Your cat might not drink water because it might be ill or maybe it has a problem with the size of the bowl.

Though there could be many other reasons.

Your cat might already be ill and it can become severe if water is not consumed.

To know more about the consumption of water by your cat and how to force-feed the water to it, let us read the article further.

Why Does My Cat Not Drink Water Will It Cause Any Illness

Why Does My Cat Only Look At The Water But Not Drink It?

If your cat keeps looking at the water but does not drink it, then your cat might be facing some internal health problems.

Such problems can cause discomfort to your cat when it may drink water. So even if your cat wants to drink water it might not.

Not drinking water can lead to dehydration and slowly it can increase organ failure.

You should hence be aware of your cat’s drinking habits.

If you observe any changes like reduced or excessive consumption of water, then be alerted and consult the vet.

What Problem Is My Cat Facing While Drinking Water?

The problems your cat might be facing while drinking water could be the bowl it is using, the cleanliness involved, internal health issues, etc.

What Problem Is My Cat Facing While Drinking Water?

Your cat might not like the bowl or due to its personal comfort might avoid it. You should always consider if your cat likes the bowl it drinks water from.

Many cats need clean bowls or water so make sure the water you serve your cat is clean and germ-free.

You should keep replacing the water and clean the bowl for its hygiene.

If the bowl in which your cat is drinking water is small then the whiskers of your cat would slide in the bowl when they try to drink water.

This could cause discomfort to your cat and it might avoid drinking water from the bowl unless you change it.

If you want your cat to drink water you should try keeping the bowl clean, change the water, locate the bowl correctly, and the size matters a lot.

These may be the symptoms if no other symptom is present.

If the reason for the cat is no health problem then you should also try placing the water bowl away from the food bowl as researchers have shown that cats should drink more water in such cases.

Why Does My Cat Eat Wet Food But Not Drink Water?

There is usually less intake of water when you shift your cat’s diet from dry food to wet food.

Wet food provides your cat with enough hydration on a daily basis, so they might not feel that thirsty now.

The wet food sometimes meets your cat’s daily requirement for water they may drink less or no water at all.

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Why Is My Cat Refusing To Drink Water?

Your cat might be refusing to drink water if all its water requirements are met from the wet food it might be consuming.

Though the reason could also be that your cat is facing an underlying illness, hence they might not be feeling well and not feel like drinking water.

Problems like endocrine issues and other liver diseases can cause your cat to consume a lot of water in the beginning but then consume less water after a period of time.

If your cat has cancer the main symptom in your cat would be having no urge to drink water.

You should also check your cat’s mouth if the cat has periodontal disease and cause pain in the consumption of water.

How Much Water Should My Cat Intake?

Your cat should have at least 3 to 4 ounces of water per 5 pounds of their body weight each day.

Though you should also take care that the only way your cat gets an intake of water should not be in the water form directly but also from the food they consume.

Just like how we humans consume water in different forms even your cat should.

If your cat is consuming wet food on a daily basis it would consume less water as compared to the cats that feed on dry food.

Your cat has to be hydrated at all times and hence should have an access to clean drinking water at all times.

You should keep cleaning its bowl of water as it may drop some food in it or there might be dust that accumulates after some time.

The amount of water that your cat would consume hence depends on the amount of food it eats and its environment.

For every half ounce of dry food, your cat will eat, it will drink an ounce of water and less in case if it has consumed wet food.

Different Ways To Give Your Cat Water

Different Ways To Give Your Cat Water

1. Give Wet Food

If your cat is not consuming much water then you should consider feeding your cat wet food.

Wet food/canned food has more moisture and vets say it is the easiest way to make your cat consume water and avoid dehydration.

Though another option would be to add water to dry food and let your cat eat it. Your cat might like it and hence even get some water intake.

2. Add Ice Cubes To Cat’s Food

Adding a cube of ice to your cat’s food makes the food seem like a treat for your cat and at the same time even adds to the water content.

This ice cube would take on the flavor of the food and your cat shall start licking it.

This way not only will your cat eat the food but also get some water into the body.

Though you need to find out at what temperature the water your cat consumes. Some cats prefer very icy cold water while some don’t.

3. Serve Frequent Meals

You should serve your cat smaller meals but frequently. This means less quantity of food but a lot many times in the day.

As eating will arise a quench of thirst in your cat and your cat will then drink more water.

