Have you noticed your queen outliving her male counterpart?

You must feel sad about losing your baby boy, but did it ever occur to you why female cats live longer than male cats?

Being a cat mom to 3 healthy cats, I think I am eligible to tell you why.
But whatever may be the reason both the sexes in cats are the equally adorable and rightful owners of your preference.

From “Do female cats live longer?” to “ Which gender of cat should I get for myself?”- all your questions have been answered.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get into it.

Do Female Cats Live Longer Than Male Cats?

Do Female Cats Outlive Male Cats?

Do Female Cats Outlive Male Cats?

The answer is YES! Female cats live two or a few more years than males. The length of a female cat’s life is mostly affected by her genetics.

Did you know- Female cats are SPAYED while male cats are neutered.

Spaying (or castration) is the process of removing a queen’s reproductive organs like the ovaries and uterus to facilitate aging without difficulty.

It is done under anesthesia during surgery.

When Is The Correct Time To Spay Your Cat?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA, the correct time to spay your feline would be between 8 weeks and 5 months old. That is when they are still a kitten.

Urine spraying done by female cats attracts males as an indication of mating. So, spaying before the 5-month mark ensures no pregnancy and therefore longevity in lifespan.

This procedure is carried out during your baby’s stay in the shelter. That’s one less thing to worry about when you get a cat!

Myth: Female cats that have been spayed will gain weight. Because cats’ metabolisms slow down as they age, weight gain is more likely to result from inactivity and overeating than from medical treatment.

If your cat is healthy, her chances of living a longer life are guaranteed.

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How Long Do Male Cats Live?

Depending on various external aspects, a male can live up to 15 years of age.
The life expectancy of a male cat increases when he is neutered at an early age. Operating his testicles adds years to his life.

This also decreases his juvenescent behavior (That’s less trouble for you!)

However, different factors determine a male cat’s age:

1. Breed

Cat breeds such as Burmese and Manx can even live till they are in their 20s!
Secondly, if your feline is a mixed breed, such as an American Shorthair or Persian Mix, they tend to live longer than purebred cats like Siamese and Ragdoll.

It so happens due to their genetic diversity which strengthens their immune system. They are more efficient in dealing with illnesses and diseases.

2. Outdoor Cat or Indoor Cat

Another factor that determines a cat’s lifespan is its place of stay. If he is a house cat, then his chances of having a longer life are greater than that of a stray cat.

Indoor cats are protected from harsh and dynamic environments, they get proper nutrition, and are cared for as a result. It adds a few years to their life.

On the contrary, being too pampered can also weaken their immune systems and increase their risk of catching diseases.

Is it true? are male cats more affectionate? Find it out.

How Long Do Female Cats Live?

How Long Do Female Cats Live?

Domestic female cats, being genetically different from males, can live up to their 20s!

Spayed female cats live a mean of 62 percent longer than unneutered male cats. Keeping this in mind, get your kitty spayed as soon as possible.

This medical procedure saves you from the inconvenience of birthing her children, keeping up with her heat during the breeding season, and also from issues like menstruation.

Reasons for the prolonged lifespan:

1. Genetics

Both inherited and acquired genetic traits have an influence on female cats’ appearance, health, and lifespan.

Female cats make your life easier since they are more likely to vocalize and interact. They provide a great companion.

2. Personality

Female cats tend to be more concerned about their owners as opposed to male cats, who are more outspoken and aggressive. This personality trait adds some extra years to their lives.

They are less spontaneous and less prone to running away. As a result, they are much safer when it comes to exposed circumstances. They fall less prey to accidents and ward off diseases.

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Are Female Cats Better Than Male Cats?

Are Female Cats Better Than Male Cats?

When it comes to choosing your “Perfect Companion,” there’s no such thing as a gender. There are still chances of having a preference based on their behavior and interaction with you and society.

Well, let’s see:

1. Neutering Vs Spaying

As already covered in this article before, neutering is for male cats, and spaying is done for female felines.

Once the procedure is done, the male cats become more hostile and their escape attempts increase.

Females, on the other hand, start enunciating and attracting males. Having their reproductive organs removed, they take some time to adjust their behavior, ultimately becoming more peaceful and resilient.

2. Appearance

This is the most noticeable difference between the two genders.
Female cats are smaller in size compared to male cats, who are much larger and heavier.

Male cats are seen to have large, wide cheeks and a more rounded face than females. Large cheeks are used to signal physical fitness and strength to other cats – both males (as a sign of superiority) and females (as a sign of attractiveness).

Males often retain these large cheeks even after they are neutered. Females have slimmer faces.

3. Pride

It is a known fact that male cats are more playful while queens are more egoistic. Can you blame them? They are Queens, after all.

Males can get pretty rambunctious. So, if you are looking for a quiet companion, go for the ladies.

However, this can also be the reason for many people not choosing a female pet. Don’t you feel like resting sometimes too, unlike your friend who is always hyperactive? It is the same situation for them.

4. Independence

One less thing to worry about if you get a female cat is that they are very independent in nature. Unlike most felines, they can mostly look after themselves. Thanks to their motherly instinct!

5. Peeing Problem

Male cats urinate (spray urine) all over your house to mark their territory and announce what’s there. Neutered males, previously driven by their testosterone, do it as well.

Females, on the other hand, pee to attract males during the mating season. Spayed cats are far less likely to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is one thing that every first-time cat owner should know?

Like dogs, cats can also be considered a “Man’s Bestfriend”!

They are as likable, dependable, and loyal as dogs. Many people have the misconception that cats are temperamental loners who despise being petted.

Let me tell you that’s entirely false because I’m a cat mom.

Yes, cats ADORE their personal space, but they greatly prefer cuddling. They are quite intuitive, particularly when they notice their owners’ illness or sadness.

Do cats trust people easily?

No, cats take time to build trust. They are like introverted people at a party.
Cats are similar to guarded partygoers.

They want to meet people on their own terms. This means allowing them to approach you without making eye contact and letting them give you a whiff before you extend your hand to pet them.

Pro Tip: A new feline buddy will be more at ease and intrigued by you the more you ignore them.

In addition, there are cats that are friendlier.
Even stray cats can be made to be friends if you respect their space and routinely feed them.

Why do feral cats die young?

Wild cats live independently or in small colonies with other cats. They lack everything, including food and medical care. When someone becomes sick, the disease spreads across When someone becomes sick and the disease spreads across the colony- they become prone to it as well.

They live behind dumpsters with little to no shelter from the elements and consume whatever they can find, sometimes including unhealthy food and waste.

The majority of the time, they are able to find just enough food to get by, but not enough to be truly healthy. Traffic is one of the main reasons why stray cats die so young.

Final Words

Whether or not a female cat lives longer shouldn’t be a concern. Every cat deserves to live a happy and nurtured life.

For the sake of having a friend for a longer time, do not neglect the one who actually needs your companionship. Male cats live long enough if taken well care of.

I hope this article soothed your curiosity. Let us know in the comment section which feline friend you prefer more.

How many cats do you already have and how many more are you planning to get in the future- tell me!

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