Ragdolls are more self-sufficient than Siamese cats, which demand a lot of attention. Siamese cats can become depressed if they are not offered enough affection. Ragdolls, despite their cuddliness, can be more independent.

Ragamese are a mix between a Siamese and a Ragdoll. They have the best of both worlds. Talkative and energetic, like the Siamese, yet kind and friendly, like the Ragdoll. Ragamese might resemble Ragdolls or Siamese. Some kittens are even a cross between the two.

In this article, a brief study on the nature and traits of a ragamese cat is discussed here.

Ragamese Cat

What Is Ragdoll Siamese Mix Kitten?

Ragdoll Siamese mix is a cross between two separate cat breeds, namely Ragdoll and Siamese. The combination of these two cats seems more like a Ragdoll than a Siamese.

They have long hair on their coats, similar to Ragdolls, rather than short hair like Siamese. Ragdoll Siamese has blue eyes and a Ragdoll-like disposition.

Their voices are powerful and reminiscent of Siamese, but their laid-back demeanor resembles Ragdoll. These kittens are complicated hybrids. Their intelligence comes from the Siamese cat breed, which is adorable. Some of their features are similar to those of dogs.

A mixed breed’s size is determined by the size of its parent breeds. In the same way, Ragdoll and Siamese size counts a lot. A Ragdoll Siamese mix kitten can weigh anything from 10 to 20 pounds. Male Ragdoll Siamese mix kittens in this weight range.

A female Ragdoll Siamese mix might weigh anything from 10 to 15 pounds. They take a long time to mature. When compared to other cat breeds, they take longer to mature. They reach maturity at the age of four.

Adopting a Ragdoll Siamese mix is a difficult task. These kittens have several characteristics in common with other cat breeds. You should be able to tell them apart from other people. These hybrid kittens are available for adoption on the internet.

These websites are operated by a number of different breeders. To obtain your chosen cat, you must locate an expert breeder. You may also get them through rescue centers rather than websites.

Breeders generally include all of the breed’s characteristics on their websites, but at rescue facilities, you must conduct your own research and ask questions. Adoption takes longer for these kittens than for other breeds.

The Ragdoll Siamese hybrid has a lifetime of more than 15 years. Its parent breeds can likewise live up to 15 years or even longer. Siamese cats have a reputation for having long lives. Its mixed breed will very certainly have a longer life.

The Ragdoll cat breed has a life expectancy of 19 and a half years. Purebred animals live longer than hybrids. Even the size of the animal matters. Animals of a smaller size live longer than those of a larger one.

Ragdoll Siamese hybrid breeds are stronger because of their extended lifetime. These kitties are devoted to their owners. You must look after their health.

The Ragdoll Siamese mix’s parent breeds are costly. As a result, their mixed breed is also costly. A Siamese kitten costs approximately $250 dollars on average. The cost of a Siamese pedigree ranges from $400 to $1,000. A renowned breeder has determined this pricing range.

When it comes to Ragdolls, the average price is approximately 850 USD. This is the cost of a pet cat. The price of these cats rises by 2700 USD if they are purchased as display cats. You may generate a pricing range for the Ragdoll Siamese mix using the above-mentioned price ranges.

Know About Ragamese Cat Personality

Ragdoll cats are quiet and kind. Siamese cats, on the other hand, are outgoing and active. The personalities of Ragamese cats are a hybrid of the two.

Ragamese Cat Personality

Because of their drastically distinct personalities, it’s difficult to envision someone mistaking a Ragdoll cat for a Siamese cat. Ragdolls acquired their name because when you hold them, they tumble about like a ragdoll. This behavior is entirely consistent with their gentle character.

Ragdolls, who are calm in heart, prefer to lie around and enjoy your company. They want to spend their precious time with you cuddled up on your lap, cuddling.

Siamese cats want to be the focus of attention and to be the center of attention at all times. They’ll also let you know when they require your attention. They’re chatty cats who will meow at you until you give in to their demands. This outgoing personality will not go overlooked.

Ragdolls don’t get along with dogs as well as Siamese cats, despite their placid demeanor.

Siamese cats are recognized for having a lot of energy and for being one of the liveliest breeds. Their activity level is comparable to that of a dog, making them excellent companions. Ragdolls want to be the only pet in the house in order to receive undivided care.

Siamese cats are one of the earliest known cat breeds, dating back to the 1300s in Thailand. They were brought to the United States as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes in the late 1800s. Siamese cats have become one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States since then.

Ragdoll cats, on the other hand, are an American breed that originated in the 1960s in California. They’re the product of generations of crossbreeding Persian, Angora, and Birman cats. Ragdolls are the cuddly, floppy cats we know and love today because of a combination of characteristics from many breeds.

Ragdoll cats demand far less attention than Siamese cats. In fact, if they don’t receive enough of it, Siamese might get sad.

Siamese cats aren’t suitable pets for those who aren’t home much and don’t have time to play with them. They are ideal for homes with children or other pets with which they may interact.

Siamese cats demand a lot of stimulation and play, therefore having a lot of toys for them to play with is a good idea. Food puzzle toys are the finest toys for kids since they need them to play with them and will keep them engaged for hours.

But it doesn’t compensate for the quality time you spend with them; kids still want physical touch and affection to meet their social requirements.

In comparison to Siamese cats, Ragdoll cats are a little more autonomous. Ragdolls like sitting and being a part of your company, despite the fact that all pets require care from their owners.

Unlike Siamese, they like to snuggle up on your lap and cuddle, rather than follow you around all day and play.

