Cats, like people, are one-of-a-kind; no two cats are alike. They each have their own preferences and dislikes, which may be a little perplexing at times. It happens when your cat refuses to drink from a bowl despite the fact that it is always full of fresh, clean water.

If you leave your cup of water unattended, your cat will stick her head in it and drink as if she’s never had water before.

Your cat may avoid drinking from their water bowl because it is unpleasant. Since their delicate whiskers rub up against the sides of deep or narrow bowls, some cats refuse to drink directly from the bowls.

There are a variety of reasons why your cat may be avoiding the water bowl and we are going to discuss them all in this article.

Why Wont My Cat Drink Water From Her Bowl

Why Won’t My Cat Drink Water Out Of His Bowl?

Your cat doesn’t like to drink water out of his bowl because they prefer running water over the standstill water of the bowl.

Cats enjoy moving water and will not drink stagnant or stale water. Even water in a dish far away from food or litter pans rapidly forms a biofilm that some cats dislike.

Why Won’t My Cat Drink Water Out Of His Bowl?

1. Poor Senses

Cats have a blind spot immediately in front of their snout, indicating that they have poor depth perception. As a result, they may struggle to perceive where the water in the bowl begins, resulting in a snoot full of water. This is why some cats will test the water level by dipping a paw in it.

It’s possible that your cat likes to drink from a running faucet since they can hear the rushing water better than the still water in the dish.

To encourage your cat to drink more, try a circulating water fountain made for cats that enjoy flowing water – without having to keep the faucet running!

2. Bowl Position

Some picky cats will only drink from the water bowl if it is the “perfect” bowl for them. It’s up to you to figure out what the ideal dish is for your cat, and you might have to experiment with a few various kinds to determine which they like.

Most cats prefer dishes that are broad enough to accommodate their delicate whiskers; a bowl that is too deep or narrow may squash or irritate their whiskers, making drinking uncomfortable.

3. Side By Side

The food and water dishes of most cats are naturally placed adjacent to each other. However, a cat’s natural tendency to keep food and water separate may be harmed by this positioning.

In the wild, cats will go to considerable lengths to keep their food and water sources separate in order to prevent contaminating the water with the food.

If you find that your cat’s water bowl is too close to the food and the freshwater dish is continually getting dried kibbles, just move the water dish. It really can be that easy!

4. Safety Issues

This is especially frequent in houses with many cats or animals. When a cat hunches over to drink, they expose themselves to danger. It puts them at risk of being “attacked” by other cats, dogs, or even boisterous children. Move the bowl to a “safe” spot, preferably not in a corner or against a wall.

5. It All Sums Up To Taste

Depending on the material used to make the bowl or the source of water, the water in your cat’s bowl may taste different. Your cat may prefer ceramic or stainless steel, just as many of us fastidious people prefer to drink from plastic, ceramic, or glass.

Fluoride is added to certain tap water, which may cause your cat to have an unpleasant taste or odor. To find out what your cat prefers, try feeding him bottled or filtered water.

Why Does My Cat Only Drink From My Cup?

If your cat is only drinking from your cup instead of his water bowl, then something in the bowl is worrying him. You should change his water bowl immediately.

Why Does My Cat Only Drink From My Cup?

Another aspect of nature is that wild felines did not always have access to water while they ate. They would frequently transport their prey to a hidden area far away from the water hole after obtaining it, so that no one else would want to eat their food.

This sort of habit may be handed on through the generations, which explains why some cats like to drink from their food bowls.

Your cat’s diet may lead them to become dehydrated or thirstier than usual. Your cat might also have a medical condition like renal disease, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. Let your veterinarian know if you see them drinking a lot more, changing their litter box habits, or any other behavioral changes.

Cats, as we all know, have a bit of a diva side. It’s conceivable that they don’t care for that meal and would rather drink your cooler, fresher water in a tall cup. If it really bothers you, try a couple of alternative dishes or cups and see if they enjoy them more.

Your cat may have checked out your water cup and realized that the water in it is colder than the water in his dish because cats are naturally curious. This characteristic may make it more tempting, implying that he will return to your water cup anytime he notices one.

It’s possible that your cat is dissatisfied with the size or shape of his water bowl. It might be too little, too big, or in a location that is too low or too high for them to safely access. Cats are famously fussy about water, according to Hills Pet, and no one understands why.

