1. My cat who is 13 years old only wants eat gravy from canned food. Remainder of the food thrown away. Please help.

    1. let me tell you, I have gone through the same thing buddy and it was excruciating on some days to control such an act.
      But I did, let me mention some ways through which I was able to outgrow my cat’s habit.
      Firstly, do not make any canned food accessible to your cat, change the position of your dustbin which is far away from the place where your cat likes being and usually hangs around.
      Introduce another treat to them which is way healthy.
      Cooked seafood is something that has every bit of nutritional value that your little feline needs to sustain healthily.
      Remember, moderation is key here.
      Don’t be accepting, discourage the behaviour where they try to outthrow your decisions.
      You may have been allowing your cat’s behaviour.
      Here’s the ultimatum, stop.

      Try to build healthy habits for them and keep them sticked to them.
      In the initial stages, it will be tough, but once there is no accessibility your cat will move on.

      That’s the most general tendency in cats, make use of it.

    2. My cat does the same and he is 15 yrs old. And, I have tried all kinds of the best food that any cat 😺 would love to have. But, he actually eats dry food, so I think between the two (licking & dry) it must be working bc he is healthy & is at a good weight. I also, give him the Delectable’s Squeeze Ups – to make sure he’s getting enough moisture and he Love’s them. I use to worry, but as I said he is at a good weight & healthy. Thank God he eats the dry food, so, I give him one of the best. One that does not have Grains and other substitutes and fillers. So, let him lick it up & we’ll keep throwing the rest away, lol. He’ll be ok.

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