Siamese cats aren’t ideal pets to keep if you’ll be leaving them alone a lot. Ragdolls, on the other hand, thrive alone. Ragdolls are a better alternative for those who work all day, even though you should never leave any of your pets alone for too long.

Despite the fact that both cats are outstanding breeds, Siameses are the simplest to teach of the two. Their enthusiasm compensates for their training obstinacy.

Siamese cats may be stubborn, making training challenging. They do, however, perceive training as a game, which makes them eager to learn.

Training a Ragdoll cat is more difficult than training a Siamese cat. They’re a delicate breed that doesn’t handle punishment well. They are easily agitated and depressed; therefore they require more positive reinforcement when being trained.

Siamese can be trained to do tricks since they have so much energy. Spending time with your cat and teaching them new skills is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Ragdolls, on the other hand, would rather hang out with you than do stunts.

What Is Ragamese Cat Price?

The Ragamese is a very new and unusual breed. Ragamese kittens for sale with restricted registration are not expensive when compared to other cat breeds on the market, with prices ranging from $500 to $800 per kitten. The price of a kitten from a reputable breeder ranges from $800 to $1200.

Ragamese Cat Price

Surprisingly, when compared to other cat breeds, these cats are big and hefty.

When picked up, (some) ragdolls, despite their size, tend to become limp in your arms, exactly like a ragdoll. And with that, they are given the moniker Ragdoll!

But these well-deserved accolades come at a cost, and it’s a heavy one at that. The price of a Ragdoll cat is determined by a variety of criteria, including the cat’s lineage, location (country or state), age, show record (if any), and the breed’s purpose.

To begin with, purchasing a purebred ragdoll kitten from a show breeder is more expensive than rehoming an adult ragdoll cat.

However, purchasing a kitten isn’t the only choice.

Adult ragdoll cats are also available for purchase. Occasionally, the breeder will be unable to sell the kitten due to a variety of factors, and the cat will mature before finding a buyer. In other cases, you could come across a retired breeder who is selling his older cats.

Expect to see an adult Ragdoll cat in all of these cases. However, remember that bringing an adult ragdoll cat to your home is more challenging than introducing a kitten.

Ragamese Cat Health

Ragamese, like other cats, is vulnerable to bacterial and viral diseases including panleukopenia, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, and rabies, all of which may be prevented with immunization.

We understand that you want to provide your cat with the best possible care since you love her so much. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the health issues we’ll be discussing with you during the life of your Rag.

We can help you design an individual preventive health plan for your Ragdoll and possibly avert certain foreseeable dangers in your pet by understanding the health issues that are prevalent among Ragdolls.

Many illnesses and health issues in pets are hereditary, which means they are linked to their breed.

According to an agreement among feline genetic experts and veterinary practitioners, the diseases we’ll discuss here have a high rate of incidence or have a major influence on this breed in particular.

Do Ragamese Cats Shed?

Do Ragamese Cats Shed?

Ragamese cats do shed when it comes to shedding. Ragamese cats, like any other cat, lose their coats as they regrow their hair. Many Ragamese owners, however, claim that the shedding is barely apparent in their cats.

Siamese cats, like any other cat, lose their coats as they regrow their fur. Many Siamese cat owners, however, claim that their cats’ shedding is barely apparent.

You will notice your Siamese cat’s hair on all the furniture and garments in the house if you do not groom them every day during their shedding season.

When it comes to Siamese cat shedding, they don’t differ much from the norm. They, like the majority of cats, have two shedding seasons.

Ragamese cats shed in the spring to get rid of their thick undercoat from the winter. They shed throughout the fall as well, as they prepare for the next winter.

Do Siamese Ragdolls Get Along?

Despite being peaceful cats, Ragdolls do not get along with dogs as well as the Siamese breed.

Siamese cats are recognized for having a lot of energy and for being one of the liveliest breeds. Their activity level is comparable to that of a dog, making them excellent companions. Ragdolls want to be the only pet in the house in order to receive undivided care.

Cats of both kinds are also highly sociable. When someone walks through the door, you may anticipate any of the breeds to run up to them. They’re both excellent family pets.

Ragdolls go limp when picked up, making them ideal for children. Children can keep up with Siameses and play for as long as they like since they love to play.

Siamese and Ragdoll cats are both very clever breeds. You can train them to sit, high-five, jump through hoops, and play dead, among other things. It takes time and a lot of patience to teach these cats, but you get a lot of quality time in return.

They might be envious of the other pets in the house since they both like getting all of the attention. When they get suspicious, make sure you spend some one-on-one time with them to convince them that you still care about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ragamese a breed?

There is no such thing as a Ragamese breed. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a Ragdoll/Siamese hybrid that isn’t a recognized breed. Because a Ragdoll originated from Siamese mixed with long hair, and all Ragdolls are pointed, that combination is a little useless.

Are Ragdoll cats hypoallergenic?

Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic, which is unfortunate for allergy sufferers. Although some allergy sufferers find that medium-coat cats are less bothersome, Ragdolls are not bred to be hypoallergenic.

Do Ragdolls meow a lot?

Because your Ragdoll cat enjoys being the center of attention, these meows will dominate the conversation. The joyful hey-look-at-me-meow is the chirp. If your Ragdoll, especially if it is elderly, is continually meowing, it might be a symptom of cognitive impairment. Soft, brief meows may indicate that the cat is trying to get your attention.

Final Words

Some Ragdolls like being handled as if they were a baby. While others want to be your personal foot warmer.

Other Ragdolls may perch on your shoulders like a parrot or a shawl from your grandmother. You may anticipate a purring ball of fur to be attached to you at any time, regardless of your position.

Drop your questions in the comments section below!


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