Have you hit your cat because it was continuously meowing or you accidentally punched its face while serving it and now you are afraid of its reaction?

Here, is a piece of good news for you, cats don’t hate instead they prepare themselves for future danger and safety.

Cats can experience a wide range of emotions.

Though every cat is different. Some cats are reserved while some openly show their emotions.

If you have hitted your cat then your little friend might feel scared around you. After all, every living creature needs a stable environment for a healthy mindset and happy existence. It might start hiding from you which is a major sign of a scared animal.

But your constant love and care will help them to move on from the trauma.

Let’s get a broader idea about how your cat gonna react.

I Hitted My Cat! Will It Hate Me?

What Happens When You Hit Your Cat?

A cat might get scared of you and will try to keep the distance.

What Happens When You Hit Your Cat?

Cats know the difference between an accident and intention.

Cats know how to get over this and it’ll forgive you if it trusts you but if the hit was intentional or the cat had any such past experience then you may regret it, whereas if the hit was accidental and was not severe then it won’t mind it.

But, the cat is a very proud animal, your hit has caused harm to its pride, so it’ll show some aggressiveness and might need some time.  

Your kitty will feel scared to be around you and will avoid you in every possible way.

The reaction might also depend on its age. If your cat is quite old or has been living with you for a quite long time then it will forgive you in some time or in no time.

Check if the hit was hard.

Does My Cat Hate Me?

No, your cat will not hate you. It is really random with emotions.

Though remembering the abuse and accident is a part of its survival tact, it normally doesn’t hold any grudges for anyone.

But there are some chances that they might start feeling scared around you or even angry. So, they’ll try to avoid you to avoid the same situation.

Here are some ways through which your cat shows its emotions;

Does My Cat Hate Me?

1. It Hisses At You

‘Hiss’ is one out of many kinds of ‘meow’ which tells that your little friend is insecure around anyone or anything.

Cats have this quality of ‘meowing’ in different kinds of voices. And different voices mean different emotions. The feeling of insecurity is accompanied by the sense of saving oneself.

This means that your little pet is warning you to stay away or it is ready for a fight.

By hissing it not only warns but shows its weapon, sharp teeth!

Apart from this, the cat even hisses when it is in pain, stressed out, or anxious. If your cat is hissing at you then better give it some space and watch out for its body language.

Watch out for any signs of injury.

2. It Walks Away From You

Does your cat walk away while you try to please it with games? It could be a sign of unhappiness.

Though it is very normal for animals to skip games to rest. Hartstein says that it can be a sign of unhappiness or anger. Kitty might be angry with you due to that accident thing but don’t worry your affection will soon bring it near you.

3. It Hides

Hiding shows the uncomfortableness of any animal.

When do you hide? When you are afraid of something. Cats are no different.

Cats usually hide when the environment is new to them but it adjusts with time.

But In this case, the reason for this fear might be your hitting. Hiding is not only a sign of fear but unhappiness too. After all, who wants to live in the tunnel!

But don’t feel sad. Give your kitty some time and space, but keep trying to show it your affection and love towards it. It is better to provide it with its personal space so it could get some time to recover.

4. The Horizontal Tail

Cat’s tail acts as a barometer of their moods.

Its tail will describe two types of mood, one positive and another negative.

Upright tail, wrapped tail, and question mark might indicate the positive terms but a lowered tail is a sign of fear and hostile mood.

Lower the tail, higher the stress.

Remember, these all could also be the sign of:  

  • Unsuitable environment
  • Health condition
  • Other past trauma
  • Loneliness

How Do I Apologize To My Cat? Will It Forgive Me?

Give your cat some space.

The word ‘space’ is being used continuously in this article, why?

Because literally, every living creature needs their time and space for recovery and so do cats. It’s hard to forget the bad experience, especially for cats as they have a strong memory.

Be normal and let your cat think that you are providing it freedom.

How Do I Apologize To My Cat? Will It Forgive Me?

 Make sure to acknowledge the presence of your cat and be calm with her. It might show some aggressiveness but don’t lose your cool. Speak in a soft tone; this will soothe your cat.

Don’t forget to surprise it with treats, especially if it is hiding from you. Place a treat at every distance. Following the food, it will come to you. Yeah, it is romantic. Pat it smoothly.

If you find it unresponsive then don’t get upset just maintain the playful and cool environment. This might also mean that it is being angry with you for another reason so better mind your distance.

Remember, you are trying to mend your relationship here so your anger will destroy everything.

This time you have to be more playful and sweet to it.

