scratches be prevented?

Yes, there are ways to prevent cat scratches and they have proven to be effective most of the time. You could use scratching posts or get the cat neutered or try to prevent them near regular surfaces from substances like sandpaper, double-sided tape, or plastic which cats highly dislike.


You may have heard a lot of times that how guys are way too protective and possessive about things or their partners than females. This is also applicable to cats too. Male cats are way more possessive and dominating when it comes to their belongings. 

Now human beings can communicate by talking and use other ways to stake their claim but what would a male cat do?

A male cat would urinate around their stuff or scratch. When they scratch the scent glands on their paws excrete enzymes and leave their distinctive smell which conveys the message of their ownership.

A cat’s sexual drive also plays an important role in its behavioral patterns and fluctuations. They may not behave in their right mind because of their desperation. 

But male cats even after getting spayed may try to impose their dominance and authority by scratching. 

Now after all the above arguments would you consider the gender of the cat before you get one as a pet?


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