They claim that different bowls impart different flavors to the water, so experiment with metal, ceramic, cup, and even plastic to discover one that your cat enjoys.

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How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Drinking From The Cup?

You should remove your water cup immediately if you see your cat drinking from it.

Cats are cunning, yet you will sometimes catch one sipping from your cup. If you catch them, get them away from the cup as soon as possible.

If you catch your cat drinking from your cup, it may flee. This is beneficial since it implies they are aware that they are not permitted to do so.

If your cat does not flee when you catch it, remove it from the window right away. You can say things like “bad girl” or “bad boy” to let it know it’s been wronged.

Make unfavorable connections in your cat’s mind. You might try to make your cat think poorly of your water cup when it drinks from it. It may quit drinking from the water cup if it discovers that it tastes terrible.

If you plan to drink from that cup, be sure the chemical you use isn’t dangerous to you or your visitors.

Water does not appeal to cats. Some cat owners use a water spray bottle with their cats, but this might cause your cat to distrust or detest you. Furthermore, cats dislike loud noises. If you observe your cat sipping from your cup, you may try clapping your hands.

Reward your cat for being obedient. You may notice that your cat glances at but does not drink from your water cup. If you notice it refusing to drink from the cup, reward it with a treat as a reward for its good behavior.

If your cat refuses to drink from your water cup, you can give it a treat. Small snacks are recommended so you don’t mess with its feeding and drinking habits.

It’s also a good idea to say words like “good boy” or “good girl.” When your devoted cat doesn’t drink from your cup, show it plenty of tactile love.

Treats are exchanged for verbal appreciation. Your cat may get overweight if you give him too many goodies. If it is treated with goodies too frequently, it may learn to beg for them.

Treats as a form of appreciation should be gradually phased out once your cat has ceased drinking from your cup. This ensures that it maintains a healthy and comfortable weight.

If you offer your cat treats too frequently, it may become used to them. It will start begging for goodies, which may be aggravating and harmful to your cat’s relationship.

It’s possible that your cat is drinking water from your cup because it’s thirsty. Always have a cat bowl of water and a glass in any area to provide a diversion and an option for your cat.

Cats are prone to becoming quickly sidetracked. Your cat will be interested in a water bowl if you leave one in the room when you leave.

If your cat drinks out of your cup, send it to the water bowl. This will teach your cat that instead of drinking from your cup, it may (and should) drink from the bowl.

How Do I Get My Cat To Drink His Water Bowl?

You should change your cat’s water bowl to get him to drink from it.

How Do I Get My Cat To Drink His Water Bowl?

Since your cat dislikes his dish, he prefers to drink from your glass. If you don’t change the water frequently enough, then it will grow stale and unappealing to your cat.

The size and form of a cat’s water bowl is important to them. To find out which sort of dish your cat prefers, try a few different sizes.

Fill the bowl with one day’s worth of water each day. You should also clean the bowl every day with soap and water.

Check to see whether your cat has to battle over his or her water bowl. When you have numerous cats in your home, they may fight over water. If one of your cats is drinking from your glass more than the other, check to see if it is receiving enough water from the water bowl.

If you have many cats, they may get territorial about food and water. One cat may be frightening others away from frequent visits to the water bowl.

Keep an eye on your cats when they’re eating. If you notice one cat bullying another, give them a vocal instruction like “No!” to persuade them to cooperate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to drink out of the same cup as your cat?

It’s quite unlikely that drinking after your cat would create any serious health problems. Cats may be picky drinkers, and the quantity they drink varies greatly from one cat to the next.

Is it bad if cats don’t drink water?

A cat is at risk of dehydration if she does not drink enough water. Dehydration occurs when typical bodily fluids, like as water and electrolytes, fall below needed levels, creating issues with her energy, skin, and organ function.

Why do cats drink from the far side of the bowl?

They could be irritated by the sensation of their whiskers brushing up against the edges of a dish. Some picky cats may prefer to drink from a bowl that is large enough to fit their whiskers. Other cats, of course, like water cups.

Final Words

Depending on the material used to make your cat’s bowl, the water may taste different. Your pet may prefer ceramic or stainless steel, just as many humans do when drinking from a glass or aluminum can.

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