Cats are really easygoing animals, but if a cat runs away any time you have to pick up or pet them, trust is mostly lacking. They could run, even though a cat knows and loves you.

The main reason behind the cat ducking while you pet him must be you have not fulfilled your duty as the owner, or have strictly punished the cat beforehand.

Whenever you will break the trust of a kitty, he will try to avoid you and will eventually dodge your affection. Cats are sensible creatures, so do not ever break their trust.

However, if you are worried about your cat’s ignorance towards you, read out this article to get your much-awaited answer.

Why Do Cat Ducks When I Pet Him

Why Cat Ducks When I Pet Him: 10 Possible Reasons

Why Cat Ducks When I Pet Him

1. Mutual Trust Break

The reason why your cat runs away is the lack of reciprocal confidence between you and your pet.

Many times people believe like in order to spend time with a cat, they still have to catch them, and that’s not the case, but the cats learn that, and they learn to try to stop you.

You don’t have to keep your pet all the time to teach them affection.

2. Don’t Poke Them!

Cats study the habits without understanding it. So instead of catching your cat any time you want to see it, break it up, encouraging them to come over to you on their own.

Maybe sometimes as you get next to them instead of picking them up, just sit next to them. Then if you don’t race a duck or a squint, maybe you’ll put your hand out.

And if they duck down, it helps to remind them that you love watching them as they do their own thing.

Then after that pet them, if they let it happen and get used to you not picking them up, then instead of running away from you, they’ll come to you even though you pick them up.

3. Keep It Simple

Cats are really simple animals, but they never overcomplicate their behavior, and much of the time cats have little interest in being bipolar or complicated. A ton of people underestimate cats.

Keeping a cat is close to riding horses, if you ride a horse all the time, horses will learn to see you just for that reason, and then get bored of it.

Your cat’s behavior might make you amazed many times since they can stare at the ceiling tirelessly!

4. Different Traits

The cats either run because they’re not sure what you are going to do, or they’re sure it’s something they don’t want us to do. For instance, if I just walk across the room, they’re probably going to run to stop me.

The explanation is that I just don’t pay any attention to them, and I don’t broadcast my intentions in any way.

Cats may be so moody that they may hump your blankets also!

5. Sign Of Danger?

‘Ducks away’ indicates to me that your hand is coming from over his head, which many cats would find offensive. There’s a safer step under the chin.

But there are also other ways to reassure him, and if he needs to cuddle, then all you need to do is make him feel comfortable. It’s probably just a matter of getting him used to being touched by you.

So, when he leaves, put out his hand. When you enter a room when he’s inside, talk to him and get closer to him, giving your loose fist to sniff.

When you feed him, move the back of your hand down his flank. It is advisable to act quietly when you’re doing all of this.

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6. Know His Mood

Mind, though, that your cat does not want to be cuddled in the way you want. My cat will not sit on my lap (with the exception of only two seconds longer than it takes to get a treat) but will purr to a bursting point when I pick it up and be happy to be held around for a bit, cuddled, with my chin rubbing his back.

So don’t bother about the type of affection (which will change over time anyway) as long as the state of affection is conveyed.

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7. Your Approach Freaks Him

The thing that gives your cat panic attacks might be your approach towards him. Approach him in a different direction. Don’t look over the cat, or put your face close to his.

Don’t drop your hand from above your head or plop it down heavily. Take a bent index finger and try stroking your cheek, or run your hand from the base of your neck to your tail. Just do it once.

The intention is to make him like it and ask for more, but not to push. Sit cross-legged and pet your shoulder, encouraging him to sit in your lap to see what he’s doing. Give a couple of sweets. Trying to hug him to your side really briefly with one arm and let him go quickly.

Or take the pole that carries the string on a cat toy and softly stroke it from a distance. He might feel happier about it because you’re going to delete it.

