Every parent feels afraid once in the span of having a cat in their lives. They worry about the things they should be provided, their environment, and mostly the food that they are given.

Food acts as an imperative thing in the lives of furry babies.  Cats are very particular about the food they are given, but it’s in our hands to make that food consisted of every food vitamin.

Yes, cats can eat tuna in water. But make sure you have given them that in an accurate moderation.  Too much tuna which comes in cans can turn out to be unhealthy and fatal for cats.

There are still speculations related to the topic and here we have brought all the answers just for you.

can cats eat tuna in water? all in brief

Why Cats Are So Obsessive About Having Tuna?

Before letting you step into the article further, I wanted to make you fathom why cats so eagerly want to have tuna?

Okay, so as we all know cats are everyone’s favorite because of their innocent features, and the persona that they hold, but do you know cats love tuna/ fish because of similar reasons?

Your furry baby or cat seems to obsess over tuna because of the strong odor that they find an appealing, robust flavor that fishes have and also because cats adore seafood.

But the main question that still stands tall in front of us is, is tuna healthy? Should we give our cats what they love the most? To know it better, without any further a due, let’s get in again.

Can I Give My Cat Tuna In Water?

Yes, you can give your cat tuna in water.  But as I mentioned above, everything that’s given in moderation to your cats is healthy.  Canned tuna can turn out to be heavy in your cat’s stomach and it might act falsely in this case. Fish is a great source of protein but when given to cats needs to be checked.

But some ordeals may arise giving your cat canned tuna, such as

can i give my cat tuna in water

1.Nutritional Value Is Less

Tuna is not just the whole tuna. It consists of added ingredients.  Which can turn out to be unhealthy

There have also been cases where cats have grown sensitive or allergic to the fish.

2.Tuna Is High In Unsaturated Fats

Cats cannot opt for unsaturated fats like humans. It can cause the problem of vitamin E deficiency.  It can lead to an inflammation of the fatty tissue. Cats that consume a large amount of red tuna are more prone to the situation.

It is evident that how unsaturated cats are harmful not only to humans but also to cats.

Tunas have a high level of unsaturated fats, which I am trying to vocalize throughout this article.

They can cause serious harm to our lovely toms such as;

  • Fats in kidneys
  • Tastes degeneration
  • Severe fatty degeneration of the liver and many more

3.Poor Body Control

Seafood lacks many essential vitamins such as vitamin B, 12, 16, and vitamin C.

The signs of deficiency start to occur in the cat when they age, some of them are

Seizure and poor body control by which you can say that your cat starts to be hungry more than what it used to be.

Is Tuna-Flavored Water Good For Cats?

Yes, cats can drink tuna water but there are certain points to consider before bringing in a tune can for your cats.

1.Check Ingredients

Tuna doesn’t come with essential ingredients in the can. It’s not always seen that tune consists of soybean oil, vegetable broth, or olive oil mixed with tuna. Make sure you go for tuna which has simple ingredients like tuna, water, and salt.

2.Make Sure Its BPA Free

BPA is a type of plastic that’s commonly found in food packaging especially in bottle cans and tops of the bottle. Ensure you get that tuna which is free of BPA to keep your cat healthy aiming at giving her the proper nutrients that come with it.

Can You Give Kittens Tuna In Water?

Yes, you can give kittens tuna in water. But make sure you give it in small quantities that too mashed with unsalted, dolphin-safe tuna with 3 cups of water.

Consult a veterinary before providing your cat with any kind of food as kittens are way more delicate and need to be taken care of after they weave of their mother’s milk.

Too much tuna for your kitten can give her seizures or mercury poisoning.

How To Make Tuna Water For Your Cat?

After grasping a lot of information about cats, the question that persists is how to make tuna water?

Don’t you worry, I am giving you all about how to make it and let your cat enjoy it.

how to make tuna water for your cat


  • Get few cans of tuna. It should be kept in mind that how much broth or juice you want to make. Look for simple albacore tuna that does not consist of any extra flavor, and is packed in water.
  • Mash one can of tuna with water. Add 2-3 cups of water added into the bowl you have soaked tuna in and let it soak for 25-30 minutes.
  • Use an ice tray to store the juice for later use. Pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. When it’s time to serve your cat, simply take some cubes out and warm them up to room temperature.
  • Try to give them broth before giving them the actual food. This will help you to know if your cat likes it or not.

while making the recipe, keep in mind that the water you are using is spring water. it’s more recommended rather than saltwater or any other.

Can Sick Cats Have Tuna Water?

Yes, you can give your sick cat tuna water to change the bitter taste of their mouth that they may have developed. Tuna juice or broth will entice their taste buds and will aggravate their dull health to a great extent.

When your cat is sick or not on best behavior, keep them cheered up by changing the quality of food you give them. It can help them in recovering well and as soon as possible.

Can Cats With Kidney Disease Have Tuna Juice?

No, cats with kidney disease cannot have tuna or tuna juice.  1800petmeds have suggested that canned tuna has high levels of mercury and low levels of essential ingredients in it.

can cats with kidney diseases have tuna juice

We have talked earlier in our article that cats should be given tuna in limited quantity, which seems to be still valid.

If your cat has an existing kidney issue, make sure you provide her with food that is low in phosphorus, and your cat is having an adequate amount of water intake.

Chronic kidney disease is the problem that your cat is prone to once she gets kidney disease. Kidney disease in cats is much like that in humans.

Cats build up the waste in their bodies that have to flush out which makes them lethargic and leaves a road for them to keep losing weight.

cats with kidney diseases tend to get aggressive keeping in mind the state they are in, refrain from allowing seafood in this situation too as it can be fatal.

Can Cat Eat Tuna In Spring Water?

 Yes, it is safe to give your cat tuna in spring water rather than giving it saltwater or sunflower oil.

The sodium that is present in brine ( saltwater) can cause dehydration and excessive consumption of oil can leave them in a state of diarrhea.

Also, it is worth reminding you that canned tuna has a high level of mercury in it which can result in hazardous situations being formulated for your cat.

Even if it’s spring water, cross-examine the quantity keeping in mind what are the things that you are feeding with it.

Keep tuna only as a mood enhancer or a treat to be given in weeks. It’s healthier that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous for cats to eat tuna?

Some relevant studies have shown that tuna can turn out to be hazardous to your cat. The contents present in canned tuna can be heavy on your cat, which could also damage your cat’s vital organs. Consultation with a veterinary related to this case is necessary.

Can tuna upset a cat’s stomach?

Yes, tuna can upset your cat’s stomach. It depends on the health situations your cat possesses in the current scenario. Keep that in check.

Is serving tuna to kittens harmful?

Serving tuna to kittens below the age of 3 to 12 months is not beneficial. At this point, they need proper nourishment which the only tuna cannot fulfill.

Final Words

It cannot be unseen that cats like having seafood and they love getting their hands on it. But make sure you only keep it as their treatment and not make it a source of their nutrition.

In the recent studies, it has been cleared and up to the point, that tuna does have some food properties that can turn out to be life-threatening for cats which if not detected on time can leave no road for treatment.

Cats are sensitive beings and taking care of them should be our utmost responsibility.  Check the contents and then dare to buy it whenever you happen to be busy tuna even if just for treats.

At last, remember your responsibility is their health.


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