If nothing changes then consider going to a behaviorist.

The forgiveness time of a cat depends on the kind and number of abuses it has gone through. If the cat is adopted, then you need to remember, that it might also have some bitter experience and your hitting is now a part of that list.

As stated earlier, cats have long-term memory so they will not forget the events. It will try to avoid everything that reminds it of any kind of abuse, whether clothes or smell.

Apart from this cats don’t trust easily. You have to gain its trust.

Considering these facts, a cat might take some time to forgive you. Just keep up with calm behavior and never repeat this activity.

How Can I Get My Cat To Love Me Again?

Be playful and loving with them.

Every relationship is built on love and trust. You broke your cat’s trust and so the cat’s love for you can be affected too.

Don’t try to pick any pace. Move with the flow.

First, you need to gain its trust again.  Be soft with it and provide your adequate time but don’t touch it again and again for it might make it more irritated.

Try to follow the following steps;

How Can I Get My Cat To Love Me Again?

1. Respect Cat’s Space

It needs some ‘me’ time!

Try not to cross your level and give it adequate space. Provide it some ‘me’ time. If it is hiding let it hide for a while, if it is sleeping let it sleep.

Cats enjoy making their decision so don’t try to change it or it will be more stressed.

2. Be Predictable

Don’t try to startle it with your presence.

It is already in suffering mode so try to be simple and straight while tackling her.

Don’t be too loud. Ask your children to be soft with it. Always use a calm voice when with or around it.

3. Don’t Force Friendship

Cats want things in their way.

Forcing will make things difficult. Let your cat make the first move but that doesn’t mean you have to completely leave it alone. Just make her feel comfortable. Provide her with toys.

It will not be impressed with your constant attention. Still, give it fine attention and if it walks away then leave it alone.

It’ll judge you for your actions.

4. Learn The Body Language

Is your cat’s tail tilted down?

Then better back off.

Cat’s body is expressive let it be tail or eyes. If its eyes are large and dilated and ears are pressed against its skull then maintain the distance. While a relaxed cat will hold its tail up, this is the best time to mend the relationship.

Although if it is lying peacefully, you may go and pat it. Try not to look in your cat’s eyes directly for it might be romantic for you but it is a challenge according to forest rule.

5. Play With Your Cat

Cat is a playful animal.

Boredom will make things worst.

Cats love to play, especially with round objects. So try to be more playful.

If your cat shows aggressiveness then back off. Mend your relationship with love and care not tough behavior.

Will My Cat Take Revenge?

No, cats hold no grudges.

Although the emotions of cats are more like those of humans but they will never take revenge.

Cat is good at planning. So if the cat is in search of revenge then it would be simple for them but fortunately, cats use this ability to save themselves from future casualties.

It tries its best to avoid a situation that seems similar to the previous one. In extreme cases, It might become aggressive and show certain signs to warn the person but will not take revenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

I accidentally hitted my cat on the head. What will happen?

Cats know the difference between an intentional hit and an accidental hit. So if you have hitted it accidentally then there won’t be any problem but being a proudy animal it might remain distant for some time. But if the cat is aged then there won’t be any problem. But check if the hit was hard and need medication.

I accidentally hit my cat on the face. How do I know if my cat is traumatized?

If you have hitted your cat accidentally then don’t be worried about her reaction. But look after its face, eyes, and nose. If it is bleeding or needs any medication. Also, watch if it is making a purring sound for it might indicate pain. An accidental hit will not leave your cat traumatized to a very extent but if you feel it is maintaining its distance from you then it might be scared of you. Make it feel loved and safe.

Will a cat remember if you hit them?

Yes, cats have a very strong memory. You cannot erase its memory but can heal it. Cats remember every assault and try to avoid everything which reminds them of the situation. Try to mend your relation.

Will my cat forgive me for accidentally hitting it?

Yes, your cat will forgive you. All you need is to be calm with it. Also, give it some space. The process might be long but it will work. If your relationship doesn’t improve then try going to a behaviorist.

I hitted my cat and she pooped. Why?

There could be two reasons for her pooping; anger and fear. Cats lose hold over its body when it is angry and also when it is scared. Sometimes cat poops to make itself lighter so it could run.

Final Words

Be careful with your pet. If they are good at being friends, then they are also good at being enemies. A pet is basically like your baby, so be soft with them. Constant hitting will just ruin the relationship.

Giving space is the foremost thing to remember while mending any relationship.

Try not to hit your little friend, instead give them small punishments if they commit any mistake. So, maintain a good environment.

Hope this article was helpful!


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