4. Many Water Bowls Around The House

Your cat might be lazy and will not want to go all around the house in search of the water bowl so what you can do is, you can place multiple bowls around the house.

When done so, your cat can have easy access to the water and drink enough water.

5. Location Of Water Bowl

As we talked about this in the previous questions, if your cat is facing no other problems it may have some issues with the placement of its bowl.

Your cat might not like the location of its water bowl and so you should try changing it.

Though always keep the water bowl away from the litter box.

6. Refill The Bowls

Make sure you keep refilling the water bowls and not be lethargic about it.

You should keep replacing the bowl of water with fresh water and refill it even when they are empty.

Before you fill the water for the next day always clean the bowl with soap and water.

7. Run The Faucet

If your cat enjoys the water that is running out of the tap, then you could convert this session into a time where it drinks more water.

Hence the drinking of water for your cat should now be a game.

Keep running the faucet a few times of the day and make it into a routine so that your cat is drinks water.

Hence you will even bond with your cat while performing this activity.

8. Add Taste To Water

Your cat might enjoy a different taste in your water, try adding flavor to the water for your cat.

You can add something like juice to add flavor to the house.

9. Cat Fountains

So it might be fun and fascinating for your cat to drink water out of a fountain. Though in the beginning, it will be tough for your cat to consume water from a fountain it will soon get used to it.

10. Different Cat Bowl

If your cat refuses from drinking out of the bowl you have given it, then you should try changing the bowls.

You should feed your cat in different style bowls from which it likes to consume water.

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Is It Possible To Syringe Water To A Cat?

Yes, it is possible to syringe water into your cat. Though it is really easier to feed a kitten with a syringe.

This is because they have a smaller body and so it is easy to hold them and syringe water into their mouth.

Though if you have an adult cat it is difficult for a single person to hold it and so two people are required.

The first person should wrap the cat in a soft blanket and make it comfortable while the second person should feed the cat with a syringe.

The water that you feed the cat should be at room temperature and the syringe should be washed and kept clean.

Fill the syringe only with the least amount of water and then feed your cat.

How Much Water Should You Feed The Cat With Syringe?

You have to feed your cat only in cases when it is really weak or sick and can’t drink water by itself.

So you should syringe feed your cat water as per their weight. Feed your cat 2-4 cc per pound of weight.

How Much Water To Force Feed A Cat?

You should force feed your cat 3-4 ounces of water for every 5 pounds of weight per day.

Your cat has to consume water not only in the form of drinking it but also in food and other ways.

How To Increase My Cat’s Water Intake?

To increase your cat’s water intake you should use the following ways that will be mentioned :

How To Increase My Cat’s Water Intake?

1. Fresh Water

When the water you give your cat becomes dirty then it would avoid consuming the water, so you should keep cleaning the bowl and changing the water so that the water is clean and your cat will even drink it.

Your cat is a clean creature by nature and so changing the water at least twice a day is necessary.

2. Wet Food

Wet food has a lot of water content so giving your cat wet food is a really nice way of getting water into the cat’s body.

Wet food like tuna, eggs, and other proteins are loved by your cat. So you should give your cat wet food on a frequent basis.

3. Water Fountains

Water fountains are not dangerous and have fresh water so your cat would enjoy consuming water from them.

It will circulate the water for a long and keep it fresh so the water will taste better and will tempt your cat.

4. Flavoured Ice Cubes

Boil the broths properly and you should sieve them. The broth could be of chicken, fish, etc.

Once your fresh broth is ready you should allow it to cool down and section them into cubes of ice trays.

Them leave it to freeze. Add ice cubes into the water and flavor the water so your cat will enjoy consuming it and have a good water intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Matter Of Concern If My Cat Is Drinking A lot Of Water?

Yes, if your cat is consuming water in a quantity that is much more than usual, then you should take it to the vet as there could be a kidney dysfunction.

How Do I Know When My Cat Is Dehydrated?

If your cat’s skin is falling back down slowly or if it remains up in a position of a tent and is not falling back down then your cat might be facing dehydration.

How Long Will My Cat Not Drink Water For?

Your cat can stay without water for as long as three days maximum as your cat could then fall sick.

Final Words

As we read about your cat’s water drinking habits, you need to be very aware of their water consumption quantity.

If you see a major difference and since a few days consistently, then you should take your cat to the vet and get their health checked.

For more queries please ask us in the comment section.


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