8. Love Him As He Wants

If she needs to be cuddled, so she’ll cuddle her all the time, softly petting her and talking to her. The more she gets used to your side, the more often she will learn to appreciate it, and even enjoy it.

Only take your time with her and let her show you what she wants and doesn’t want. Some cats don’t want their belly scratched or rubbed, and still, they enjoy it!

She’s going to lead you through her unexpected disliking display.

You never know what a cat may like since they love the most to lick at their partner’s bums!

9. Insecure Enough

Your hand falls from above his head as you pet him. He can’t see your side, and he’s nervous. When you stroke him, he’d prefer it if you put your hand under his jaw instead of the top of his head.

This way, he’s going to be able to see your hand as you pet him. So he’s going to be more compassionate.

I tried this exercise, too, and it appears to help pets that are insecure. Stand down the kitty, so sit down next to your kitty.

Place your arms around in a warm embrace. When you hold him, remind him you’re in love with him, and you’re never going to let anything hurt or hurt him.

He’s going to become more secure, and his insecurities will leave. This is one exercise that I’d like to do for him to see how it goes well.

His insecurity may drive him to sleep outdoors most of the time too!

10. Mind His Expressions

Cats are very vocal, but almost entirely in the language of the body. The location of the head, ears, eyes, tail, and overall body means a lot in a cat’s “conversation.” For example, a slowly blinking cat is like a human smile.

Turn back, tail straight up, tail tip curled or flicking, pointing their ass at you, and take a step away is more or less their way of saying, “I want and admire you, and am glad seeing you,” sort of like a tight embrace from a good friend (or a kiss on each cheek, for the Europeans).

For cats, kissing and sniffing cheeks is a much less intimate greeting, kind of like a formal embrace, if you want to stroke their heads and necks, you have to compel them to sit still.

When they know what you’re doing, they’re going to relax and stop trying to turn around. If you hold them in front of you, don’t look into their eyes, however.

Staring is a symptom of dissatisfaction or defiance, like a frown to people, but if you look into a cat’s eye, try to blink slowly as they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat flinch when I pet her?

Even the cats flinch when they’re in pain. If your cat has arthritis or falls and has back pain, making someone stroke his neck and back can hurt. The only way to know for sure is to make a vet check him out.

Why does my cat avoid me?

Your cat may unexpectedly ignore you for the following reasons: your cat does not feel the need to communicate with you. Your cat has recalled a traumatic encounter with you. Your cat has been thrown away by a normal shift.

How do you know if your cat doesn’t like you?

Cats can be beautiful, sweet pets—but sometimes you do not like them as much. If your cat has a lowered or puffed-up tail, it might mean that they’re frightened or uncomfortable. Cats could bite you or hiss at you, too, if they’re not your biggest fan.

How do I say sorry to my cat?

Give your pet a little time to cool down, then apologize quietly while looking slowly at them. Remember to compliment your pet and reward them with a treat or a cat. Spending some quality time together, with plenty of petting and games, should make your cat happier.

Why does my cat follow me everywhere but won’t cuddle?

Cats want to pay respect to their own words. It may be that she loves being in your company, but she’s just not in the mood to be picked up or petted. Trying to convince your cat to do something they’re not ready to do might make them dislike you or have a bad experience with being petted. Cats are better suited to new experiences when they are able to run at their own speed.

Why is my cat not affectionate at all?

Although some cats may be ebullient and affectionate, others may be reserved and almost aloof. Much of the time, this is due to variations in human personalities. However, certain cats could be less affectionate since they did not have adequate socialization with humans when they were young.

Final Words

cat fun fact

The cats liked their petting to come in the form of strokes over their cheeks and chin or between their eyes and ears. They enjoyed the least brushing the base of their tails.

Researchers believe that cats do not groom each other in this field, and the only time they touch each other’s tails will be to wind their tails around each other.

Are you also thinking about whether your cat is ignoring your love and affection? Feel free to share your stories down in the comments section below!

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