Humans in general tend to compare a person’s competence based on their gender, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily.

But this cannot be blamed on us, this sort of comparison is a result of generations of misogynist behavior around us. 

Now we have become aware and more susceptible to our surroundings but the tendency to compare genders never leaves us. 

In a good way, we are curious. When you look at a cat you may be curious too. You may also try to make a mental comparison thinking about which gender is better in cats. 

We can never make such comparisons as both genders have their respective roles and advantages but we can learn the facts if we want to compare them in the category of hunting.

Let’s find the facts about the hunting skills of different cat genders.

Are Female Cats Better Hunters Than Male Cats?

Are Male Cats Or Female Cats Better Hunters?

Both male and female cats have advantages of their gender roles but when it comes to hunting a lot of factors come into play like spaying, children, surrounding, etc. 

Both cat genders can prove to be excellent hunters if the situation calls for it. But it depends on the situation if you want to analyze which sex of the cat is a better hunter.

Male cats are known to hunt for fun. For them, hunting is an activity of leisure. Unlike male cats, female cats hunt to feed themselves or their kittens. They are also teachers for their young kittens so they also hunt to teach their children. 

Imagine a cat hunting to provide food for her family and a male cat prowling for prey for fun. The female cats are protective of their kids so when they hunt they hunt with a mission, 

killing the prey is important for their survival as they will kill the prey for sure but male cats might spare the life of their prey after catching it because it’s not a necessity for their survival.

But a better hunter is judged by the circumstances. A female cat would prove to be a better hunter if she has a litter to provide for or it may be as good as a male cat. 

This also depends on how early years of life the kitten has spent. If it has grown up with a mother they are more likely to know how to hunt than a cat who has grown up without the guidance of a mother.

Cats that grow under the care of their mothers usually know how to hunt as mother cats make sure to teach their children. But if the kitten is abandoned, irrespective of the gender, it would not be such a good hunter.

Is It True That Female Cat Hunt More Than Male Cats?

Is It True That Female Cat Hunt More Than Male Cats?

Yes, it may be true as female cats have a family to fend for but they may not hunt as much otherwise.

Female cats are responsible for feeding their litter so they may hunt more than a male cat. The frequency of how much the female cats hunt also depends upon the fact that they are spayed or not. If they are spayed they don’t have any obligations or duties to fulfill.

They do not have much to do as they don’t have any kids. The ability to produce doesn’t affect much in male cats except for shifting their focus. When they are not neutered their main focus is finding a suitable mate and mating.

During that period hunting for any reason is on the back burner. Also even after mating, they don’t usually stick around to stay with the kittens and move on. 

That’s why males are less frequent hunters than female hunters are. Male cats are rather possessive of their belongings they are more focused on fending off possible dangers from their territory that they mark their areas or belongings usually by peeing around them.

This may fend off the possible danger but it would also drive prey away. 

So female cats may be classified as better and even more frequent hunters than male cats. If not only for food, female cats also hunt to teach so they eventually end up hunting more than male cats.

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Are Female Cats Better Mousers Than Males?

Are Female Cats Better Mousers Than Males?

This answer would depend on the state of the mouse you want to end up in after hunting. If a female cat hunts a mouse, the mouse would end up dead and if a male cat did there are more possibilities of the mouse being alive.

Female cats hunt for sustenance and survival, while male cats are involved in hunting leisurely. They hunt for fun and hence most of the time their prey gets caught alive while if the prey is hunted by female cats there are more chances of it being dead rather than being alive.

Mouses are rather smaller prey and their sizes help them be quicker than the cats. Hunting mice requires better hunting skills which can be found in female cats. But they would leave a lot of blood and make a mess behind after hunting the mouse.

Hence, if at a place they need to get rid of mice make cats are employed and they are well fed. If they are well fed they may go after the next most sought thing, that is playing. For male cats, hunting is like playing so they may be better at catching mice

If you bring in a female cat for the task and feed it, then she may probably not even hunt the mice as they hunt for food, but after being fed their objective would be fulfilled.

Even starving them won’t help as once their appetite is filled they may discontinue even hunting more. Male cats would not stop hunting as they are more focused on their play. 

Even though their skills may be lacking but the Male cats could be better mousers than female cats.

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Why Are Female Cats Better Hunters?

Why Are Female Cats Better Hunters ?

Till now we have concluded that female cats are better hunters than male cats but why is it so?

  1. Motivated: female cats are motivated to feed or teach their family but male cats do not have any specific motive to hunt.
  2. Loners: female cats are loners and don’t like company hence they are more discreet and quiet which helps them creep up on their prey and hunt them. Males tend to be more social and hence alert their prey.
  3. Possessive: male cats are more possessive and they mark their territory by peeing around it. The scent of urine drives the pre away. Female cats aren’t so territorial and hence more careful than males. 

These just scratch the surface of the reasons why female cats are better hunters than male cats.

They have litters to care about and also their mothering instincts help them be better hunters and these skills are lacking in male cats. This makes female cats better and more potent hunters than male cats.

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Frequently asked questions

What gender of cat has the best hunting skills?

Female cats have better hunting skills than male cats. A variety of reasons support that. One of them being motivation. Female cats have an objective to feed their families and take care of their litter. The female cat is also responsible for teaching its kids how to hunt so they have better skills 

What cat should I bring to get rid of the mice?

If you want to get rid of mice any cat would suffice for the job. But before choosing you should know that female cats are better hunters but they kill their prey while male cats do not.

Which cat gender should be considered to catch mice?

It depends on if you want to catch the mice dead or alive. If you want to catch the mice alive you should bring in a male cat whereas if you want the mice to be dead you should bring in a female cat as they are known to kill their prey while males leave it alive.


When the question arises that in cat species, that are predators by nature, which gender of cats is better, the male or female we find it sometimes difficult to answer it. 

When male cats hunt they hunt for leisure or for expressing or communicating. For example, if they like you, they may present you with the prey they hunted as a sign of gratitude. Offering something they hunt is the gratification they show or express how fond of you they are.

Female cats hunt for a purpose and have the responsibility of feeding and teaching their kids. This pushes them to be better hunters. Such is also the case in another cat species, the lions.

Other character traits like socially inactive and less possessive behavior also help female cats be better hunters than male cats.

But where the females lack the males excel. The female cats are known for killing their prey. If they hunt there would likely be blood and death but when males hunt, it’s all fun, and games. 

So based on all the facts who would be the better hunter according to you?

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