1. I separated 4 kittens away from her mother she is a stray and I got the kittens adopted in pairs they were still drinking her milk and was eating solid food they were in the cold sleeping and I got new homes for them but I dont know I feel like I did something wrong for doing this to there mother I am worried.

    1. Hello rose,
      To answer your query, its important to know what is the age of kittens.

      But as long as your intentions are good to protect them and you don’t see any big changes in behavior of kittens, you are doing nothing wrong.

      Happy cat parenting.

  2. My kittens are 7 weeks old and mama is done nursing them for sure cuz she is bringing in dead mice and headless rsts. So I say as soon as they start eating solid they can be taken away but I notice that if it is done a couple at a time she doesn’t seem to get sad

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